STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase 2020 Standouts

STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase 2020 Standouts (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase 2020 Standouts (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

The STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase, now in its fifth year, has become one of the most important stops of the season for dozens of outstanding Division III lacrosse programs.

Held on Sept. 27 at Rivier University in Nashua, New Hampshire, the one-day event drew nearly 100 student-athletes for a morning packed full of positional and team training and games that ran throughout the rest of the day.

3d Rising worked with longtime contributor and friend Tom Ryan, an assistant coach at St. Lawrence University and a professional indoor and outdoor veteran, to identify the players at the event who stood out the most.

Here’s a look at the athletes who made the biggest impression at the event.

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James Hirschberg, Attack, Hackley School (N.Y.)/Long Island Sting, 2021

For any teams still in the market for a ‘21 lefty attackman, Hirschberg is a good one. He has size and athleticism and his skill set is impressive. He consistently got to the middle of the field and, whether stepping into his shot or shooting on the run, James puts the ball to good locations on the cage. At STX Rising, he scored in bunches and showed his arsenal of shots, sweeping to the middle with a lefty high bouncer that beat the goalie to the nearside pipe.

Ethan Barlag, Goalie, South Forsyth High School (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2022

Ethan may be a little unorthodox in his style, but he finds a way to make the save. He is tall and very good up high. He made a couple off-stick saves from real close range, 5 to 7 yards. He throws his body at low shots, smothering them up at the DIII Fall Showcase. He moves to the ball and consistently blocks short side attempts. He reacts well and got to a high-to-low off-stick shot from 8 yards.

Maddux Little, Attack/Midfield, Fairfield Prep (Conn.)/CT Wolves, 2023

Little is quick and skilled. He handles well and showed good vision finding open teammates on the backside. He can gain an advantage off the dodge and at STX Rising stood out as someone with solid fundamentals. Maddux snaps his shots to good locations. On a right-handed alley dodge, he stopped and lasered a shot past the goalie stick-side high. He got topside and snuck a high-to-low shot inside the near-side pipe. Maddux is someone to watch as he develops physically.

Jack Ramos, Midfield, Weston High School (Mass.)/3d Bears, 3d New England, 2021

Jack is athletic and confident, consistently putting quality shots on cage. He got past defenders and showed touch on his shots, at one point getting inside and shooting a twister high to the nearside. He varies his release as well.

Tyler Borrell, Attack, Amherst Regional High School (Mass.)/RIP-IT, 2021

Tyler is a highly skilled attackman who can score in a multitude of fashions. At the DIII Fall Showcase, he scored a one-timer from the slot. Coming around the right corner, he scored exclamation shots low to high. More impressive was a high-to-low shot that he tucked inside the near pipe. He scored a Thompson backhander and even backhanded a slick pass to a teammate that should have resulted in an assist.

Mike Hanlon, Midfield, Milton Academy (Mass.)/3d New England, 2023

Mike’s strength is in his dodging ability. He has decent speed and his split and rollback gained him the advantage to get off shots or find someone on the backside at the DIII Showcase. His right-handed step down has some heat. With some fine-tuning on his shot he will be someone to reckon with in the coming years.

Jack Keleher, Defense, Dexter Southfield School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Jack communicated effectively at the DIII Fall Showcase and showed good decision making in terms of when to help on defense. On one slide, he finished his check putting the shooter to the ground. He’s opportunistic on the ride and chasing loose balls, pressuring whenever possible. He can get the ball up and out on the clear.

Reid Bulger, Midfield, Simsbury High School (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2023

Reid is athletic and has a nice right-handed step-down shot. At the DIII Showcase, he scored one high to low beating the keeper short side. He inverted and found a teammate cutting for an assist. From the high wing, he got underneath his defender and then back to the middle before scoring on a subtle leaner. His right-to-left split is fluid, which he finished on one play by placing a shot off hip. He rides hard as well.

David Rome, Attack, Dexter Southfield School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Rome is quick with a deadly step-down shot. He rode hard and didn’t give up on plays at STX Rising. He got dumped but dished to a teammate for an apple. He’s got a slick toe drag and pounded a high-to-high right-handed exclamation shot for a goal. He mixes up his shots to keep them guessing.

Alex D’Entrone, Attack, Ridgefield High School (Conn.)/3d Tri-State, 3d NE South 2021

D’Entrone has great hands and that helped him stand out at STX Rising. He’s money inside of 10 yards. He thrives off-ball and in transition. He has a knack for timely cuts and losing his man. He’s quick to catch and shoot, whether it be a backside finish or behind-the-back goal in the slot.

Colin Sullivan, Midfield, St. John’s High School (Mass.)/Fighting Clams, 2022

Sullivan uses his size to overpower would-be defenders. He’s got good placement on his step-down shot. He makes a living off the right-alley and racked up the goals shooting high to low. He deposited a rebound in the back of the net and even caused a turnover on defense.

Jake McMillan, Goalie, Memorial High School (Texas)/3d Houston, 3d Gulf Coast, 2021

McMillan is not above using his arm or shoulder to stop the ball, including point blank opportunities by the attack. At the DIII Fall Showcase, he consistently got to off-hip shots, including shots from 10 yards. He can move too, getting to a deceptive high-to-low shot from 9 yards. He’s got a decent outlet to boot.

TJ Olifiers, Midfield, Somers High School (N.Y.)/2Way, 2022

TJ is an athletic looking middle who generated quality looks off the dodge at the DIII Fall Showcase. He looked comfortable inverting or rolling back to the middle. His highlight on the day was a left-alley high to high off-stick goal that he made look easy.

Sam Wade, Defense/LSM, Loomis Chaffee (Conn.)/3d NE South 2022

Wade is a tough and quick-sliding defender that has a knack for getting the ball on the turf. At the DIII Fall Showcase, he proved he can handle his stick, scooping a loosie and clearing under intense pressure. In a pinch, he can take and win a draw or two.

Sean Esslinger, Midfield/FO, Weston High School (Mass.)/CT Wolves, 2023

Esslinger is a skilled midfielder who was also very effective at STX Rising in winning face-offs, whether to himself or clamping and pulling to his wing. He scored both off the face-off and off the dodge. Down the right alley, he high-bounced one past the keeper. He caught one in the slot and missed just wide. He is one to watch develop in the coming years.

Javier Werner, Midfield, Roxbury Latin (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

Javier is a smooth dodger with good speed. His stick skills are strong, and he is an unselfish team-oriented player. He can dodge the right alley and sting a high-to-low goal, but time after time at the DIII Fall Showcase he found teammates in better positions and got them the ball whether it be in transition or off the dodge.

Riley Meade, Defense, Loomis Chaffee (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2022

When Riley slides, he takes great angles and his strong presence forces would-be shooters to reconsider and turn back. One on one, he locks in topside. At STX Rising, he proved he can also get the ball on the turn and out. He is nothing short of harassing on loose balls.

Chris Iwicki, FOGO, Dexter Southfield School (Mass.)/Kings, 2021

Chris was the top draw-man at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. He typically won the ball cleanly. When contested he showed an impressive persistence. During one skirmish, an LSM’s repetitive harassing stick checks did not deter Iwicki’s focus. He simply waited him out and when the ball popped to an open space he got there and scooped it up.

Liam Doyle, Midfield, Glastonbury High School (Conn.)/CT Wolves, 2023

Liam showed versatility in his dodging and shot options. He has overhand and sidearm shots in his arsenal. He got inside and showed touch by sneaking a shot inside the near pipe. The lefty rolled back to his strong hand and lifted a side arm shot uppers past the goalie. He stepped in on another shot nailing the pipe.

Ryan MacDonald, Midfield, Wayland High School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Ryan has the ability to score off the dodge as well as off-ball. Dodging the right alley he shot one overhand to the low corner. At STX Rising he seemed right at home catching and finishing in the slot. With a defender draped all over him he handled a tough feed and somehow got the shot off and into the back of the net.

Hunter Parker, Midfield, Defense, St. Raphael Academy (R.I.)/3d Bears, 2021

Hunter is a rangy defender who uses his reach and stick to his advantage. He shined in the positional and team training at the DIII Fall Showcase, proving to have good change of direction, solid fundamentals and good communication. He wasn’t tested much during game play, likely a result of his strong play in one-on-one drills. He can get his stick in the lane and get the ball out with his huge frame.

Evan Tessler, Defense/LSM, Dunwoody High School (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2021

Evan shined between the lines at the DIII Fall Showcase. He was sneaky in transition, scoring on one opportunity and dishing on another. He jumped up field on the ride and picked the pocket of an opposing middie. He was surgical on the slide, leading with his stick to help himself get possession of the ball.

Tim Haarmann, Defense, St. John’s Prep School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Tim is a good-sized defenseman that plugs into the team concept. He communicates effectively with his teammates on defense. At STX Rising, his slides were on point and he proved to be no stranger to knocking the ball out of opponents’ sticks. In that sense he does have a timely poke.

William Holtzer, Defense, Walsh Jesuit High School (Ohio)/Burning River, 2021

William handles his stick with skill and is obviously a hockey player as well. He takes advantage of lackadaisical adjacent attackmen by knocking down their passes. He has quick checks but plays topside. That being said, look out for the lift and the ensuing loose ball.

Josh Gangi, Attack, Noble & Greenough School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Josh beat a short-stick middle topside and shot one low past the keeper to get his day started at the DIII Fall Showcase. Off the ball, he caught one in the slot covered by a defenseman—while remaining, covered he dove and backhanded a shot into the net before landing in the crease.

Riley Shaw, Midfield, Peachtree Ridge High School (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2021

Riley is a rangy, athletic midfielder with upside. His long legs and reach allowed him to be one of the more effective short-stick defenders at the DIII Showcase. He has high speed coming up the field with the ball in his stick and was involved in tons of plays in the middle of the field. He also stood out in positional and team training thanks to his ability to move and his physical strength.

Matt Grabher, Midfield, Burr & Burton Academy (Vt.)/Catamount, 2022

Matt is a dodger with good vision. The kid can play especially when he gets the chance to step into a shot. He’s got a deceptive hitch and go that more aptly could be termed a hitch and goal as he scored with it more than once at the DIII Fall Showcase.

Sebastian Foresi, Midfield, Southington High School (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2022

Sebastian is quick and can get to the middle. He can dodge left or right but prefers to shoot right. His side arm release is accurate. He can also take face-offs. After winning one draw, he got inside and bounced a shot past the keeper showcasing his versatility.

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.