STX Rising DI Showcase Summer 2018 Standouts

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

The STX Rising DI Showcase, first launched in 2017, brought nearly 400 student-athletes to Blandair Regional Park in Columbia, Maryland, for two days this summer.

Held July 11 and 12, the STX Rising DI Showcase started with a training session that broke the participants out for positional instruction and then team-based training, which was led by an assortment of coaches on hand, including college coaches and 3d Master Coaches.

Players came from as far away as California and Alberta, Canada, for the event, which is a part of 3d Lacrosse’s STX Rising Showcase Series – a premiere lineup of showcases that gives athletes the opportunity to train and improve their skills in a teaching-focused environment before competing in front of college coaches.

Here’s a look at some of the players who stood out at the event as compiled by members of the staff and coaches on hand. (Take a look at some of the players who were highlighted by Inside Lacrosse, too.)

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Nathan Lockhart, LSM/Defense/Midfield, Berkeley Prep (Fla.)/Echolon. 2020

Lockhart is an active defender, all over the field and causing havoc and using his stick to make plays. He’s got wheels and showed that off at the STX Rising DI Showcase with a bunch of athletic plays in the middle of field and on defense. He looks like a grinder and has a motor and just seems to hustle and work hard to make and finish plays all the way down the field. He can be scrappy and plays aggressive on the perimeter and looks to pick off passes.

Jaryd Massey, Defense, Stoneman Douglas (Fla.)/Road Warriors, 2019

Massey is a monster and makes plays with his size and reach and his long legs that help him get up the field in no time. He can create chaos but can be slick with the pole and handle the ball out of traffic and lead a clear. He’s got his stick up and is major obstacle on defense. He got the ball up and out a bunch of times at STX Rising and looked impressive coming up the field.

Keegan Kozack, Attack, Vancouver College (B.C.), 2020

Kozack is a gritty, tough lefty Canadian who will battle to the rack and use his body and his skill to create and finish scoring opportunities. He can post up near the cage and can turn and get his hands through checks. He is smart and appears to know when to attack and will use screens, picks and fakes to keep a defense uncomfortable.

Jakob Joy, Defense/LSM, Dripping Springs (Texas)/Iron Horse Austin, 2020

This was a great showcase for Joy where he impressed many coaches with his size, versatility, and fundamentals. He looks the part of a Division I defenseman, well over six feet tall and filled out. With that size, he moves extremely well both defending the ball and carrying it as an offensive threat in transition. He picked off several passes and communicated well to his teammates as a leader the defense.

Daniel Jones, Midfield, Aquinas College (U.K.)/3d Tri-State, 2020

Jones is a natural left-handed player who uses his speed and physicality to create separation and goal scoring opportunities. What made him stand out from the others at the STX Rising DI Showcase was his ability to get defenders to over pursue his left so he can roll back and wreak havoc with his right hand. He’s also not afraid to put his head down and get physical when there is a 50-50 scrum for a groundball.

Will Vincent, Midfield, Dexter Southfield School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Vincent caught the eye of a couple Division I coaches at STX Rising with his size and craftiness with the ball in his stick. He threw a couple of back-pipe skip passes for goals that caught defenders sleeping on the job. The pump fakes and head fakes that he uses while dodging caused slide defenders to hesitate, which created tons of opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Braeden Williams, Defense/LSM, Lafayette (Mo.)/Project Missouri, 2020

Williams is a very patient opportunistic defensive player. He stays out of trouble by not over pursuing and taking risks. Rather he waits to capitalize when the player he is guarding makes the first mistake. He uses his hands well when defending to pester the opponent with physicality.

Maxwell Hewitt, Midfield, Kent Denver (Colo.)/Denver Elite, 2020

Hewitt had a great run at the STX Rising DI Showcase, where he was all over the field making plays and showing an excellent mix of skills and athleticism. He’s a natural righty with an excellent on-the-run shot from the midfield. He has an incredibly quick release that still gives him a lot of power without hanging his stick. Always looking to set up his teammates, he had a couple 2+ goals 2+ assist games throughout the showcase.

Brett Bliss, Attack, Belmont Hill School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Using a combination of physicality and speed, Bliss had an extremely productive STX Rising DI Showcase for his team. He was able to feed cutters from the dangerous 5-and-5 spot using a lever pass that seemed to hit every teammate right on the ear. Standing over six feet tall, Bliss consistently over-powered defenders who took bad approaches.

Matt Peoples, Midfield, Salisbury School (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2020

Peoples was the king of creating nothing out of something at the showcase. When dodging he often found himself right at goal line extended where it appeared he had no angle at the goal. However, his craftiness and skill with his left hand got him a lot of goals. He also displayed a classic hitch dodge in transition that was absolutely lethal against rotating defensemen.

Oliver Bernstein, Midfield, Noble & Greenough (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Bernstein is a big, strong righty who is becoming more skilled and that shows in his ability to create out of his dodges. He’s got a bit of a pinball feel to him as he bangs down the alley but he’s big enough that he’s just hard to stop and has his stick up high and can get power behind his shots. He’s also pretty rugged off the ball, filling up space out front, and in loose ball scenarios.

Lawson Laverty, Defense/LSM, Woodgrove (Va.)/3d Mid-Atlantic, 2021

Playing up with the 2020 class, Laverty showed he belonged with both his physical presence and his skill. He is great with the ball in his stick, showing an ability to go to the goal with pressure on his hands and make the right look. He shows excellent body language on the field, looking the part of a prototypical defenseman. His fundamentals were on point and he consistently was picking up tough GB after tough GB.

Pace Billings, Defense/LSM, Kent Denver (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2020

Billings caught the eye of several Division I coaches at the STX Rising DI Showcase. His ability to get out of trouble with the ball in his stick and the physicality he displayed all over the field made him stand out amongst the other poles in his class. He made all kinds of plays that highlighted his athleticism and skill. He impressed when he grabbed contested GB and flicked a backhanded pass to a midfielder streaking up field in transition. He throws hard checks without a windup, which kept his feet moving while constantly pressuring his opponent.

Coleman Nye, Midfield, Middlesex School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Any college coach wants a midfielder who can confidently dodge a pole and create offense by drawing a slide. Nye never shied away from that challenge and was able to get great looks for his teammates by dodging LSMs at STX Rising. He also showed a great three-quarter release step-down shot that started to draw the attention of the opposing defenses. He was then able to show his versatility by winding up for a shot and instead hitting a skip pass down to the pipe when the defenses collapsed on him as a shooter.

Will Brooks, Midfield, Vastavia Hills (Ala.)/3d Georgia, 2020

Brooks is an athletic midfielder who goes hard and dodges with subtle explosiveness on his way to good looks to shoot or feed coming down the alley, showing off evasive stick work inside when the double comes. He has a good split, quick change of direction and a first step that makes him tough to defend. He has speed and agility and can make plays up the field and is reliable when playing shortstick defense. He shows what looks like multi-sport athleticism, can shoot hard, looks to make smart feeds and hustles with and without the ball, making plays in the midfield as well.

Ben Hutchinson, Midfield, Holderness School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Hutchinson showed an impressive set of soft hands and impeccable stick skills throughout the STX Rising DI Showcase. He could be described as an effortless passer with every type of feed imaginable in his arsenal. For example, he threw a beautiful behind-the-back pass to his teammate as the point man on the fast break. Also worth mentioning was his tenacity on the same play. The goalie made a great save and a defenseman picked up the ground ball and Hutchinson sprinted across the field and caused a turnover.

Wyatt Marvil, Defense/LSM, Jefferson (Va.)/DC Express, 2020

Marvil showed he has what it takes to be successful at the next level with his instincts and lacrosse IQ. He timed his slides very well, waiting until the defender turned his head and always communicated for a 2-slide before he left. He showed skills in transition with a beautiful give-and-go fast break goal. As a lefty he posed a serious matchup problem for right-handed dodgers behind the net.

Alex Horowitz, Attack, Loyola High School (Calif.)/Legends West, 2020

You really have to watch Horowitz play several games to truly appreciate his impressive abilities as a lacrosse player. He never forces the issue with the ball in his stick; rather he maneuvers effortlessly around the crease with his head up looking for teammates. An automatic finisher, if you throw him a skip he is putting it away. When he does dodge, he has a textbook question mark move where he tucks his stick and puts it low and away past the keeper. If there’s a GB in front of the crease, you can bet on Horowitz being there to clean up the garbage and put the ball away.

Ryan Kilcoyne, Defense/LSM, Calvert Hall (Md.)/Looney’s, 2020

Kilcoyne’s best skill as a defensive player is his ability to match feet with the player he is guarding while keeping his stick on gloves the entire time. He is the definition of a fundamental defensemen that makes all the often-unnoticed impact plays at the right time. He times his doubles extremely well, which led to some transition opportunities off of his caused turnovers.

Nick Capannelli, FO/Midfield, VLC, 2020

It was quite clear that Capannelli was the most physically imposing and fundamentally sound face-off man of his age group at STX Rising. He looks the part of a college FOGO in that he has quick hands, the motor to scrap for 50-50 grounders and the ability to spark the offense with speed and stick skills to hit the attackman or go to the goal himself.

Grant Allen, Midfield, Valor Christian (Colo.)/Evolve Elite, 2020

Allen is a midfielder with a great mix of skills, athleticism and toughness to make himself a bit of a throwback, do-it-all player. Allen is a grinder and will do what is asked of him – face off, play offense, go after groundballs in scrums, play short stick. The righty is savvy offensively and times his dodges well using a good hitch and change of direction to get a step on defenders. He can dodge for opportunities and protect the stick through checks and put good velocity and placement on his shots with a quick release. He likes the bounce shot. He has good hands and shows good overall field sense. The ball goes in and out of his stick if he’s not got the matchup he wants and he can find seams off the ball too. He always has his feet moving and has a motor and a burst.

Will Stax, Midfield, Milton (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2020

Stax had a good showing at the STX Rising DI Showcase as a solid overall midfielder who has strength and athleticism and is better with the ball than he looks at first. He’s an excellent short stick defender, capable of using his good legs out on the perimeter and making tough contact with the ball carrier the whole way. He can get the loose ball and leg it up the field and throw the stick to one hand. He’s strong and has good size. He has snap on the ball to and can put good shots on cage in transition or off his own dodges using his body to make contact and get to the center of the field.

CC Jeffers, Attack, Kinkaid (Texas)/3d Texas, 2020

Jeffers had a strong showing at the STX Rising DI Showcase, displaying his shiftiness and his determination when dodging from X. He’s able to fight topside and draw slides or force a show as he looks to feed or possibly turn for a lefty shot. He has power on his shot and gets his whole body into it to create torque. He can shoot it through checks. He’s got a quick release from the interior when playing off the ball too. He made some nice catches and finishes cutting from the wing.

Spencer Beakey, Goalie, Dexter Southfield School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Beakey does a great job intimidating shooters with his footwork and positioning. He takes up a lot of net with his strong frame while also playing his angles extremely well. He gave shooters fits all week by limiting shooting lanes, giving offensive players very little net to hit. He also made several point-blank saves after defensive breakdowns that provided a huge spark to his team.

Evan Perry, Midfield, North Tapps (Wash.)/Lake Tapps LC, 2020

Perry had several multi-point games at the STX Rising DI Showcase, creating scoring opportunities for himself by slashing across the face of the goal. He shoots the ball exceptionally well on the run without slowing his feet. His first step is deadly and he has a hesitation move that freezes defenders, giving him that extra split second to get his hands free for a shot. Perry also has a physicality to his game that should translate well to the next level. He initiates the contact on dodges, as opposed to letting his defender make the first hit.

Sean Kennedy, Attack, Memorial High School (Texas)/3d Texas, 2020

After watching Kennedy play several games at STX Rising, it was easy to tell that he is a natural goal scorer. When the ball is in his stick and he’s in range, he puts it exactly where he wants just about every time with no hesitation. While he isn’t one of the biggest guys in the group, he plays tough and uses a change of direction roll dodge to get the bigger, slower defensemen off balance. He makes a ton of high IQ lacrosse decisions and he rarely threw the ball away.

Cole Garvey, Defense/LSM, Mira Costa (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2020

Out of a stacked defensive group at STX Rising, Garvey consistently stood out for making both big and little plays. He knows when is the right time to be aggressive and try to put the ball on the ground. He also knows when to break down and play good position defense. He uses his strong build and timely checks to pester his attackman without slowing his feet and losing position. His high motor also kept him running hard the entire showcase, as shown when he came up with tough GB after tough GB late in the day.

Maxwell Gladieux, Midfield, E.C. Glass (Virginia)/Amped Lax, 2020

Gladieux is a throwback, two-way type midfielder that every college coach loves to have on his team. The righty uses his toughness along with a great lacrosse IQ to make plays in the middle of the field that sparks transition offense. His size and athleticism make him look college ready heading into his junior year. He is someone you can put at middie, attack, run wings on face-offs, play defensive midfield, and play man-up.

Henry Blake, Goalie, Marin Catholic (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2020

Blake is a heady, quick netminder with good eyes for the ball and grittiness in the crease. He makes stops in flurries and showed excellent communication skills at the STX Rising DI Showcase. He understands how to work with defenders to improve his chance of stopping the ball and reducing the quality of shots. He is smart operating around the cage in loose ball scenarios or following up shots.

Kyle McCarthy, Defense/LSM, Pingree School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

McCarthy was arguably the most impressive player in the 2021 group at the STX Rising DI Showcase. The lefty has a heavy stick, great feet, is physical and is a communicator. He stood out for being big, fast and strong while making plays. He also won a few face-offs, made great decisions with the ball and came up with first time grounders. He was the most advanced physically of all the 2021s and was comfortable playing at full speed and showed game sense.

Seth Kellen, Midfield, Penn Charter (Pa.)/Team 11, 2021

Kellen appears casual but he is unbelievably explosive, fast, smart and skilled. At STX Rising, he basically did it all. He showed a great first step, a solid move to get underneath, got himself to the paint, moved well off-ball with a couple buckets off cuts and won a face-off or two. He had multiple assists and some great ground ball play. He’s an impressive athlete, dangerous from anywhere and able to play all over the field. Kellen was part of arguably the best midfield group in the 2021s – a group that passed, passed, dodged and moved with quickness and efficiency.

Mattias Flammenspeck, Midfield, Foothill Composite (Alb.)/Mustangs Starz, 2021

Flammenspeck is big, fast and strong. At STX Rising, he showed himself to be a downhill dodger who can step back and shoot with time and room, but also is a slick finisher inside. He’s very dangerous with his strength to get to the paint. Stick checks and partial bodies will not stop this kid – they merely bounce off him. He plays like a beast. He was another one of midfielders in the standout group as he showed his ability to share the ball and play as a teammate – the group in general was tough on groundballs, tough in transition and even playing defense, which made their team strong.

Michael Kelly, Midfield, St. John’s Prep (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

AT the STX Rising DI Showcase, Kelly showed off speed, strong right-to-right moves including a hitch-and-go with his head up for a couple of good shots and a couple crease feeds. He was fearless in traffic, one time taking a hit while shooting a twister and finishing inside. Kelly was part of the standout 2021 trio that turned heads all day with great physicality on their takes that helped lead to good looks.

Amos Alexander, Attack, Vestavia Hills (Ala.)/3d Georgia, 2021

Alexander looks like a standout athlete with great feet, a shifty tailback or scatback type with great hands and the ability to finish. At the STX Rising DI Showcase, he scored on inside rolls, splits from X, cuts and fakes and finishes. His ability to free his hands as both a feeder and shooter is awesome, making him quite the playmaker and someone who gets (and deserves) a ton of attention from defenses. He can get to the center of the field with his head up.

Riley Bennett, LSM, Mt. Pisgah Christian School (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2021

Bennett played like an animal at the STX Rising DI Showcase. He made plays all over the field while going 80 percent of better on face-offs. He came up with first-time grounders, played solid defense and was a threat in transition. The one mistake we did see – Bennett turned it over, but he hustled back 50 yards and stripped it right back, just to punt return it back to his attack again before coming off. He looks like an impact guy on any team.

Damien Ramondo, Attack, Radnor High School (Pa.)/Mesa Fresh, 2021

Ramondo is an explosive runner with great feet and the ability to re-dodge, which he did many times and got his hands free for good takes. At STX Rising, he was creating quality opportunity after quality opportunity with his ability to separate. He draws a lot of attention and rotates defenses all day.

Richard O’Halloran, Goalie, Colorado Academy (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2021

O’Halloran stood out at the STX Rising DI Showcase with his size, commanding presence and great communication. That all complements a keeper with quick hands and many of the other attributes essential to a goalie. O’Halloran plays solid angles and uses his big frame to force shooters to aim small. His confidence in his ability leaves him guessing on rare occasions. He throws strong outlets and makes good decisions vast majority of the time. He looks the part and seems to walk the walk.

Sander Sveen, Defense/LSM, Kent Denver School (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2021

Sveen has all the attributes of a soon-to-be bruiser on defense: size, strength, a heavy stick, a football player’s love for contact, communication, first-time grounders and confidence with the ball. He showed himself to be a great quarterback of the defense at STX Rising, and he was on time with slides and support.

Adam Thistlewaite, Midfield, Blue Ridge School (Va.)/Evolve Elite, 2021

Thistlewaite had a strong showing at the STX Rising DI Showcase as a standout lefty midfielder. He’s both an athletic kid who can beat his man, and a heady off-ball player and finisher. He can impact the game in a lot of ways. He scored with a couple of nice leaners from the alley and showed great velocity on his lefty in particular. And he has speed that simply forces slides and defensive rotations. Thistlewaite also has great slickness and can get up and down the field.

Mitch Likins, Goalie, La Costa Canyon (Calif.)/Mad Dog, 2021

Likins has quick hands, trust in his ability with little guesswork and that all led to several really tough saves in tight at STX Rising. He was all over the bouncers, showed solid outlets, and strong communication. He was consistent over several games.

Ethan Kriss, FO/Midfield, Riverdale Country School (N.Y.)/SweetLax, 2021

Kriss won a high percentage of draws at the STX Rising DI Showcase, and did so beating his guy a couple ways. He showed a good clamp, won it to himself in space, came out the back a couple times, changed it up and had success.

Max Melton, Attack, Greenhill School (Texas)/Culver Academy (Ind.)/Iron Horse Dallas, 2021

Melton is skilled lefty who is quick, confident and has a great first step. AT STX Rising, he showed strong dodges from X and the quicks to get himself a step on his guy and get his hands free. Melton focuses on getting the topside for good shooting angles, and he made great decisions about when to shoot and when to feed.

Brandon Bergner, Attack/Midfield, Kent Denver School (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2021

Bergner showed a lot of game sense at the STX Rising DI Showcase, including some impressive two-man action, moves to get underneath and a lefty finish. He was also run out of the box and showed solid downhill dodging – he’s big and strong and loves contact. He showed strong dodges from X as well, keeping his head up and throwing a nice wing-to-wing feed for an assist out of his dodge.

Alexander Knopp, Defense/LSM, Phillips Exeter Academy (N.H.)/3d New England, 2021

Knopp looks to have a seemingly complete package for a D-man. AT STX Rising, he showed solid footwork on the ball, great communication and off-ball positioning, and his stick was in the right passing lanes. He was quick to attack the GBs, and generally came up with first timers. He is dangerous in transition with several good looks and at least one assist.

Pierce Gregory, Attack/Midfield, Dover-Sherborn (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

Gregory is overall very athletic and showed that in a variety of ways at the STX Rising DI Showcase. He has a great right-to-left split. He dodges with his head up and had some nice looks off the dodge, including wing to wing. He has great composure with the ball and in transition. He pulled back to unleash an absolute hammer on a step-down shot.

Griffin O’Neil, Defense/LSM, Holderness School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

O’Neil came up with groundballs all over the place at STX Rising. In transition, in the hub, off the wing – you name it. He scored multiple goals with pole and showed a variety of creative passes and moves with shovels and other slick plays. O’Neil provided solid help defense, and he was clearly dangerous in transition. He can impact both ends of the field.

Kenneth Klubnik, Attack, St. Ignatius Cleveland (Ohio)/Haymakers, 2021

Klubnik is a physical dodger with a great rollback. He goes hard with his head up and he showed he could do it several ways, scoring on a nice lefty alley rollback and then a right-handed move underneath. He has quick hands and showed off a great handle in traffic. He’s also got solid vision.

Jeffrey Lachenmeyer, Attack, Shoreham-Wading River (N.Y.)/Legacy, 2021

Lachenmeyer has size and strength that make him a very difficult matchup, not to mention that he’s a battler on GBs. He came up with multiple big man groundballs in traffic. He’s got a lefty bull dodge that simply couldn’t be stopped at STX Rising, as well pulling out a few crease feeds after drawing slides. He’s a tough kid and tough cover.

Alex Petrignani, Midfield, Easton Area High School (Pa.)/HEADstrong Lehigh, 2021

At the STX Rising DI Showcase, Petrignani showed he’s able to go right and left, grabbed a couple impressive groundballs and showed off great speed. He’s got a strong hitch-and-go to topside space, and did so with his head and eyes up, making a couple great looks to the crease and to the backside.

Mason Whitney, Defense/LSM, Memorial High School (Texas)/3d Texas, 2021

Whitney has an awesome motor, great feet, and a ton of checks to make for a truly disruptive and aggressive pole with great timing on his doubles. At STX Rising, he pulled off over-the-head checks and toe drags around riding attackmen and showed that he’s a slick player both with and on the ball. Whitney has solid habits of leading with the stick and using strong angles of approach.

Charlie Gold, Attack/Midfield, Sunset (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2021

Gold is a heads-up player who sees plays develop and has the skills to take advantage with his opportunistic style. He has good hands and a good sense for when to dodge with the intention to get a quick shot or quick feed, never really tangling up with his defender too much and moving the ball quickly. He did well in transition at the STX Rising event and assisted and scored off broken scenarios, but also showed good feeding abilities and made himself a threat to shoot from spots out near the wing.

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.