STX Rising DI Showcase 2019 Summer Standouts

The STX Rising DI Showcase, hosted by 3d Lacrosse, has in just a couple of years become a popular stop for players across the country working to put themselves on the recruiting radar and make a name for themselves. This year’s showcase was held July 10 and 11 and drew nearly 380 athletes from as far as away as California and British Columbia. 

Held at Blandair Regional Park in Columbia, Md., just outside of Washington D.C., the event kicked off this year with intense individual skills training and then team training. A staff of nearly 20 coaches, including college stars and current college coaches, led the training and then each led a team of their own as game play took place over the course of 

We worked with a couple of our close college coach friends to put together a look at some of the most impressive players across the 2020 class, as well as some who shined in the 2021 group, and a handful from the 2022 group. 

Here’s a look below at those players. You can learn more about the STX Rising Showcase, which includes offerings for DI, DII and DIII prospects, at

Michael Allieri, Goalie, The Middlesex School (Mass.)/Laxachusetts, 2020

Michael did a great job playing his angles and staying big when facing a showcase full of strong shooters. He showed great athleticism with some impressive split saves on low shots. A bigger goalie, shooters tended to test him low and he was consistently able to get behind those shots quickly and make some clean saves. He also did a great job of sparking transition with his outlet passes that hit the defensive midfielders in stride.

Jack Colosky, Midfield, Freedom High School (Va.)/Virginia Elite, 2020

Throughout the two days at STX Rising, Jack repeatedly showed that he has two strong hands and an ability to use his big frame to score goals in a variety of ways. He showed the college coaches on hand he can use twister finishes and a silky smooth behind-the-back shot to score goals in traffic. He seamlessly fit into an offensive system that really showcased his naturally crafty skills with the ball in his stick.

Liam Copp, Defense, New Hampton School (N.H.), 2020

Rarely do you find super-athletic defensemen with stick skills to match. However, Liam showed consistently that he can match feet with the quickest offensive players, but he can also run transition like an offensive midfielder. He is a transition machine that used a couple well-timed toe drags to get himself out of trouble and create some unsettled offense for his team.

Rhys Day, Midfield, McCallie School (Tenn.)/LB3, 2020 

Rhys impressed recruiters early in the first game of the day with a textbook overhand low-to-high step-down shot that beat the goalie. However, the more you watched him play, the more you saw that his change of direction and quickness were his best strengths. He utilized a hockey-stop dodge that sent defenders flying with his lateral speed to reaccelerate. Whenever his team needed a boost, he was able to create against both short-sticks and long stick midfielders. He is a very impressive athlete. 

Trevor Douglas, Midfield, Arapahoe (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2020

The more coaches watched Trevor at STX Rising the more they could see how valuable his versatility was to his team’s success. He stands well over 6-foot tall and has two legit hands that allowed him to work the pairs offense with both the lefties and the righties. Trevor was never afraid to make the smart and unselfish one-more pass, but also showed that he can make defenses pay with his seemingly effortless shooting stroke.

Mitchell Dunham, Defense/LSM, Everest Academy (Ont.)/3d Texas, 2020

Mitchell has a very imposing presence out on the field. He is tall and long but moves extremely smoothly for someone his size. He did not get dodged much, but when he did, he landed some of the most impressive checks of all the defensemen in the class at the STX Rising event. He excelled at throwing crisp and accurate back checks while keeping his feet moving, with one of those checks sending his attackman’s stick spinning about 10 feet in the air.

Colin Farragher, Midfield, Evanston Township High School (Ill.)/Team One, 2020

Colin is a strong righty dodger who has some box lacrosse influence in his skillset. He dodges with his eyes up, always looking to read the play ahead of time. His passes are always crisp and on a rope, even from distance. This allows him to feed the ball exceptionally well in transition. His field vision is at an elite level and he showed that at the STX Rising DI event. 

Xan Hayes, Attack, Leonardtown High School (Md.)/Cannons Select, 2020

Xan might be pound for pound the most dynamic offensive player of the 2020 group at STX Rising. He uses a lethal jab step to create instant separation from defenders. That combined with his impressive ability to look off defenders with his eyes got him a lot of goals at this event. He creates really well from X and is able to get off a shot by creating separation with little to no angle to the goal. Rarely did a shift go by where he didn’t make a move that impressed the coaches in attendance.

Andrew Landman, Defense/LSM, Blue Ridge School (Va.), 2020

Andrew stood out to evaluators right away at STX Rising with his great size and how fundamentally efficient he was with his movements. What really impressed the most is his ability to use his size and length to his advantage. He was an incredible help defender who must have picked off a dozen passes over the course of several games. He keeps his stick up in the lane and can almost single -handedly eliminate the threat of a skip pass from the offense.

John Lynn, Attack, Sycamore High School, 2020

At times John looked like a man amongst boys at STX Rising with his 6-foot-plus height and full build. He’s one of those attackmen that makes you pay when you try to push him around at his shoulders. He is routinely slid off weak cross checks and finished with authority in tight. He also moves himself really well off-ball. He does a great job of creating shooting lanes for himself and catches the ball locked and loaded to get his time and room shots off.

Mitchell Majewski, Goalie, St. Charles East High School/The Lacrosse School Rotten Apples, 2020

Mitchell first impressed coaches with his work during the individual teaching session on Day One of the STX Rising DI Showcase. He stonewalled a Division I coach (known to be an elite shooter as of late) seven straight times from about 12 yards out. During games, he uses his size and plays his angles well to make sure shooters do not see a lot of net. He aggressively steps to every shot and uses his fundamental footwork to make some incredible saves. His calm, cool and collected nature in the net makes him a natural leader of the defense.

Brandon Murphy, FOGO, California High School (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2020

While Brandon may have been listed as a FOGO on the roster at STX Rising, he showed that he is much more than just a specialist. He certainly looks the part of a college face-off man with his solid build, but his ability to handle the ball, run the offense, shoot on the run and play tough one-on-one defense really set him apart from his peers. Plenty of FOGOs have been known to be a liability outside of the X, but Brandon showed he definitely is not that.

Quinn Peters, Attack, C.W. Baker High School/Baldwinsville (N.Y.)/Orange Crush, 2020

Quinn really excelled as an attackman in the offensive system 3d installed at STX Rising. He brought the energy all day long in the hot summer sun and communicated really well with his teammates. He used lever passes to feed cutters and slips in the 2-man game and worked well against the bigger defensemen with his low center of gravity on his dodges. He had some slick finishes in tight around the crease and makes lots of hustle plays on the ride. He is one of those players that will get you one or two “hustle goals” a game.

Jeffrey Sprung, LSM, Brunswick School (Conn.)/2Way, 2020

Jeffrey is one of those players that college coaches notice right away when they first sit down to watch a game because he is everywhere on the field. He’s a magnet to the ball, especially in between the lines. In a college game where you only have 20-seconds to clear the ball, Jeffrey will be a nightmare for opposing coaches at the next level. He has a motor that won’t quit, even during the last games of the day. The best part is, when he puts the ball on the ground, he is great at getting it up and out going the other way, sparking transition for his team.

Casey Steffen, Defense, Monte Vista High School (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2020  

Casey was a one-man wrecking ball at the STX Rising DI Showcase. He physically looks the part of a high-level college defensemen. Unfortunately for attackmen, he slides to body like a college defenseman too. He’s not flashy but plays his angles really well, takes away high side on dodges from below the goal line and communicates extremely effectively with his teammates.

Greyson Stevens, Midfield, Mt. Pisgah Christian School (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2020

Greyson jumps out at recruiters right away as someone who fits the mold of a high-level college athlete. His size and athleticism are great but the variety of tools he brings offensively really sets him apart. He uses a hitch and some hesitation in his dodges out of the 2-man sets that allowed him to freeze the defense and hit his shot or find an open teammate. He is crisp and fundamental with time and room, utilizing a three-quarter release shot that gives goalies fits.

Adam Thistlethwaite, Midfield, Blue Ridge School, 2020

Adam showed that he is a “Swiss Army Knife” lacrosse player at STX Rising. As a true midfielder, he can do everything at a high level from offense, to defense, to clearing the ball and taking wings on faceoffs. He is smooth and consistent in his play and, even better, runs just as hard in the last seconds of the game as he does in the opening minutes. The fact that he is also left handed allowed his coaches to utilize his fundamentally sound game to break defenses down using the pairs offense.

Jackson Tuma, Midfield, Episcopal Academy (Pa.)/Mesa Fresh, 2020

Jackson also showed himself to be one of the most complete overall offensive players at the STX Rising DI Showcase. He is a true midfielder who can seamlessly transfer from playing tough, hardnosed defense into a smooth and skilled offensive weapon. He loves to use a pull up hesitation shot off a full speed dodge to get his hands free and can an open shot. He has the size to play at the elite college level and coaches will love his ability to draw slides and create offense for his team.

Campbell Wain, Midfield, Tilton School (N.H.), 2020

Campbell definitely wasn’t ever the biggest guy out on the field at the STX Rising event, but he was usually the quickest. He utilized a lightning-fast jump/split dodge to create separation from anyone who guarded him, short-sticks or poles. When he gets a dodge going down the alley, he also does a great job of hiding the head of stick on his wind ups, which allowed him to consistently bury the ball past a strong group of goalies. 

Cole Nye, Midfield, Middlesex School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Cole is an eye-popping two-way midfielder who had a good couple days at the STX Rising DI Showcase. He plays three varsity sports (hockey and football as well) and captains all of them at Middlesex. His game shines between the lines as he has running back skills with the ball in his stick.

Cal Ewanich, Attack, Amador Valley (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2020

Ewanich is smart, patient and makes timely decisions with the ball in and out of his stick. He has good field vision and is willing to share the ball as much as shoot and he actively works to look for both opportunities with his head up and the stick protected. He is a lefty and works well down at GLE and uses good quickness to keep separation from the defender when he carries. He is consistent and showed good overall game sense and skills at STX Rising. 

Will Pappendick,  Midfield, Buckingham Browne & Nichols (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Will is a well-rounded two-way midfielder who really excels on the defensive side of the ball. He over-communicates and is extremely physical and had himself a good couple days showing off his skills and smarts, as well as a hard shot on the offensive end when he let it fly in transition or with set feet. 

Henry Alpaugh, Midfield, Berkshire School (Mass.)/2Way, 2021

Henry is a big, strong, ambidextrous midfielder who can snap it off with both hands. He was able to score goals and feed assists using his right hand both down the alley and on sweeps. Henry also showed the ability to shoot lefty out of the dodge. At this point in his development, he has clearly learned how to use his size as a matchup advantage for himself.

Richard O’Halloran, Goalie, Taft School (Conn.)/3d Colorado, 2021

One of the bigger goalies in his class and definitely one of the most imposing at the STX Rising event, Richard is explosive off stick. He uses his big frame to take away stick side, and then baits them to shoot off stick low. Throughout the event he was loud and communicative with his defense, both in the 6-on-6 and in the clear. It was impressive the way he is able to control his body for a young man his size. He has a tremendous presence in the cage. 

Stuart Phillips, Midfield, Trinity Pawling (N.Y.), 2021

Stuart has everything you look for out of a Canadian midfielder. At STX Rising, he was great between the lines, working hard on ground balls, in the ride, on the wings and in transition offense. He was able to come up with countless ground balls in 50/50 battles to help his team get possession. On settled offense Stuart consistently showed off a skilled stick, racking up assists each game. The highlight of the event for Stuart was a brave diving goal on which he took on a couple of hits to get the job done.

Dale Alto, Midfield, Ocean Township High School (N.J.)/Tri-State, 2021

Throughout the STX Rising DI Showcase, Dale was able to use his split dodge and fast, downhill speed to get his shots off. He possesses two skilled hands, a wristy release and does a great job mixing up his release points. Dale dodged mostly from the midfield but showed some flashes behind the cage as well. Look for Dale to excel as a goal scorer both on the run and in step-down shooting situations

Cole Van Meter, Midfield, Noble and Greenough (Mass.)/Laxachusetts, 2021

A natural righty, Cole just simply found ways to score at the STX Rising DI Showcase. In the two games he was first seen, he scored lefty, off a rebound, off two nice cuts, in transition and on traditional righty alley dodges. It was refreshing and encouraging to watch a midfielder in the summer that embraces playing defense, will ride hard and hustles throughout the event.

Malcolm Jones, Midfield, Atholton (Md.)/HOCO, 2021

Malcolm does a great job of using his size and natural athleticism to take advantage of mismatches and get to the cage at STX Rising. He showed a hard right-handed outside shot, especially off skip passes Throughout the event, Malcolm showed a willingness to embrace contact, turn the corner and score big goals for his team. 

Bobby O’Grady, Attack, Roxbury Latin (Mass.)/Mesa Fresh, 2021

Coaches are consistently looking for players to take the hit, turn the corner  and score goals. That is the area that Bobby thrived in during his two days at STX Rising. He possesses a quick first step and uses that off wing dodges and backside catches to attack the middle of the field. Bobby was able to use his size to get under his defenseman to get low angle shots off. Look for him to continue to improve as he learns to incorporate the crease dive into his play.

Michael Kelly, Midfield, St. John’s Prep (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

Scoring with both his left and right, Michael showed the ability to be a dangerous dodger versus both long sticks and short sticks. Most of his goals at STX Rising came on the run down the alley, thought he did mix in a couple of goals from hard cuts. Michael was a standout on defense and excelled on the wing thanks to his good legs. 

Tommy Mendyke, Defense, Eden Prairie (Minn.)/Team Minnesota, 2021

Tommy stood out right away in the first game at STX Rising. His long stature and solid fundamentals allowed to lock up his opponent. Against more physical dodgers, Tommy used great balance and strength to close out attackman at GLE. Versus smaller and quicker players, he was able to use his stick to slow them down with effective placement and checks. 

Joe DeDonatis, Midfield, San Marcos High School, 2021

By using change of speed and change of direction, Joe was able to get his hands free for great shooting opportunities throughout the STX Rising event. He is a strong righty but has enough of a left hand to make himself dangerous. His favorite move was a split down the alley with a quick roll back to the middle for a shot inside the hash marks. Joe looks like he could thrive as a scorer when he get himself above the cage and off invert dodges.

Griffin O’Neil, Defense/LSM, Holderness School (N.H.)/3d New England, 2021

If you are looking for an aggressive, physical defenseman, Griffin is your man. He is always on his opponent’s hands, and is willing to be physical with the body when the opportunity arrives. At STX Rising, he was great on the wings and was smart pushing the ball in transition, where he showed his athleticism. His communication also stood out, especially his talk with midfielders. He looks like a really promising member of this class. 

Max Ewald, Defense, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School/3d New England, 2021

Possessing the best takeaway checks at the STX Rising DI Showcase, Max is a tactician on the defensive end. He must have led the event in caused turnovers, often using a can opener or over the head check to dislodge the ball. He is dangerous in transition and great off the ground, making him a natural LSM on the wings. Max showed his versatility as he played both LSM and close defense locking down some of the best the event had to offer.

George Fulton, Defense, Middlesex School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

George is 6-foot-6 defender who has a strong ability to cover and to direct the defense. When he is on the field it was noticeable how much better the group played on 6v6 defense. His presence alone helps him be a leader and his range makes him a tough dodge for most ball carriers. His reach lets him get out to ground balls and he can get up the field in a hurry. 

Cole Matis, FO/Midfield, Deerfield Academy (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

Cole is an excellent draw man with a motor that helped him stand out at STX Rising. He’s dynamic with his exits, and he’s a strong offensive threat with the ball in his stick thanks to his athleticism and aggressiveness. You can see how much he’s developed physically over the last year or two. 

Riley Bennett, LSM/Defense, Mt. Pisgah Christian School (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2021

Riley is a skilled, relentless and smart playmaker from the LSM position. He was all over the place at STX Rising. He’s got a mean streak in him and he flies to the ball and to the ball carrier. He showed a pretty ridiculous handle off the ground and throws a bunch of impressive takeaway checks at the camp. The righty also had a few plays in transition including, a take from the face-off where he froze the defense with a huge pump fake before scoring with a low-to-low worm-burner.  

Paddy Condon, FO/Midfield, Berwick Academy (Maine)/3d New England, 2021 

Paddy has the ability to be quick off the draw and to grind his opponent out within the 50/50s. He’s a tough, multi-sport athlete who showed his ability to take over games at STX Rising. 

Michael Ayers, Defense, St. John’s Prep (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021 

Michael is a hard-nosed defender who proved time and time again at the camp that he is slick on getting the ball off the deck. He is efficient with his footwork above the cage – and he proved himself an asset to every clear for his team when he was on the field. 

Connor Fundis, Defense, Fairport High School (N.Y.)/3d Upstate, 2021

Connor has the prototypical size and body type of a Division I defenseman. He is aggressive on ball and has the ability to bully attackman with his size, athleticism, physical play and hard checks. At STX Rising, he showed IQ for the game as seen by his ability to pick off passes and make smart, well timed slides and double teams to cause turnovers. When he gets the ball of the ground, he has great speed in the middle of field and he's a threat in transition as a passer and scorer.

Joshua Salisbury, Goalie, Solon High School (Ohio)/Peninsula Lax, 2021

Josh has an aggressive stance and has good outlet passes, which he showed at the STX Rising event for a strong two day appearance. He impressed by making some back-to-back saves in tight.

Jackson Nieman, Defense, Canandaigua Academy (N.Y.)/3d Upstate, 2021

Jackson is smaller than some defenders, but he has a motor that won’t quit and toughness that makes up for any lack of size. He is tenacious on ground balls off the wings on face-offs and has the stick skills and athleticism to escape pressure and make heady plays once he does have the ball. He projects to be an LSM but when he covers down low, he has great fundamentals sitting his hips down and turning attackman at GLE before they can get to the island. His toughness and motor are what really stood out at the STX Rising event. 


Carson Byrd, Midfield, Bridgeland High School (Texas)/3d Texas, 3d Gulf Coast, 2021

Carson is an athletic, tough two-way midfielder who has explosiveness, stamina and plays to the whistle every time. He’s compact and strong and has a low-center of gravity with excellent feet and lateral quickness and full-field speed. After showing well in the skills training and individual training, he appeared more comfortable as time went on in games handling the ball in transition and set offenses.

Josh Gangi, Attack, Nobles and Greenough (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022 

Josh is a slick right-handed attackman who was great finishing around the cage at the STX Rising DI Showcase. He scored multiple goals each half of the games he was watched. He shows a high IQ, he’s patient with the ball and knows how to take advantage of poor defense. Josh was able to rack up assists by always having his head up looking for cutters.

Ethan Hart, Midfield, Corning-Painted Posted High School (N.Y.), 2022

Ethan is a two-handed athletic midfielder who hustles in all aspects of the game. At the STX Rising DI Showcase, he showed off hard dodges through contact. He snaps it off low-to-low and was great off the ground.

Jimmy McCool, Goalie, New Hampton School (N.H.)/3d New England, 2022

Jimmy might have been the most composed goalie at the STX Rising DI Showcase—for any age group. He is confident in his stance and explosive to the ball. He moves much faster than you would expect for a young man his size at that age. He was outstanding off stick as well. 

Mason Quick, Midfield, Corner Canyon High School (Utah)/Team 91 Maryland, 2022 

Despite missing the first day, Mason quickly showed that he was one of the most athletic players in his class at STX Rising event. He showed off two hands and absolutely flew between the lines. He is comfortable with contact and was able to get quality shots off using both change of direction and hard physical dodges.

Michael Rincon, Defense, Jesuit High School (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2022

Michael has a huge presence all over the field at STX Rising, dominating wings, attacking ground balls, and scoring goals in transition. He also plays great, fundamental defense around the cage. Uses a strong, low base to get his hips around and drive his opponent to the sidelines

Adam Figler, Attack, Belmont Hill (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Figler might have produced more than any other player on the field at STX Rising. He is able to score with finesse and with tough dodges to the cage. He is a slick righty and a grinder who is always moving, especially in the ride and off ball on the offensive end. He can give hit; he can take a hit, and he brings a toughness to his game. He was always able to get his hands free but was often looking to get his teammates involved with smart feeds. He seems to be building his highlight reel every weekend with impressive plays and he’s becoming more confident dodging.  

Jake Reichle, F/O Midfield, Lakeridge High School (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2022

Jake was relentless facing off at STX Rising, refusing to take a break despite racking up faceoff wins back to back to back. Jake was able to control the ball versus poles and direct his wings. When he was challenged on the initial whistle, Reichle showed an advanced ability to counter and win the GB.

Dan Rafferty, Defense, Moorestown (N.J.)/Tri-State, 2022

Dan was great off the ground and patient in his one-on-one battles at STX Rising. He threw great checks, even utilizing some “ding-dongs” on the sidelines against some intimidated opponents.

TJ Casey, FO/Midfield, Medfield High School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

TJ is an absolute workhorse at the X – competitive and gritty. With the ball, he showed he is capable and even opportunistic on the offensive side of the ball, and he is hard-working and tough playing short-stick defense. He was noticeable all over the field throughout the STX Rising DI Showcase.

Corby Tecu, Midfield, Erie High School (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Corby is athletic and a physical presence. Gets a first step easily, uses a variety of skills to get to the cage. At STX Rising, he showed that he dodges with his head up and makes the right play with the ball in his stick. He’s versatile too – he stood in and took a handful of faceoffs, won them, exchanged his stick on the sideline then went and played offense. Corby stands big on defense and stood his ground. He is a relentless motor who had to be pulled off the field.

Gunner Fallows, Midfield, Valor Christian School (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Gunner is a high-IQ player who finds space without the ball and is able to make plays with the ball. At STX Rising, he displayed a good ability to turn the corner dodging from X. He’s got great range on his step-down shot, especially in transition – it’s a quick release that usually finds its way into the back of the net. Gunner dodges with his head up and when he draws the slide evades pressure and moves the ball quickly. He has slick hands and finishes with deception around the crease.

Max Hull, Attack, Vestavia Hills (Ala.)/3d Georgia, 2022

Max is a slick attackman with a hammer of a shot. He’s very fast, possesses great vision and does a good job of getting his hands free to shoot or pass after dodging his man. At the STX Rising event, he showed that he can be creative around the net as well. 

Charlie Cave, Midfield, Belmont Hill School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Charlie was an electric lefty playmaker on the field at STX Rising.  He was tough, feisty and definitely plays above his weight. He showed his ability to play all positions on the field as he made noise as an offensive middie, defensive midfielder, off of the wings, man down and man up. 

Delaney Jackson, Defense, St. John’s Prep (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Delaney showed at the STX Rising DI Showcase that he has strong takeaway abilities and he can control the ball. It looks like he puts a lot of time into stickwork. It doesn’t hurt that he stands around 6-foo-2 and was not afraid to go out and pressure the ball.

Quinn Isenstadt, Goalie, Groton School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Quinn is an exciting and even fun goalie to watch out of the cage, which he showed at STX Rising. He is not afraid to leave the crease to give his defense an extra body on a groundball on the defensive end. Throughout the camp, he showed strong stop abilities and consistent energy.


Tim Haarmann, Defense, St. John’s Prep (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022 

Tim seemed like a man amongst boys at STX Rising. He is big, strong and physical. He did a great job covering from X and from the wing. We didn’t see too many attackmen win a post-up battle with Tim over the two days of the camp. 

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.