STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase 2019 East and Midwest Standouts

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

The STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase, the premiere recruiting and training opportunity for Division III prospects, was held in two locations in the fall of 2019. In a first for the growingly popular event, two editions were held this fall — the first at Kenyon College in Ohio on Oct. and the second at Noble & Greenough School outside of Boston on Oct. 20.

The Midwest edition drew more than 35 players, while the East edition, drew more than 120 student-athletes from across the U.S. and Canada. As it does each year, the day kicked off with a lengthy training session highlighted by drills pulled from the 3d Methodology and led by some of the many Division III coaches on hand.

After training, players broke into teams — also coached by Division III coaches — and games ran throughout the day. Following games, players had the chance to meet and talk to coaches that lined the fields to take notes.

Below is a look at the players who shined the most across the two STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase events.

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Luke Curtin, FO/Midfield, Belmont Hill (Mass.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2021

Luke was hands down the top draw man at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. Unofficially he won approximately 85 percent of the face-offs he took. Some of those were cleanly to himself, but more impressively were the ones he had to work harder for. Curtin tracked loose balls like a bird dog on the hunt. He can pick up a tough grounder in traffic. At one point he scrapped for a loosie, got stripped, picked it up on the way to the cage and deposited it in the back of the net. He will pursue the groundball to the endline if necessary. He showed different exits and can win it cleanly back to his wing.

Max Ettinghausen, Attack, McQuaid Jesuit (N.Y.)/3d Upstate, 2021

Max is a slick lefty attackman and showed that at STX Rising. What he lacks in size he makes up for in skill. He is probably most dangerous when dodging off a redirect, being quite difficult to contain. If he has time around the crease he will finish. He scored a BTB goal, a subtle dip and dunk goal and pulled off a few diving shots including one where he got underneath his defender and leaped across the crease tucking it far corner. One was called back for a crease violation but with the new college diving rules no one cared. He can go hard to the cage.

Jack Murphy, Attack, St. Agnes Cathedral School (N.Y.), 2021

Jack thrives on unsettled and transition opportunities. He has good vision and will get the ball to the best option. He keeps it simple when catching and finishing in the slot area. Murphy has a heater—on one occasion he got to the middle and blasted a shot off-stick high for a goal.

Emmett Schillinger, Defense, St. John’s Prep (Mass.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2021

Emmett throws rapid slap checks and he will lift and body up with a cross-check at GLE. What stands out about Schillinger though is his willingness to slide. When a teammate needed help at STX Rising, he was there with timely and heavy checks dislodging the ball on multiple occasions. He knocked down a few passes on the day and even scored a rebound goal in transition. During a clear, one of his passes was deflected by a riding attackman. He tracked down the culprit and threw slap checks until he got the ball back.

Michael Barbera, Defense/LSM, Stevenson School (Calif.), 2020

Michael showed a particular adeptness on loose balls and looked comfortable coming off the wing. As a close defenseman, Barbera was persistent with his lift check and generally harassing when he sensed an opportunity. He handled the ball confidently in the clear.

Rex Weil, Goalie, Salisbury School (Conn.)/3d Tri-State, 2021

Rex showed his willingness to play, getting some extra minutes subbing in on other teams when needed at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. He’s not a big goalie but consistently made saves from close range due to his composure and good positioning on his arch. He made a nice save on a low to high shot headed for the far corner.

Ethan Storey, Defense, Johns Creek High School (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2021

Ethan gets involved in the action and showed that at STX Rising. He has good size and moves well. His strength is in his ability to cover 1-v-1. He plays topside and gives up few opportunities off the dodge. He helps when appropriate and can get the odd ball off the ground and up the field.

Jason Werrick, Attack, Lawrence Academy (Mass.), 2020

Jason showed the tendency to get to the middle of the field for scoring opportunities at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. He got inside and scored a couple around the crease including a diving goal. He fed someone inside who could have scored but instead the ball ended up loose in front. Werrick picked it up and scored it himself. He played with confidence and his highlight of the day was on a fast break. As the point-man, he caught the ball on the move to the middle and hammered a shot to the high off-stick corner.

Finn McCain, Midfield, Tabor Academy (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

Finn is a slippery dodger. He’s got some different moves in his arsenal. He can swim, he can roll back and shoot. More impressive at STX Rising were his subtle stick fakes to keep would be sliding defenders at bay. He scored a Thompson-like backhand goal coming around from behind. He changed planes when shooting, scoring one high-to-low corner on the run. In the slot, he lifted one high past the keeper. Along with his dodging ability he demonstrated good vision finding the open player.

Guerin Favreau, Midfield, Woodstock Academy (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2021

This lefty middie generates shots. The majority of which came from dodges down the left alley, scoring on a couple. He rang a step-down off the bar. In addition to his shooting, he was able to get the ball to an open teammate more than once for a scoring opportunity.

Will Shull, Midfield, Marblehead High School (Mass.), 2021

Will is a lefty that can shoot and score from the outside. He prefers to sweep to the middle and shoot on the run, scoring two that way at STX Rising. He tallied another one in transition. He showed some versatility, getting underneath his defender and scoring a fourth. He has a tendency to drop his stick when shooting but has various release points in his bag.

Jake Grenon, Goalie, Medfield High Schoo (Mass.), 2021

Jake made a few saves from eight yards look routine at STX Rising. He remains calm and holds stick side high to make shooters who dare look silly. He can get to shots headed high off-stick. Shots from outside of range will be quickly turned around for an outlet pass the other way.

Jason Borsari, Defense, Brewster High School (N.Y.)/3d Tri-State, 2021

Jason moves pretty well for a guy with good size. He plays solid 1-v-1 at STX Rising with a flair for the takeaway. His stature came in handy when he went over the head of an attackman, dislodging the ball. Borsari padded his stats on another play, causing a turnover and scooping the ground ball.

Gunnar Young, Defense, Haverford School (Pa.), 2022

Gunnar is fairly aggressive and at STX Rising showed that he’s not afraid to step in front of a shot. He helicoptered an opponent and grabbed the loosie. He doubles down when someone dodges inside against him. As a Sophomore he has time to improve his speed, but as a former attackman he has the skill and confidence to get involved in the clear.

Davon Johnson, Midfield, Vermont Academy (Vt.)/Harlem Lacrosse, 2020

Davon is a strong and athletic middie and showed that at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. He’s good off the wing and can win a tough ground ball. He’s got solid stick work. Davon showed some touch when shooting, sneaking a ball short-side high on a right alley shot. His love of the game was evident as picked up extra shifts when other teams were down a man.

Juan Cortes, FO-Midfield, Gulliver (Fla.), 2021

Juan was the second most productive face-off specialist at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. He can pinch and pop it to himself for clean wins. He is also athletic enough to chase down 50-50 balls and skilled at scooping them up.

Nick Kane, Defense, East Longmeadow High School (Mass.)/3d NE South, 2021

Nick is a rangy defender with good athleticism. He takes away the middle of the field when up top. He is ready to pounce on a loose ball and looked comfortable carrying it up the field in transition, scoring a goal on one unsettled play.

Trey Tuscai, LSM, Memorial High School (Texas)/3d Texas, 2021

Trey has good 1-v-1 technique, which he showed at STX Rising. He will cross-hand hold guys in order to keep them out of the middle. He picked off a pass, he stripped an opponent, he grabbed a couple loose balls.

Anthony Carieri, Midfield/Attack, St. John Bosco (Calif.), 2021

This SoCal product is a smooth and athletic dodger. He generated a ton of quality looks at STX Rising, and as he refines his shooting accuracy, those should turn into more goals.

Justin Bader, Goalie, South Kingstown High School (R.I.)/3d Bears, 2021

Justin is an athletic goalie with good speed out of the cage. At one point at the STX Rising event, his team turned over the ball on the clear and Bader raced back into the goal to make a diving save. He showed good positioning, making body saves on low-angle shots. As the day warmed, so did Bader. In the final game, he was solid in making all the saves he could.

Nick McLaughlin, Midfield, Minnechaug High School (Mass.)/3d NE South, 2021

Nick is a right-handed player that buries his opportunities, can be a threat in transition and plays decent defense. On the run at STX Rising, he stuck one stick-side high. On another play, McLaughlin face-dodged underneath an LSM and shot a kind of cross-handed twister shot that bounced off the turf and in from 13 yards.

Brian Lemay, Midfield, Cushing Academy (Mass.), 2021

Brian is a good sized middie with a heavy outside shot. Off a pass he does a nice job loading it up and getting it off in one fluid motion. At the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase, he had a goal in transition and another one he skipped in from range. He can blast it around a screen and does look to move it to a teammate when appropriate.

John Babnik, Attack, New Trier (Ill.)/True Illinois, 2021

John has a quick first step and showed that off at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase Midwest edition. He displayed high IQ and vision while running the point. He does a great job working off ball and has soft hands to finish in tight space.

Zach Furry, Defense, Springboro (Ohio)/Resolute, 2021

What Zach lacks in size he makes up for with toughness and footwork and quick powerful stick. At STX Rising, he was always in great position and making it tough for dodgers to turn the corner or get their hands free. Zach has quick hands and was an absolute menace to every ballcarrier with quick compact slap checks on the gloves time and again to match his great balance and footwork. He did a great job of using an entry check on almost every approach and would eagerly snap off an exit check if the ball moved to another player.

Ben Johnson, Defense, Eagle (Idaho)/True Idaho, 2021

Ben was the most physical defenseman of the day at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase Midwest edition. Johnson consistently demonstrated his strength, speed and IQ. He has a knack for putting the ball on the deck and pushing transition. Never hesitated to match up on any ballcarrier and played with an aggressive “pride” not to be beat on every possession.

Gavin Schulz, Attack, Durham Academy (N.C.)/Carolina Hilltoppers, 2021

Schulz showed his ability to put the ball in the net all day at STX Rising. He showcased his ability to score off the dodge as well as with time and room with a good release and strong wrists. One of the more complete players on the day at the Midwest camp, he has the ability to play both midfield and attack with his dodging ability and vision and uses his body frame well to help get his hands free.

Adam Greenfield, FO-Midfield, Haverford School (Pa.)/HEADstrong, 2021

Adam dominated at the X all day at the Midwest STX Rising event. His ability to get the ball out and create offense was evident. Adam had fast hands and a strong IQ as he was able to counter when not winning the clamp. He moved the ball to varying escape points and was more than comfortable leading the fast break.

Zach White, Attack/Midfield, Columbus Academy (Ohio)/Resolute, 2022

Zach has a nonstop motor, and at STX Rising he used his speed to beat his man when he wanted to from both up top and behind the cage. White was at his best in between the lines and pushing the ball in transition, always making the right looks. He showed solid IQ as a dodger and did a great job reading the next slide all day and did a great job delivering passes mid-dodge to an inside crease player or cutter as the slide defender committed to slide

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