STX Rising DIII Showcase Summer 2020 Standouts

STX Rising DIII Showcase Summer 2020 Standouts
STX Rising DIII Showcase Summer 2020 Standouts

The STX Rising DIII Showcase, one of the most proven events of its kind, was held on July 15 and 16 at the Black River Sports Complex in Bedford, New Hampshire.

Drawing about 100 athletes to the event, which is normally a three-day affair, the DIII Showcase was limited to two days for the summer of 2020. But just like it has for the past five years, the showcase started off with an intense day of training, both positional training and team training, led by Division III coaches. The evening of the first night, normally reservd for a robust in-person recruiting seminar, featured a Zoom session with Division III coaches leading a virtual discussion on Division III athletics and academics and the recruiting process.

Players, already split into teams on Day One for team training, dug in for games all day on the second day with dozens of Division III recruiters watching from the sidelines.

As we always do at this event, we identified standout athletes thanks to the help of longtime 3d Rising contributor and current St. Lawrence University assistant coach Tom Ryan, a legend of the National Lacrosse League after his career at Bowdoin College.

Below, have a look at the breakdown of players who shined the most this summer while competing in front of a long list of Division III coaches from respected programs throughout the Northeast.

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Carter Smith, Midfield, St. Paul’s School (N.H.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2022

Carter looks like a DI athlete and consistently generated shots off the dodge at the DIII Showcase. He was most successful dodging the left alley and switching back to his right to score. Although he primarily dodged to shoot, he did show he can find an open man. A more overhand release would likely improve his on-goal percentage. That being said, he led all middies in goals, and he plays solid one-on-one defense.

Elliot Detjens, Defense/LSM, Northfield Mount Hermon (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Elliot is not flashy but consistently made plays at the STX Rising event. He’s a Hoover on loose balls. He is an effective slider taking good angles, arriving on time with his stick and body finishing his checks. One-on-one, he gets his stick in on his attacker and lifts. He got caught being over aggressive once on the perimeter, but he more than made up for it with his overall play through the day. Elliot was even called in to take a draw against the top FOGO at the camp, and he won.

Jared Lucich, FO Midfield, Christian Brothers Academy (N.Y.)/Tri-State, 2021

Jared was the top draw-man at the DIII Showcase. He is stocky, has quick hands and is technically sound. He looked quite comfortable with the new NCAA Rules. He prefers to pop it to himself and has the handle and skills to get out of trouble and get the ball to the attack.

Griffin Marx, LSM, Loomis Chaffee School (Conn.)/3d Colorado, 2021

Griffin is very good off the wing. He hustles after loose balls and turns them into transition opportunities. He’s adept at getting out of trouble. He is aggressive and is timely with his checks and close outs, once firing off a slap-poke-slap-lift, forcing a bad pass. He communicated well helping his team to play a strong team defense despite it being a showcase event.

Quinn Berry, Defense, Williston Northampton School (Mass.)/Catamount LC, 2021

Quinn is a strong 1v1 defenseman who uses his stick well to get into his attackman and lift. At the STX Rising DIII Showcase, he caused turnovers as the primary defender, the first slide and helping in on the backside. He’s good off the ground and can pick a rebound out of the air and get it going up-field. Quinn can scoop and roll away to elude would-be riders.

Luke Breen, Attack, Philips Exeter Academy (N.H.)/3d New England, 2021

Luke is a right hander that thrives in unsettled situations, scoring several at the DIII Showcase. He likes to get the ball and duck underneath his defender, showing good patience with two high near fakes as he crossed the goal mouth finishing low and away. Off ball, Luke showed good timing, flashing to the slot for a goal. Despite being mostly on the finishing end, he did throw a deceptive no-look feed as well.

Maxwell Crowley, Defense, Ridgefield (Conn.)/3d Tri-State, 2021

Max stood out at the DIII Showcase as someone who made crucial plays on defense in transition, not only knocking down a pass to save a goal but scooping it up and clearing it. During a broken play he showed great hustle by checking the ball loose from a middie alone on the doorstep. He not only causes a turnover, but he gets the ball up and out. He showed a penchant for man-down defense as he is quick to close out with his stick and body.

Eli Sherman, FO Midfield, Pomfret School (Conn.)/3d New England, 2022

Eli was successful at the face-off X but also proved his mettle on defense throughout the event. He will jam and keep offensive middies out of the middle of the field. He is skilled and athletic enough to double as a defensive midfielder.

Jack Ramos, Midfield, Weston High School (Mass.)/3d Bears, 2021

Jack made good decisions on offense throughout the STX Rising DIII Showcase. He’s not above dodging the alley and kicking it behind and yet generated quality shots in a multitude of ways. He scored in transition. He turned the corner on another and score one high to low. He score one down the right alley. He rolled back and shot one underhand low off the pipe for another. His experience taking draws was uncertain, but he held his own there as well outside of a tough matchup or two.

Brady Manzanares, Defense, Regis Jesuit (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2021

Brady is an aggressive 1v1 defender with a knack for getting the ball on the ground. He tends to elevate his game around GLE, throwing wrap checks that really get around the attacker and to their stick. He racked up the CTs and GBs and represented his team in the camp finals “Braveheart,” winning the face-off and generating a shot before ultimately falling in defeat.

Ethan Cobb, Attack, Weddington High School (N.C.)/Four Star Lacrosse, 2022

Ethan is a good size rising junior that proved opportunistic in transition and broken plays, scoring a couple goals on breaks and assisting on another. In another situation, he grabbed a rebound and stuck it home. He finished another on the backside. He rolled back on a few dodges missing the mark with a side arm release. Ethan is definitely someone to watch develop.

Cam Pilon, Goalie, Loomis Chaffee School (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2021

Cam plays angles well and stays square to the shooter, taking up a lot of cage. He tracks shots well. Facing outside shots, he leads with his body but typically makes the stick save. He stays calm and patient on shooters in close. He is a good communicator and talks through slide packages with his defenders. He can drop an outlet into a teammate’s stick breaking up field.

Evan Curry, Midfield, Mater Dei High School (Calif.)/Pride LC, 2023

Evan is a dynamic middie with lots of upside. This rising sophomore can create off the dodge with a variety of moves. His hitch-and-go froze the entire defense. He scored in transition. He can dodge and dish. On his personal highlight at STX Rising, he rolled back to his left and shot a bouncer into the upper corner. Ethan is one to watch for sure.

Jack Duffy, Attack/Midfield, Newton South (Mass.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2021

Jack got runs at attack and through the midfield, looking very comfortable dodging either alley. He scored with a couple left-handed shots by changing planes. On a wing dodge, he beat his man underneath and scored high to high. He showed his skill by connecting on a tough throwback to the high slot with his right hand.

Theo Weidinger, Goalie, Frederick Gunn School (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2022

Theo is a good size goalie who started the day with some impressive foot and leg saves. He can get from pipe to pipe with composure to make the stop. Outside shots high are easy saves. High bouncers? Easy. He consistently got his hands to off hip shots from 13 yards.

Dylan Yeung, Defense, Bishop Guertin (N.H.)/NH Tomahawks, 2023

Dylan gained confidence as the day wore on at STX Rising. The young lefty defender showed good helping defense, causing a couple turnovers when he slid. He locks in topside when playing one-on-one. Dylan is one to watch develop over his high-school career.

Tyler Borrell, Amherst Regional High School (Mass.), 2021

Tyler is a quick, ambidextrous attackman with a tricky split dodge. He dodges with his head up and will hit the open man. His strength at STX Rising was dodging from X. He can go either way and has a dangerous exclamation point shot.

Alex D’Entrone, Attack, Ridgefield High School (Conn.)/3d Tri-State, 2021

This right-handed attackman scored a couple left-handed goals at the DIII Showcase. He caught and finished one in the slot—the other on the backend of a break. He has some quickness to his step, but his right-handed shot from the wing is accurate and memorable, putting a screen shot in off-stick low.

Chas Kaminski, Attack, Jesuit High School (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2022

Chas is a slippery dodger and showed that at the STX Rising event. Some may underestimate him because of his modest appearance. But he uses timing and quickness to get under or around his defender. He has a quick and accurate midrange shot in transition or off a redirect.

Rory Missal, Attack, Southington High School (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2022

Rory shined in transition at the DIII Showcase. He got to space off the ball and finished his shots. Automatic from 8 yards and in. He ripped a double-piper that was not counted but nonetheless may have crossed the line.

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