STX Rising DI Fall Showcase 2020 Standouts

STX Rising DI Fall Showcase 2020 Standouts (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
STX Rising DI Fall Showcase 2020 Standouts (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

The STX Rising DI Fall Showcase, held at Troy Park in Elkridge, Maryland, brought more than 100 Division I prospects to the Mid-Atlantic on Oct. 9 and 10. A new addition to the STX Rising Showcase Series, the event featured a great lineup of coaches, including PLL and MLL pros like Jack Rowlett (Chaos) and Nick Mannis (Chesapeake Bayhawks) and former and current college coaches. Players spent the first half of Day One training before breaking into teams for game play, with the guest coaches leading the way on the sideline.

Here’s a look at the players who made the biggest impact and stood out the most at the showcase, including training and the actual games.

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Chrishawn Hunter, Midfield, Westtown School (Pa.)/3d Upstate, 2023

Chrishawn was the breakout player of the weekend at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He’s a next level athlete who is tall, rangy, explosive and powerful, making him a dynamic presence in the middle of the field, an overwhelming downhill dodger on offense and a shutdown shortstick defender. He showed off an incredibly fast right-to-left split and righty roll back, a move that allowed him to get to his shot against even the fastest defenders. He’s quick and comfortable switching hands and uses that in his assortment of moves that make him look destined for Division I play. Left alone up top, he took a feed with room and stepped in, blasting an off-hip overhand shot from 15 yards out. He cut to the middle, caught a feed with his hands across his body and—rather than switch hands—used a twister to score at full speed, a high level play. He showed off some of the best defense of the event as a short stick when one of the best dodging attackman tried to isolate on him at X—Hunter sat low on the hips, matched foot quickness and direction change and that was the end of that dodge. He would later pick up the long pole to play defense and, on one clear, showed off a one-handed vertical cradle a la Joel White to get through a mass of bodies and come out in a full gallop, gone up the field. He came up with a number of groundballs and used his size and speed to get through and away from the pack. One of the final plays of the day, Chrishawn dodged the right alley, bounced out at full speed, got his hands free and absolutely pounded the ball into the top left corner.

Thomas Berry, Attack, Tully High School (N.Y.)/Lax Sniper School, 2022

Berry is a smart left-handed off ball player who displayed an incredible sense for finding space and a beautiful set of hands at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He is the definitive “no cradle” finisher—he catches and shoots all in one healthy motion. For one of his first goals, he snuck underneath his man—might have lost the whole defense—to take a feed on the doorstep and stuff it in. For another goal, he sensed hid defender was stretched out, hedging a slide—so he backdoored him, caught, turned his upper body and finished in high level fashion. His finishes got better: on his next, he cut hard from below GLE, snagged a bullet pass from up top, and, while losing angle and moving across the crease at full speed, put the ball inside the right post. He showed the awareness to follow the slide, trailing it on one play to take a great feed, push through a check and bury it with another trigger finish. Coming out of the box, he took a lob pass and stuck it 5-hole with a sidearm rip from 12 yards out—his fifth goal of that game and part of an ultra-high percentage weekend that included only a few misses or saves by goalies. What became more impressive as the weekend went was Thomas’ ability to catch with his upper body facing away from the cage and turn back to the cage with his hands loaded and the stick face open. That, combined with his habitual sense for space, made him one of the most dangerous players of the weekend. He added to his highlights with a beautiful finish, putting the shot across his body to the top right corner from the opposite side of the cage. A transition goal saw him move to space and basically slap a pass to the top right. Berry was most likely the leading goal scorer of the weekend.

Adam Figler, Attack/Midfield, Belmont Hill School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Figler is a tough, determined offensive player who is a threat at any moment to break down his defender and get to the cage from various spots on the field. He’s got a smaller stature but is strong and plays with a ton of guts, especially on the ride, where he’s smart and never quits and, as a result, is good for a caused turnover or two in just about any game. Run out of the box, the right hander will cause problems for shortstick defenders who underestimate his abilities and try to overplay him. Adam has excellent balance and can dodge in tight and handle contact, which makes him really hard to defend from X or below GLE. He showed that at one point by letting his defender hang him up, then he simply got his stick up high, absorbed the checks and pushed top side until he peeled off and faded away with sidearm blast that beat the goalie off hip. He scored another goal shortly thereafter off a possession he earned with a pick on the ride, toying with his defender, rolling back and forth until he wound up topside on the crease and went low-to-low before a slide even got there. Another highlight play came when he dodged inside a longstick from up top, protected the stick through the trail check, drew a slide and popped a gorgeous pass inside to cutter for a nice goal. He made a heads-up feed from X after corralling a sloppy pass to find an open teammate in an unsettled scenario for another assist. He found a cutter directly across the defense on another play. He had another assist from X, popping it right over the cross bar to an attackman for a one timer. Figler’s best play on the ride came when he flew to the crease, intercepted a flip pass to the goalie and banged it in, frustrating for the other guys. Quick to see the opportunity, he flew up once to a groundball at the midline, took it in to an unsettled defense and pulled back to rifle a 5-hole tally. He pulled off a finalizer-like move at X and scored with ease on one of the top goalies, a high level play executed with confidence. Adam was without a doubt one of the premiere attackmen at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase.

Luke Murphy, Attack, Medfield High School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022 – Loyola

Luke is a smart and skilled lefty attackman who is slippery and timely off the ball and can be a tricky-to-defend ball carrier. He sees the field well and can absorb checks to the gloves, so he’s able to carry with a defender all over him and pull his arms back to make a difficult pass. He scored one goal by cutting from below GLE, catching the pass on the move, faking as he curled across the front of the crease and finishing far side with ease. His stick can be magnetic, as he showed at the DI Fall Showcase with a terrific catch and low-to-high laser to the top right corner with his left during a fast break. He scored catching off a feed in the opposite direction, banging a one-timer to the top shelf with his right hand off a rocket pass. He scored another goal when he caught a feed inside in transition with his left, rolled to his right upon contact, kept the stick in his left to avoid another check and buried a behind the back shot fading below GLE, one of the best goals of the weekend. Murphy has a natural sense for finding openings and doesn’t even need to catch the ball to finish it, on one play batting in a pass coming from right over the cross bar. Luke pulled off one of the slickest groundballs of the weekend—he chased down a loose ball in the corner with a defender right behind him, stopped in his tracks, boxed out the defender, raked the ball, spun, left the defender way behind and went right into the crease for a shot on cage. His stick operates at a high level and he sees plays developing.

Carter Schubert, Goalie, Allen High School (Texas)/Stick Star, 2021

Schubert was arguably the best overall goalie at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He possesses a good combination of strength, size and reflexes and he plays relaxed and confident in the cage. He was really quick to get himself back into position after making a save that resulted in a rebound — very focused on his positioning while keeping his eyes on the ball. Carter made a tough stop on a downward crashing middie. He easily tracked and deflected a low screen shot that came through traffic. He flew from his right to left across the crease to gulp up what should have been an easy doorstep layup. He made back-to-back saves on low bouncers from the same player in a flurry, and just a minute later stuffed a diving shot and stood his ground to contact in the process. He lobbed a nice clearing pass to a middie in open space, and later in the same game, after making a clean save on a tough bounce shot, zipped the ball to a camped out attackman some 50 yards away. Later in the same game, he ate up a 5-hole shot from ten yards and flicked the ball into the stick of a middie flying out of the box 35 yards up the field. Later he easily saved a 5-hole shot on the fastbreak and showed another aggressive lead pass to encourage a break. He crossed his hands to grab a low-to-high shot from the middle of the defense. He went on to make a quick save on a snapping shot from a middie sweeping the middle and impressively swallowed up a powerful 5-hole jump shot from one of the best players at the camp, following that up with another long pass immediately after the save. And he made a terrific lower left save on an on-the-run shot from one of the highest-percentage shooters at the camp as well as an earlier save on skipping shot from the same player.

TJ Casey, FO/Midfield, Medfield High School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022 – UMass

Casey is an absolute motor of a draw man and is built to take face-offs at the Division I level. He has strength that allows him to get low, dig in and drive and he has balance and footspeed to hunt for the ball out of the scrum every time. He won draws in every way imaginable at the event against all competitors he faced—out the front, back to himself, by way of a 50-50 scrap when they happened, but thanks to his whistle-fast hands, he is on top of the ball first most of the time. TJ is a workhorse, always hustling through a clear and exchange or to try to get the ball back. He was no doubt the most seasoned and dynamic face-off man at the event and won a large percentage to himself, but also communicated with his wings and got them involved by pulling it back to them or popping it through the air. When facing a long pole, as most teams eventually resorted, he’d pull it back quick and clean to himself. His athleticism shines when he’s fighting for the ball or running it to safety, and he plays with steady emotion.

Charlie Wilmot, Midfield, St. John’s Prep School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Wilmot shined at the DI Showcase as an athletic and strong midfielder who can dodge and shoot and also gets up the field. He’s got good size, and he used that to his advantage to get separation down the alley or to muscle underneath on his man. The righty was smart with his shot selection, opting to bounce numerous chances. He scored one goal with a simple face dodge to get underneath, sidestepped the slide to increase his angle and put himself right in front of the cage, and scored low to low. Coming out of the box on one series, he set himself up for a full speed dodge—he split right to left, rolled back right, was forced outside of the lane, but leaned in to curl back underneath, got inside and scored with a backhand. One of his best goals came when he cleared the ball all the way up the field, weaved through traffic and pulled up in front for another easy finish. Charlie also put in time on the wing and came up with possessions, even shrugging off some of the DI-committed middies in attendance to get the ball into the box. For another goal, he dodged to his left, rolled back to his right and pinged the upper left with a nasty snap. He put similar velocity on a goal later coming out of a dodge. He had one of the best weekends of the midfielders at the STX Rising event.

Zach Bender, Midfield, Creekside High School (Fl.)/3d Florida, 2022

Bender had a good weekend at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase as a dynamic offensive threat with skill, athleticism and toughness to make high level plays. Cutting the middle, he was fearless and took one feed for a great looking catch and jumping bounce shot from right inside the defense. He was comfortable clearing the ball, running through sticks all over him with no concern. He caught a pass in full stride running up the field and looked confident any time he carried up the turf. Right after showing that he could be a threat to shoot from outside, he showed his abilities as a dodger. Zach worked inside, used a hesitation to pull up and fool his man to give himself a small seam underneath—he curled right back under and bounced the ball inside the far post. Another play saw him get his defender to slip up, move down the alley, sprint under and away from the slide for an easy underhand finish. Another saw him juke, split to his left and pull back with a big time overhand shot to the top shelf. Playing SSDM, he showed his speed when he picked off a pass coming from X, took it the length of the field, down the seam and buried a tricky bounce shot high in the net. It wasn’t the only full field play for him—he cleared the ball in another game and went the length of the field, evaded a trail check, avoided a slide and scored with another bouncer. Zach had an impressive overall weekend.

Owen Spring, Midfield, Hebron Academy (Maine)/SweetLax, 2022 – St. Bonaventure

Spring had a good overall showing at the STX Rising DI Showcase and possesses a combination of athleticism and stick skills. He showed excellent vision from up top, initiating, leaning his shoulder into his defender and then stepping back with a terrific flick inside to a cutter for an excellent assist. He was unselfish in another series, opting to make a slick feed to the crease instead of taking what might not have been the best shot. He showed effective short stick defense, staying low on the hip of a tricky dodger/feeder, coming up with the groundball on the same series and leading the clear. He took draws as well, winning one against a topflight opponent and going down the field and through the defense to score on a low-to-low snap from about 10 yards out. He emerged as one of the top face-off options at the camp, despite not being a specialist. He pinched and popped it out against some of the top guys a couple times, including going right down the field to score on a big righty sidearm shot. He put together one of the best weekends at the event.

Trey Parkes, Midfield, Hoggard High School (N.C.)/Dukes, 2022

Parkes had a great weekend at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase, standing out as a groundball hog and a tough two-way player who was anywhere the action was, but yet also a threat on the offensive end. With potentially deceptive skills, it didn’t stop him from creating a bunch of quality opportunities, most of which he capitalized on. He split right to left, face dodged a check, ducked another and scored with a sidearm shot as he fell to the turf. He broke out that split again to get to quality shots in the alley. He scored a goal inverted at X, using a slight separation off a pick to come across GLE and deposit the ball lefty. In between the lines, he showed athleticism and playmaking abilities, accelerating away from the pack and making an advancing pass to an attackman to create transition. Routinely, he was there for a groundball, got low for the scoop and motored it up the field. He went through traffic to get it done if he needed to—pushing the stick out and legging through trouble. Trey also stood out as a hard-working, tough player in the intense training sessions. He rolls out of traffic to make a smart and safe pass. He played on the wing during face-offs. He made his impact offensively as well. In transition, he snagged a tough feed and quickly deposited it despite being checked. Trey was as impactful as any midfielder all weekend at the camp.

Grant Catello, Defense, Paul VI Catholic High School (Va.), 2022

Catello had an excellent showing at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase as a smart and tough defender who seemed to make plays throughout the weekend. He was effectively aggressive with his stick on the ball and he’s quick enough with his feet to take some chances. On one play, he hung up and stripped one of the better carrying attackman he was facing, even flinging the player’s glove into the air with a rip. When he slid, he got there to help make a play on more than one occasion, if not simply turning back the ball carrier. One slide saw him fly to the crease to hammer an attackman catching a pass—he got all of his body into the player and knocked the ball loose in one motion. He exploded through a groundball in the paint and went full steam ahead on the clear. On another clear, he survived an onslaught of pressure to make a bounce pass to safety and looked calm in the process. He later sat down low to keep a dodger at bay. He was swift to a groundball in the middle of the field and it got a possession back for his team as he steadied it with a pass to safety. He is simple with his stick, but yet still managed to juke out an attackman to get up the sideline, showing his quick feet. He later doubled to create a groundball and, on another play, chucked a gorgeous clearing pass to a middie on the move some 50-60 yards away. He got tested by one of the best, if not the best dodging attackman, on the wing and at X and Grant showed off excellent foot chop and controlled the dodger with contact and his stick.

Conor Hooley, Attack, Woodbury High School (Minn.)/Team Minnesota, 2022

Conor proved himself to be a slippery righty attackman who is tough around the crease and will make smart dodges with his body to get to the front of the goal. He’s additionally got a hard shot with a big winding release that he used to beat a goalie by the feet with an overhand hammer from the wing. He was crafty if a defender got him hung up, flicking a shovel shot. He caused a turnover on the ride with good awareness. He uses an effective stutter step and keeps his head up and his stick loaded to make himself a threat to shoot or pass out of the dodge as much as possible. He fired a number of good skip passes or feeds to cutters while posted up against defenders at GLE. Hooley netted a slick goal off an endling possession using his hesitation/stutter, then a swim, throwing a big pass fake, then turning and putting a low bounce shot just under a sliding defender’s stick. He showed toughness coming up with a key groundball to take a possession back for his team. On the next possession, he hitched hard, got all kinds of space and wound up to score low. He later made a great one-handed catch on a difficult pass to retain another possession. He put together a strong overall weekend at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase.

Trip Biondo, Midfield, Johns Creek High School (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2021

Biondo stood out at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase thanks to his blazing speed and playmaking ability in the open field. Trip is extremely fast, perhaps the fastest player at the event in the open field, and he showcased that by beating others to groundballs, flying through it and scooping on the run to create transition. Perhaps underestimated given his shorter stature, one of the skilled attackman at the event tried to isolate up top on Trip, then took him to X—Biondo punched a hard check, knocked the ball loose, pocketed it and went right up the field. He led a different break by taking an errant pass off the ground, accelerating, pushing a pass ahead and it resulted in a quick numbers advantage and easy goal. He came out of another scrum with the ball and took it the other way, pulling away from everyone to lead yet another fast break. In another game, he flew through an early ground ball on the perimeter to prevent the defense from recovering. He scooped more than one acrobatic spinning GB out of FO scrums. His teammates even started to recognize him as an asset on the groundballs—one player took “man” so Trip could just get the ball at full speed as they both went after the it. Another opportunistic play saw him materialize out of thin air in the slot to take a feed and use a deceptive leaner/head fake to beat the goalie high.


Austin Jourde, Midfield, Kent Denver School (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Jourde is a smart and skilled player who showed high potential at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He scored in a number of ways and utilized generally high offensive awareness. He caught a pass inside and stung the top left with his left-handed heat from inside, putting a lot of mustard on the shot. He has a powerful flick of the wrists and his good stick helps him on the clear or in the middle of the field. The ball is quick out of his stick even when he’s passing, making him even more dangerous. He came up with a heady groundball out of a scrum, dodged into the box, stepped away from his man, switched to his left and threaded a gorgeous feed inside to a cutter on the crease. Another goal saw him use space created from a quasi-pick, pull back and blast the top left from 15 yards out with velocity and accuracy. He made a highlight reel play when he dipped underneath to become a target for a carrying attackman, took a feed with his back to the goal and shifted his hands to rip a bouncing backhand shot for a beautiful goal, and took a big hit. He also scored on a hesitation and roll to the inside—he got a defender on his back, used the weight and slipped off him to get his hands free and poked the top right with his lefty snap.

Charles Kurtz, Attack, Cheshire High School (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2023

Charles turned in a good weekend at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase, proving himself to be a patient and skilled X attackman who uses his body and strong legs to his advantage and keeps his stick in the ready position with and without the ball. Kurtz routinely creates contact, leaning in with his right shoulder when he dodges with his strong left hand, and it helps him generally dictate the flow of the dodge and that combined with his vision makes him a capable X man. He keeps his stick back, his head up and is equal parts looking to feed and turn the corner. He uses momentum and his big frame as leverage to spin underneath and he did that for effective looks at the cage. Off the ball, he made an awesome catch on a V-cut inside, leaned in right in front and banged it. On an endline possession, Chuck put his shoulder down, drove to his right, got topside and stung the bottom right with a big overhand windup that made the ball hard to track. Against lesser prepared defenders, he was able to dodge topside with ease and showed he could consistently get to the front of the cage. A good example of what he can do as an initiator below GLE, on one possession he went to his left, pushed into his defender, drove back righty through X, escaped a trailing double and popped a pass to an open attackman on the crease for a layup finish.

Jack Cratty, Defense, St. Mary’s High School (Md.)/Annapolis Hawks, 2022

Cratty is a talented right-handed defender who impressed in a number of ways at STX Rising. He’s got a strong base, good size and an active stick. He tended to cover ground and get bigger in such a way that he’d trap the ball carrier way out on the perimeter and force them to get help. He made pedestrian passes a challenge with his pressure. He displayed one of the toughest V-holds at the camp and he played angles well in slowing transition opportunities and the carrier. Defending a quick attackman at X, Jack rapidly chopped his feet and showed lateral quickness and great balance and awareness to avoid the back of net—meanwhile he got a stick on hands and it led to an errant pass and groundball that he would eventually get himself. Cratty showed his good stick by handling a short-arm pass on the run at the midfield, turning and storming up the field.

Jacob Coldwell, LSM, Loyola Academy (Ill.)/Midwest Express, 2022

Coldwell is a lanky, skilled long stick who makes his presence felt in the middle of the field and the offensive zone. He’s a righty with a terrific handle and the height—6-foot-2 or more—and legs to get the most out of his skillset as a pole who loves to push the break and look for scoring chances. Jacob racked up groundballs off the face-off wing, smooth off the carpet with his feet moving. Some of the groundballs he got in the defensive end required goosing it and quick hands. He scored a terrific goal on the crease, popping a no-look shovel shot to the top left corner off a feed. You could tell he wanted to go to the rack from up top and he finally did—grabbing the ball off the face-off, he ran in, threw a big pass fake, toe dragged inside his man and hammered a shot past the best keeper at the camp, low right. He then went back to the wing and got the ball on the ensuing draw. Those were two of the snazziest goals of the weekend. He made a major impact at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase, proving himself by securing so many possessions and making big plays.

Ryker Demarest, Defense, Plant High School (Fla.)/3d Florida, 2022

Demarest is a strong, rangy defender who can cover ground and fend off skilled dodging attackman with fundamentally sound play. At the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase, he was fast to get his hips square in his approaches and recoveries and he threw careful, impactful checks. He had fluid lateral movement which mixes well with his big frame. Well over six feet tall, he became a big spooky lurker down low and behind, where his ability to sit and play good low defense while still applying pressure with stick checks helped him prevent the topside dodge or just be an obstacle to the offensive play. He used his long legs to beat others to a sideline possession and always made himself a factor with his hustle and ability to get his stick or body involved.

Ethan Duerk, FO/Midfield, South Forsyth (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2022

Ethan is a rugged workhorse style face-off man who had a lot of success and impressed with his toughness and lunch pail approach. He proved himself to be one of the better draw men at the DI Fall Showcase simply on grit alone, but he is absolutely skilled with his hands and the stick. He was able to win the clamp, push it forward and get out the front on just about all of his competitors at some point. His stamina made him a challenge for even the most skilled face-off specialist at the event. Duerk would box out, take a beating, dig in and rumbled out of the pile with the ball. He did whatever it took to keep after the ball and even after taking some whacks would come right back to the dot with a big grin ready for more. He had a noticeable energy and positive attitude through it all. He’s got some thickness to him; as a face-off man it mixes well with his ability to withstand long periods of rough groundball battles and his nose for the ball. There were several long drawn out stalemates, and on more than one, he came up with the ball. When the event came to a close, he had become one of the most impressive players physically and looked like he could keep going.

Dell Vidunas, Attack, Freeman High School (Va.)/Richmond Hawks, 2022

Dell is a skilled right-handed attackman with good game sense who had a nice weekend at the STX Rising DI Showcase. He has a low center of gravity and field sense and isn’t afraid to initiate contact or look to fill space inside and underneath. He does a good job of using his back to roll dodge and get his hands free and did that against one of the better one-on-one defenders at the camp. He became more productive as time wore on in the games, heating up with a righty push to the top right corner in transition. He threw a one-touch behind-the-back pass on another break that was right on the money to the low pipe attackman. On another break he scored a 5-hole bouncer to show off his nice release. Another series saw him camp out low on the crease, step into space to receive an alley dodger’s pass and then turn to fake and finish. He later flashed to space with his stick loaded and banged a 10-yard shot off hip, showing that the best part of his game might be off the ball catching and finishing, which he did in a variety of ways.

Samuel Wade, Defense, Loomis Chaffee School (Conn.)/3d NE South, 2022

Sam is a tactically sound, gritty and intense defender who used deliberate checks, a good stick and sheer effort to make plays at the STX Rising event. He throws hard slap checks and uses timely pokes. When an attackman tried to back him down, he would dig in with a strong base and low stance and pound the player’s hip or shoulder to control direction. He showed nice touch on his stick, one time coming up the field at full speed to reach way out and snag a leading clearing pass and keep his balance. He threw an excellent lead pass in transition to a cutting middie. Defending up high, he stayed in the hip of a carrying middie, patiently waiting and ripping over the head for a beautiful takeaway. Another series saw him bat down a pass, hockey the ball to space, snag it and then shoot the ball up to spark a fast break. Later, he had an impressive groundball and came out head up, on a swivel, quick to find the outlet. After displaying more tough individual defense, Wade was slick in grabbing a groundball and throwing a behind-the-back pass up field for the clear. Coming off the draw wing, he boxed out the FO man and took the ball downfield to settle possession himself. Against a talented dodging attackman, Samuel bodied up, slapped, and raked to send the ball rolling right to the goalie. He had a crazy look in his eyes and a confidence in his communication that made him stand out even further.

Tyler Trygg, Attack, Roswell High School (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2022

Trygg is a high-IQ, hard-nosed right-handed attackman who stood out for a number of reasons at STX Rising. He operates at X or below GLE and has a quick change of direction and carries the ball with his head up. He has a textbook overhand release and gets more power behind it than he might project for a player of his smaller stature—he was snake bitten a bit and his big blast, while tough to track for goalies, hit iron more than once. In one game, he made numerous outstanding feeds, once quickly finding a midfielder emerging open as the defense moved and another time getting into his defender, bouncing back and slicing an awesome feed to a cutting fellow attackman where only he could get it for a great find and finish. Trygg repeatedly made plays using his eyes and passing the ball. He also showed anticipation—he finished a fastbreak with an unsavable, slapping righty one-timer from the doorstep. He scored another on the doorstep, following the play, emerging open, using a quick dip and dunk to finish. Tyler was also mean on the ride, including riding a slick handling defender into a challenging pass that became a turnover.

Luke Renaud, Goalie, Skaneateles High School (N.Y.)/Orange Crush, 2022

Renaud is a confident and skilled left-handed keeper with anticipation, fast hands and a good stick. He sees the ball well and communicates assuredly to the defense. He stands tall in the cage and looks athletic overall, showing especially well in the drills and training at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. Luke was particularly strong on high shots, where he is able to use his quick stick and gloves to cross his body with ease. Shooters tested him low come game time and he stopped a series of hard, low skipping shots from mid-range. A high crank from inside looked like a sure-thing goal, and Renaud ate it up with superb reflexes. When a shooter got free and walked into the crease, Luke stood tall to fakes and deflected the low shot with his leg. He intercepted a pass from the endline and used his feet to get the clear going. He threw passes on the run and sent one pass way up the field and on the money to a midfielder in stride.

Kade Meirs, Defense, St. Xavier High School (Ohio)/Resolute, 2022

Meirs is a big physical defender and was a playmaker at the STX Rising DI Showcase. The righty is upward of 6-foot-4 and is a lot to deal with for dodging attackman given his ability to move well and bang the body. He is tough with his stick, dropping some really hard checks to the arms and gloves. He really rumbles up the field, on one clear shedding a multitude of checks to get across the midline. He flew off the wing to snag a groundball and make a hard pass with a stick on his hands, still completing the play. He pulled off a wild one-handed GB through traffic and came out of it full steam ahead, absorbed a check and still got the pass off up field—could have been so ugly, but it wasn’t. Defending down low, he hung up a dodging attackman with a strong V-hold and stripped him. He went against a really slick and smart dodger and completely hung the player up, stripping the ball. Kade proved to be really hard to beat and was also helpful when sliding, coming out to the perimeter on one play and wrapping up a dodger like a big snake by getting both his stick and body involved in the contact.

Tim Haarmann, Defense, St. John’s Prep (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Haarmann is a big, strong defender who uses physicality in one-on-one play and help scenarios, but also shows good stick skills and game sense. He can be aggressive out on the ball, with an approach, size and slaps that can really overwhelm an attackman. At STX Rising, he often scrapped in the groundball pits. He flew out of a few of them with the ball in stick and he can just power through the everyday riding attackman’s check. He forced a turnover with a brawny slap to an attackman’s hands on a normal exchange. Carrying the ball, he loves fakes and threw one and then tossed a behind-the-back pass to complete the play, but then backdoored an opposing player, got to space and nearly scored. In closer to the cage, he can run players over with his slides and did that while also going out to contest loose balls.

Michael Moreschi, Midfield, Oak Hall School (Fla.)/3d Florida, 2022

Moreschi was one of the smaller guys at the event but made a big impact as a fast, versatile two-way middle who also can dodge and see the field enough to anticipate the play. He is gritty, tough and plays with energy. He never seemed to tire or waver. He leapt up to intercept a feed across the middle in acrobatic fashion and was freakishly fast getting the ball out and over the other half of the field. Michael netted an impressive goal, using a stutter step and split to get his left hand frere for an off-hip hammer from up top. He pushed what looked like a tough pass inside at one point but yet still connected for a score. Moreschi hustled off the wings, scooped a number of groundballs, worked hard playing defense, used his legs on the clear and ended logging a solid overall weekend at STX Rising.

Garrett Landmark, Midfield, IMG Academy (Fla.)/3d Colorado, 2021

Landmark is an athletic right-handed midfielder who has size and strength but is smooth and patient on the dodge and with the ball. He plays with a patience and is opportunistic, on one play spinning off his man after grabbing a ground ball, dangling to one hand and then pushing the ball low to an open attackman. Off the face-off wing, he hockeyed a loose ball to an attackman after fighting for it down into the box. He fed three assists to the same player, in the same spot, off the same dodge, three times in a quarter and it was simply hard to defend. He can dodge hard and with his size and reach he can make a play out of the dodge. Forcing defenses to respect the passing he showed at full speed, he found the slightest bit of room driving down the alley to pull back to nail a bounce shot.

Aidan Reid, Goalie, Roosevelt High School (Wash.)/Cityside, 2022

Reid is an agile keeper whose reflexes and awareness make him a reliable stopper and an active presence in the crease. The righty made himself bigger to reduce angle on potential shooters.
He made a tough stop on a screened sidearm shot to get going in one contest. He was hyperaware of loose balls around the crease and quick and tough in fighting for them. He was able to get to a fast, hard bounce shot from just a few yards away, showing spring in his legs. Moments later, he stuffed a skilled attackman who curled free and was alone to fake and shoot in front—Aidan flopped to the ground to make a dramatic save. His energy never faded throughout the weekend as he emerged as maybe the most animated of the keepers.

Anthony Longo, Attack, Plant High School (Fla.)/3d Florida, 2022

Longo showed himself at STX Rising to be a wise and crafty off-ball player who isn’t’ afraid to find space or finish the play with a dramatic touch. One of his first goals was of the shake-n-bake variety, as he jiggled out to the island area with a free left hand and skipped a tricky shot into the net. Scoring one of the prettiest goals of the weekend, he buried a behind-the-back shot that came at light speed while he flashed across the crease. He consistently moved the goalie for his other finishes and made quick work of opportunities in front of the net. From X, he cut off his defender’s back and found a small spot in front to catch the ball and tuck it in the top right corner. He showed a natural ability to flow to open areas and was ready to catch and finish and his highlight-reel plays point to a player who is extremely confident shooting from close range. Anthony also fed a fellow attackman with a hard pass across.

Jake Calabro, Midfield, Cortland High School (N.Y.)/Orange Crush, 2022

Calabro turned in a solid weekend at STX Rising as a midfielder who will do dirty work on the back half but can also be a threat in transition. He came up with a tough groundball out of traffic in the middle of the field, where he was often involved in the play. He took a lot of reps on the wing and handled the ball on the clear with confidence. He found himself matched up against some excellent dodging midfielders and held his own with good feet and low, smart defense on the hip. He helped cause a turnover by crashing into help on a much bigger player, and later he threw a tough check to the hips that simply knocked the ball loose from a dodger who was trying to isolate him at X. In transition, Jake whipped a pass right to a cutter’s stick inside for a finish, and he later finished a one-timer himself with ease.

Hayden Stolzfoos, Attack, Plant High School (Fla.)/3d Florida, 2022

Hayden is a tough attackman who will power his way to the cage. He showed that at STX Rising by working his way from X through a double team, using an inside roll and falling to the turf. He threw a great no-windup pass from the wing, rolling off his defender with his stick back and his feet moving and a simple pop to the crease. He ran some midfield at the event and was a tough cover in mismatch scenarios given his nose for the cage and eyes for the play. Stolzfoos got himself involved in the ride thanks to his active stick. He came up with a big groundball on the endline that resulted in an unsettled goal.

Quinn Isenstadt, Goalie, Groton School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Quinn had a solid weekend at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He’s a tough stopper who uses his body and made some impressive saves from close range. One of his best came when a midfielder walked right through the middle of the defense untouched, throwing numerous fakes, and Isenstadt met the low shot perfectly. He lined up a wild, high hard shot in the middle and seemed to never lose focus on the ball. Quinn was tough in taking some hard shots off the body. He plays with a little bit of an unconventional approach in the cage, and he is bold out of the cage and will get involved in the clear, even if he needs to handle it himself. After one save, he carried up the field, made contact and flung a behind the back pass to a defender on the move.

Ryan Morris, Defense, Regis Jesuit High School (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2023

Morris showed off a good stick and a quick reaction to consistently make the play at the DI Fall Showcase. His stick was noticeable in the way he zipped his passes and how cleanly he could grab a ground ball. He used a one-handed cradle to complete one clear and showed his speed in the process. He rushed out to the ball under control, almost causing a turnover on more than one simple exchange. Some of his groundballs were seamless—just up and out and with fast feet down the field, finished with a crisp pass across to the point man. He was heady on one series to double and use his stick to nudge the ball loose, and then he snagged it out of the air and sprinted away from traffic. He showed off good hands, good feet and good awareness all weekend at STX Rising.

Ben Concepcion, FO/Midfield, Dexter Southfield School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2023

Concepcion is talented draw man, and a grinder, and he proved that with a rugged showing at the STX Rising DI Showcase. He’s quick with the push and pop out the front and has athleticism to be a threat heading down the middle of the field, but he’s not looking to take risks with the ball. He’s unselfish and started breaks with a good push pass across on more than one occasion. He has stamina to go for days. He can handle pressure and had to get the ball to safety often for his team. Ben gets his hand way up on the neck of the stick and gets clean groundballs because of it, which is how he ended several scrums at the camp. He battled some really tough opponents at the event and won his fair share of hard-fought victories against older, bigger face-off specialists.

Ronan Cleary, Attack, Battlefield High School (Va.)/VLC, 2023

Cleary is a smart and skilled lefty attackman who showed at STX Rising that he has a knack for getting topside and can score from the wing and dodging from X. He consistently got space or lost his defender near the right pipe by rolling back and forth—more than once, he went to his left, rolled to his right and fluidly came back left with instantaneous room to shoot as he got above GLE. His smooth lefty sidearm skip shot was tough to track for keepers. He scored at least two in the same manner against different defenders. The release looks pretty casual and refined, as he showed on another play where he got separation by way of a pick and scored with a nonchalant bouncer from close range. He used a pick on another play to get room to feed a midfielder for goal on a stepdown shot.

Andrew Mosman, Midfield, Lake Braddock Secondary (Va.)/VLC, 2023

Mosman is an athletic two-way midfielder who can get up and down the field and uses his motor to make plays. At the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase, he was strong in between the lines showing that he can clear it to safety by himself and that he will mix it up for a groundball. He came out of one ordeal at full speed and sprinted out like a madman. On another series, he gladly took the body/man seeing that a speedy teammate was nearby for the easy scoop. He scored on a hard sweep to his right and 3/4 release bouncer on the run. Later, he drove the alley again and hammered a shot that wasn’t ruled a goal but looked, to some, like it hit the net. His speed just wasn’t to be ignored as he cleared the ball by himself twice in short time. One effort saw him weave right to the net for a shot on cage. He was unselfish up top on offense, one series pushing a pass down to an attackman cutting up for an easy finish.

Colin Richardson, Defense, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School (Va.)/Blackwolf, 2023

Richardson had a good showing at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase as a tough and nimble defender who likes to throw heavy checks and will go head-to-head with hard-dodging attackman. He proved that early by taking on one of the camp’s best dodgers, hanging up the shorter attackman and stripping him with a strong hold and rip. It wasn’t his only mean takeaway—on another series, Colin landed a hard shove, jolting the ball carrier, knocking him to the ground and he slapped the stick as it flailed. He sits low and uses lifts and slaps on his approach. He was nasty in the groundball shuffle and had an active stick in the lanes, picking off a pass from X coming from an inverted middie. He caused yet another turnover at X, hanging up another attackman and dislodging the ball in the direction of the waiting goalie.

Campbell Wheeler, LSM/Defense, Westlake High School (Texas)/3d Texas, 2023

Wheeler is a fast playmaking longstick defender who shined in the open field at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He used his good legs to get to a ball in the open field and was smooth in picking it up on the fly and pressed up the field looking to create an opportunity. He showed athleticism to leap up and snag—with one hand on the long pole—a deflected rebound and then flicked a short-handed pass up field to create transition. He showed touch on his passes and a good overall handle. He stripped a fellow LSM on the clear, clamping the player’s hands and then thrashing the stick out of his hands to dislodge the ball right at the midline. Campbell played heads up lacrosse and hustled all weekend.

Ben Abel, Goalie, Highland Park High School (Texas)/3d Texas, 2023

Abel is a tough and reliable stopper who had a good showing at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He’s fundamentally sound and consistently keeps good positioning in the cage and plays with a calm, unflappable approach. He made a stop on a naked shooter who’d dodged from X and tried to go high on him. He moved to meet shots on a well-defined axis, and it helped him limit space at which to shoot. He was stone cold on big windup from up top on a fastbreak. He made a tricky stop on a long pole who whipped a close-range behind the back shot. He was especially tough to beat in tight. Ben easily stopped a turning jump shot from the wing and seamlessly flicked a pass up field. He stuffed a streaking midfielder’s bounce shot from inside. He made a big save on a 15-yard blast at his feet. Ben turned in an impressive overall weekend at STX Rising.

Evan Stockton, Defense, Denver East (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2023

Evan had a good weekend at STX Rising as a solid overall defender with size and the athleticism to get up the field and handle the ball in challenging situations. He is definitely up-field oriented, as he managed to get the ball off the ground and make his way with good legs up the turf numerous times. He was tough in the mix to come out of it with the ball and his handle was more noticeable as time went on. He somehow handled a desperate clearing pass at midfield and then used the tippy toes to stay on sides and passed to a substituting middie. One play saw him slap the ball out, pick it up, get it checked away, run it down, get it back, shrug off the riding attackman and move up the field to make the pass. On another series, he galloped up field, rolled away from pressure and showed a good stick to not just pass, but really dart the ball to a player who could then press it. Evan is tall and appears to play with strength in his upper body and legs. He moves well on the ball and threw a really nice over the head check on a skilled attackman to create a turnover. He was intimidating in the middle of the defense, standing his ground to big windups and using the body and stick to get in the way. He had one of his best plays by stripping another long pole, slapping the stick and coming up with the GB to pump it right back down to his attack.

Joe Duggan, Midfield, Calvert Hall (Md.)/FCA, Cannons Select, 2023

Joe is skilled lefty midfielder who is still on the smaller side but showed big moments at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He made a great one-handed catch sprinting up the field on the clear. He scored in transition, hammering a left-handed shot from mid-range. He would score additional goals in transition. He wasn’t afraid to work the ball against bigger midfielders and looked to share the ball out of his dodge when he was carrying. Dodging up top, he rolled to his right and bounced a hard shot that skipped up from way out to beat the goalie.

Michael Duffy, Attack, Pope Paul the Great Catholic High School (Va.)/VLC, 2023

Duffy is a crafty, tough attackman who made some gutsy finishes at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He tallied one goal by S-dodging in and underneath, falling and hitting a low-to-high shot on one of the best keepers at the event—a heads-up play that caught the defense in the middle of a switch. In one impressive snippet of action, Michael cut three consecutive times from the backside during right alley dodges to make himself wide open on the crease—all three times, middies found him, and two of those were one-timers that he banged right into the net. In settled offense, he put his passes right on the mark. He is small but played with a lot of heart at the camp.


Kyle Goodwin, Defense, Newton North High School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2023

Goodwin stood out through training and in games at the DI Fall Showcase as a smart on-ball and off-ball defender. He communicates loudly and effectively. He was quick to a loose ball in front of the cage and sprinted to safety to assess the field. Kyle’s strong stick skills helped him snag a number of additional GBs and quickly pop the pass ahead to start the break. Handling one clear himself, he took a flurry of checks to the mitts in stride and ran up the field to make a long pass with confidence.

Holden Potter, Defense, Monarch High School (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2023

Potter is a big defender who is smooth with his stick and plays with good awareness. At the DI Fall Showcase, he was a challenging dodge given his size and his reach. He is skilled with the stick and was able to reach into the dogpile to pull out a loose ball on more than one occasion and he showed a slick handle rolling away from pressure or carrying up the field. He covered ground and outran a couple of riding attackman with his legs and with the smart reach/walk of his stick. Holden put touch on his passes.

Harrison Vassel, Defense, San Ramon Valley High School (Calif.), 2023

Harrison stood out at the STX Rising DI Showcase as a skilled defender with good stick skills and good game sense. He showed vision and awareness to fly up toward the midline and intercept an aggressive clearing pass. He was slick when he got the ball in his stick and showed balance coming up the field through pressure. He vacuumed a loose ball in the front of the cage and had to make a pass around a riding attackman to move the ball up the field and showed a good handle in doing so. Harrison easily stripped a big-shooting midfielder who took too long with a windup. Defending at GLE against a tough topside dodger, Vassel used a strong base and hold to force the player to roll back to a low-angle shot that didn’t even hit the cage.

Hailing from Upstate New York, Casey Vock is the manager of 3d Rising. Before joining 3d Rising, he spent three years at Inside Lacrosse, where he was a full-time writer for Inside Lacrosse Magazine,, and covering all facets of the game. He was named the editor of in November 2012 after helping launch the site a year earlier. Prior to joining Inside Lacrosse in Baltimore, Casey was a freelance writer in Upstate New York covering professional, college and high school lacrosse for Inside Lacrosse, as well as writing for the Press-Republican newspaper in Plattsburgh and other media outlets. Casey played lacrosse in high school at Indian River and went on to play at Jefferson Community College. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and business from SUNY Plattsburgh, an MBA from Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management and an MS in media management from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse. Reach him by email at and follow him on Twitter @cvock.