STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase 2018 Standouts

The STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase is the fall’s premiere opportunity for Division III prospects to get seen by most of the top college coaches in the DIII ranks.

Held this fall at the Middlesex School not far from Boston, this year’s DIII Fall Showcase drew players from far and wide for a morning of training followed by live games throughout the afternoon.

In between and afterward, players were able to interact and meet coaches and even obtain feedback on their performance at Middlesex.

3d Rising had eyes on the ground as usual thanks to our network of coaches who help us out.

Below is a look at some of the top performers from this year’s STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase.

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Quinton Mathers, Avon Old Farms (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2020

Mathers had a day at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. He played with confidence and consistently ripped corners especially on his low to high shot. He was smooth with and without the ball. Q worked with others on his team. He moved the ball when teammates were open. He created off the dodge. And he was effective off ball when he caught and shot.

Joey Waldbaum, Kent Denver (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2020

Waldbaum has good size and strength but stood out as much off the ball at STX Rising as attackmen didn’t test him much. When he was the hot slide he put himself in a good position to deter would be aggressors. He showed good decision making on how much to show and when to go. He likes to run the field and can handle the ball in transition.

CK Giancola, Midfield, Trinity Pawling (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2020

Giancola was active in the offense at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. At times he demanded the ball. He possesses a deceptive split dodge and an accurate throwback. He has a smooth shooting motion whether on the run or off ball step down. He gets the ball off the turf from the wing and has the presence to run an offense from the midfield.

Chriss Morse, Attack, Phillips Academy Andover (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Morse heated up as the day went on at STX Rising. He is quick and has good vision. He scored his goals dodging the corner. He had two Thompson-like backhand goals on the left side. On the right he wrapped a goal on one occasion. On another he showed precision by tucking it short side. He really has a lot of energy and can test his defender and has determination to battle to get topside or find other ways to get scoring chances.

Hunter Wallace, LSM, Glastonbury (Conn.)/Top Dawg, 2020

Wallace is an active and aggressive defender who gets involved in the play, especially between the lines. He gets his stick on his opponent’s hands and causes turnovers. At STX Rising, he showed he can get the ball off the ground and handles his stick well. He is impactful off the wing and scored a goal after a face off win. He can even win the odd draw if his team is in need in large part based on his tenacity.

Braden Schneider, Defense, Santiago (Calif.)/3d Southland, 2020

Schneider gets out to pressure his man usually with rapid-fire checks. He uses his stick effectively when defending one-on-one and can get the ball on the ground. He even showed versatility when busting out a rusty gate, which did not end in a caused turnover but kept his attacker at bay. He helped off ball and is not afraid to slide.

Danny Hoehler, Defense, Fieldston (N.Y.)/3d New England South, 2020

Hoehler closes out under control and plays the body when covering one-on-one. At STX Rising, he proved to be well rounded and capable of knocking down passes, taking the ball away and picking up the loose change.

Noah Robb, Defense, St. Marks School (Mass.), 2020

Robb is quick and athletic. He has good timing on his poke checks and at STX Rising appeared to lead the close defenders in caused turnovers and loose balls. A junior captain at St. Mark’s, he controlled his attackman in one-on-one match-ups.

Luke Romenak, FOGO, Bishop Guertin (N.H.)/NH Tomahawks, 2021

Romenak has the ability to pinch and pull it to space and he showed that with consistency at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. If he loses the clamp, he will battle to get it back. At one point a team triple poled the face-off and he was still able to win it to himself.

Shane Perry, Defense, Bridgewater Raritan (N.J.)/2 Knights, 2021

Perry is athletic and aggressive as he gets out to pressure and poke his attackman. He is physical when sliding. When isolated one-on-one he plays the body. On one play at the DIII Fall Showcase, he forced his attackman to roll back, stripped him and grabbed the loose ball. On another, he got hung up but was able to chase down his attackman and get a check on him as he was shooting to prevent a quality shot.

Nathan Larabee, Midfield, Glastonbury (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2020

Larabee is a right-handed midfielder who can score in various ways. Off an invert he wrapped one around the goalkeeper. Dodging down the left alley he switched to his right and ducked inside scoring high to low. His most impressive goal at STX Rising started as a left-handed sweep; he rolled back to his right and shot overhand to the near side off hip pipe, sneaking the shot into a sliver of open space.

Matt Peoples, Midfield, Salisbury School (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2020

Peoples is a skilled middie. He gets his hands up and snaps his passes, hitting even the difficult throwback to a teammate popping off the crease. His split dodge is deceptive and although he tends to shoot high, he works to get inside his range before letting his shot go. He is not afraid of contact, as he bull rushed a defender before stepping back and letting one go that made it to the back of the net.

Zach Anson, Goalie, Millbrook Prep, 2020

Advice to shooters facing Anson: if you’re outside your range, don’t bother shooting. Not only did Anson gobble up the easy shots at STX Rising, he routinely got to shots going high to low and even shots coming low off-stick. He uses his body well to deflect shots around his midsection. In close, he matches the shooter’s stick when they drop low to low. He showed good reaction from shots in the slot.

Erik Niit, Midfield, Dover-Sherborn (Mass.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2020

Niit has good vision when dodging and was able to generate shots on his own at the DIII Fall Showcase. He prefers his right hand and although he missed the cage a couple times, when he put it on cage it went in.

Jared Rodi, Midfield, St. Ignatius Prep (Calif.)/Alcatraz Outlaws, 2020

Rodi is a two-way middie who plays good defense. He showed accuracy when shooting overhand, placing one goal off hip. It appeared Jared got more comfortable and confident as the day went on. He closed out the final game with a right-handed behind-the-back goal, showcasing his touch.

Carson Blackshaw, Midfield, Lawrence Academy (Mass.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2020

Some middies play good one-on-one defense; Blackshaw takes it one step further and recovers like a close defenseman. Additionally, he has a nice looking left--handed shot on the run. At the STX Rising event, he added another goal with a roll back with his right hand.

James Surgenor, Defense, Kimball Union Academy (N.H.), 2020

Surgenor stood out at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase as a team defender with exceptional off-ball play. He helped when adjacent. He showed good judgment and slid with conviction. He gets his stick in the passing lane and knocks down lazy passes.

Burke Logan, Defense, Charlotte Country Day (N.C.)/Team 24/7, 2020

Logan is a solid and well-rounded defender. He played well in the team defensive scheme at the STX Rising event. He can get tough ground balls. He slid and stripped a midfielder. He knocked down a pass and got the ball up and out. With more speed and athleticism, he could excel at the next level.

Matt Rubino, Attack, Loomis Chaffee (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2020

Rubino warmed up as the day went on at STX Rising. He is a compact and skilled lefty attackman who scored off the dodge but may be more effective off-ball. He uses good technique to snap off his shots and can catch and shoot or make a quick move to the middle to improve his angle.

Peter Steinle, Attack, Loomis Chaffee School (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2020

Steinle is a scrappy attackman who showed flashes of his potential at STX Rising. He ripped a sidearm shot off the crossbar from 11 yards. He posted up a defender, inside rolled and scored on a high shot as he fell to the turf.

Luke Curtin, FOGO, Belmont Hill School (Mass.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2021

Curtin is proficient at the pinch and pop and had a good day at STX Rising. He can handle the ball well and on one play he won the face-off, ran the ball down to the slot and shot the ball off the pipe and in for a goal.

Shaun Padden, Midfield, Xaverian (Mass.)/Top Gllun Fighting Clams, 2020

Padden moves well for a big man. He scored a variety of goals at the DIII Fall Showcase but his hallmark play was a hitch-and-go dodge to the middle with his right hand. He shot it on the run and scored. He scored off a shovel. He caught and finished. He got to the slot on another play and scored off stick low. Padden is definitely someone to watch develop throughout the year.

James Rapp, Defense, Wooster School (Conn.)/Swashbucklers, 2020

Rapp will get out and pressure his man. He is pretty adept with his stick dislodging the ball from his attackers and corralling the loose balls.

Noah Brooks, Midfield, Williston Northampton School (Mass.)/3d New England South, 2020

Brooks is quick and has an effective split dodge in his arsenal. He plays good middie defense and can handle the ball in tough situations.

Quinn McGorry, St. Anthony’s (N.Y.)/LI Express, 2020

McGorry showcased a variety of saves and looked very comfortable stopping midrange shots off stick high. That being said he made a nice save off a high to low shot from distance. He tracked down a bounce shot. And he stuffed an attackman on the doorstep, among other saves.

Carter Strauch, Attack, San Ramon Valley (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2020

Strauch has good hands and is smart around the cage. He’s quick to get the ball in unsettled situations, move it and can also snap quality shots from low angles.

Max Yates, Defense, Green Farms Academy (Conn.)/Eclipse, 2021

Yates loves to get involved in the clear and does not think twice to catch and carry across the midline. He plays solid team defense. He communicates with his teammates and slides to support the on-ball defender when needed.

Daniel Huh, Goalie, Iona Prep (N.Y.)/Gotham Lacrosse, 2019

Huh has an athletic stance and moves quickly to the shot, leading to several saves from close range. He tracks high shots well from midrange and in.

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.