STX Rising DIII Showcase: Summer 2018 Standouts

The STX Rising DIII Showcase is a unique summer event that draws talented players from across the nation for three days of training and competition in front of a who’s-who of Division III coaches.

This year’s event took place at the Salisbury School in Connecticut. For two days, the student-athletes trained in the 3d Methodology, went through box lacrosse training and broke out for a series of presentations, including talks on leadership and recruiting aimed at helping prepare them for Division III life and academics.

On the third day, participants took the field with their assigned teams for a series of games while being evaluated by the coaches on hand. The intimate scenario allows coaches and players to interact if they so choose, and both parties leave familiar with one another.

The notes below come directly from coaches at the event and highlight players who stood out over the course of the training sessions and the game play.

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Tyler Allcroft, Attack, Northampton High School (Mass.)/3d NE South, 2019

Tyler is an athletic righty that will go left and does not avoid turning the corner to finish with either hand. His speed and size allow him to create off the dodge. Allcroft was the leading goal scorer at the STX Rising DIII Showcase, scoring in a variety of ways including picking off a pass from the goalie and depositing it into the back of the net.

Jake Hall, Attack, Arapahoe (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2019

Jake is one of those shorter attackmen that players and coaches often underestimate at first. That is until he tears up the defense and scorches you for goals. He has a quick change of direction and gets the ball out of his stick to a good location on the cage. His signature move appeared to be a strong lefty drive to the middle, then rolling back and riffling a right hander to the low off stick corner.

Calder Griffin, Defense, Seattle Prep (Wash.), 2020

Calder is not flashy but his game is so solid that he impressed more and more as the day went on. His off-ball play is tight. He demonstrated quick and timely doubles that caught offenders by surprise. He communicated and switched. He recovered and took body on the close out. He caused a few turnovers and got the ball up and out consistently.

Wells Robinson, Attack/Midfield, Pomfret School (Conn.), 2019

Wells is a right-handed player that has a nice looking shot on the run with both hands. He is a dynamic dodger with the speed and quickness to gain a step. He proved he can get a tough grounder off the wing or D someone up on the other end and even take the ball away.

Seth Lindsey, Midfield, Kent Denver (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2019

Seth is an athletic and dynamic dodger. He recently moved from LSM so he could use a little polish on his finishing but he’s got the competitiveness and potential to be a dominant force at the next level.

Carson Grimm, Defense, Strake Jesuit (Texas), 2020

Carson is a team defender. He helps when adjacent and slides when necessary. His recovery is efficient. When on the ball carrier he gets on the hands and can get the ball out of his opponent’s stick. He has a heavy whack.

Ben Shapiro, Goalie, Kent Denver (Colo.)/Evolve Elite, 3d Colorado, 2019

Ben is an athletic keeper that will save anything in and around his body. He fought off a low bouncer from close range with his knees. He can get to low off-stick shots from outside. He made a jaw-dropping save on a high-to-low shot from an attackman all alone in front of the cage.

Theo Dardia, Goalie, Westfield (N.J.)/Blue Star, 2019

Theo makes saves. He consistently got to low off-stick shots that are an automatic goal on most. He showed quick adjustments on attackers inside. On one attacker who had gotten inside his defender, Dardia reacted early to a fake but stayed with the shooter and made the save as he dove across the front of the cage and shot high off-stick. On another play he faced an attackman turning the corner who shot high off-stick. Theo stood tall and made a shrugging shoulder save to deny the goal.

Ryan Flynn, Defense, Daniel Hand (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2019

Ryan is a well-rounded defender with decent footwork and pressure on the perimeter. He is tough on ground balls. He gets his stick in the passing lane and showed good sliding technique causing a turnover for his team.

Barton Gardella, Defense, Avon Old Farms (Conn.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2019

Barton moves well and showed good decision making with the ball in transition. On the ball he plays topside and slaps. Off ball he is ready to slide and goes when needed.

Hunter Bracci, Goalie, Jupiter (Fla.)/Palm Beach Revolution, 2019

Hunter tracks the ball well and is consistent on mid to outside shots. You can count on him to make saves on all marginal shots.

Michael Bazzano, Midfield, Avon Old Farms (Conn.), 2019

Michael can create off the dodge. He has the vision to hit the roll man. He has the touch to sneak a shot in short-side down the right alley. He can get to the middle and score in the slot. He played good short-stick defense flashing a poke on a middie trying to split. He will play the body and then break out quickly for the outlet.

Zachary Hojnowski, Midfield/FO, Somers (Conn.), 2020

Zach won draws cleanly out the front. He clamped and won it out the back to himself, which resulted in a goal. He scored another goal in the 2-man game, popping to space for a catch and shoot.

Dylan Shuster, Defense, St. Charles Prep (Ohio)/Haymakers, 2019

Shuster can handle his stick as well as anyone. He plays solid one-on-one defense, especially on attackmen with average speed. He has good communication and helps when adjacent. He had a couple great slides. He caused turnovers and got the ball off the turf.

Matthew Soutar, FO/Midfield, Lenape (N.J.)/Tri-State South, 2019

Matt won a couple draws out the front and proceeded down Broadway for goals. He is not just a face-off man as he plays good short stick defense as well.

Ryan Blasberg, Attack, Avon Old Farms (Conn.)/LB3, 2019

Ryan is active and had a productive Showcase. He has a deceptive split dodge. He likes to inside roll and can quickly roll back to shoot or feed. That being said, he did turn the corner and score off stick side.

Garrett Young, Attack, Masconomet (Mass.)/Twister, 2019

Garrett is a shifty dodger that one college coach described as being a “water bug.” His signature move is a right to left split with a sidearm release. He missed the cage a couple times but scored on many.

Hugh Callahan, Attack, Wellesley (Mass.), 2019

Hugh has good placement on his shots. He will shoot high-to-low off-stick and score. He can get inside off the dodge and showed good vision hitting an open man on the backside for a goal.

Quinn Eaheart, Midfield, St. Rita (Ill.)/New Wave, 2019

Quinn is a two-way middie, skilled at team defense and will look to trail check one-on-one. On the offensive side he showed a keen re-dodge to the middle for a goal. He also scored off a hitch-and-go move.

Cole Johnson, Defense, Conard (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2019

Cole showed timeliness on his slides and checks. He will get out and pressure his attacker, annoying them with his stick on their hands. He is tough and will soak a shot if necessary.

Matthew Bergquist, Defense, East Catholic (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2019

Matt took most of the face-offs for his team, winning most and applying pressure on those lost. He handles his stick like an attackman, scooping loose balls and getting out of trouble. He plays the body one-on-one with a push and a slap. He has good size and decent speed.

Jacob Smith, Midfield, Wooster School (Conn.)/3d Tri-State, 2019

Jacob is an old school, two-way middie. Offensively he shined in the 2-man game scoring a couple high-to-low shots off picks. He had a couple other opportunities where he put shots to pretty good locations. He communicates well on defense and will take the body when sliding.

Jacob Martin, Midfield/FO, Westlake (Calif.)/Club Pacific, 2019

Jacob had a good day at the X. He does not loose the ball under pressure and has solid skills. When winning out the front he can score or assist. On one play, he won it to himself, proceeded to the cage for a shot, grabbed his own rebound and scored on his second attempt.

Matt Peoples, Midfield, Salisbury School (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2020

Matt was active on the offensive end. He got to the middle on his lefty sweeps. He kept his head up and hit the roll man when open. He scored a left-handed shot from distance. He will slide on defense and take the body. Overall he’s a scrappy middie to keep an eye out for.

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.