FLG in 3d Fall Shootout 2017: Players Who Stood Out

The FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, a fall event hosted by Long Island-based FLG Lacrosse and Denver-based 3d Lacrosse, brings more than 80 teams to the Mid-Atlantic region each year for two consecutive days of competition in front of sidelines with college coaches and cheering family members.

This year’s FLG in 3d Fall Shootout was held at the DE Turf Sports Complex on Nov. 11 and 12, bringing a weekend’s worth of action to the newly opened facility outside of Dover.

The event also featured the first FLG in 3d Fall Showcase, a one-day event held on the Friday prior to the Shootout. This gave coaches, and our scouts, a chance to see some of the players in attendance in a different setting to kick off the weekend.

Here’s a look at some of the players who stood out to 3d Rising staff over the course of the three days at the DE Turf Sports Complex.

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Chase Scanlan, Midfield, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2018

Scanlan turned in an impressive weekend running with the Iroquois Golden Eagles as a skilled, smart midfielder who can use his nimble athleticism and stick skills to create offense in set six-on-six and in transition. He runs like a deer and has natural skill with the stick, but he is also a really advanced dodger who knows how to set up his man and use his body to protect the stick. He plays with fearlessness and with grace at the same time. He scored a wild behind-the-back underhand goal – on the run – on a behind the back feed from teammate Dan Burnam, a play that ended up on ESPN Sportcenter’s Top 10 a couple days later.

Dan Burnam, Midfield, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2018

Burnam was a warrior in between the lines and became a spark in transition for the Golden Eagles. He’s willing to scrap hard and shows a lot of grit. He gets his head up and makes the pass up field and he goes full speed on every play. He’s an old-school type who is involved in the play whenever he’s on the field. He pulled off some fancy plays as well, including a behind-the-back pass to his teammate Chase Scanlan that ended up on ESPN.

Owen Hill, Midfield, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2018

Hill was a workhorse for the Iroquois Golden Eagles, taking draws and playing both sides of the ball. He’s thick and sturdy and can knock a dodger off his path and he’s also a tough matchup on the other end thanks to his strong handle and ability to use his strength when dodging and carrying. He has excellent awareness with and without the ball and scored one of his goals on beautiful backdoor cut on his man and with a finish that showed off his fast hands. He gets behind his shots when he sets his feet and really has a great pivot move he uses to get separation or get inside. He is outstanding on groundballs and was a leader for the team throughout the weekend.

Haydon Fox, Defense, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2018

Fox was a strong presence down on the backend for the Golden Eagles after being away from the field for some time due to injuries. He was strong on and off the ball, using his strength against dodgers and using towering frame to help with a forceful slide. He showed great stick skills – able to quickly snag loose balls or pluck a pass out of the air and then use his legs to get up field. He looks more slender than the last time out and he turned in a solid weekend with the Golden Eagles.

Symon Jonathan, Goalie, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2018

Jonathan had an impressive weekend at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, making a high number of saves in each game for the fast-paced, transition-oriented Golden Eagles. He was tough as nails in using his body but also got into a rhythm of really seeing the ball and making saves in bunches. He easily made stops on shots from long range, and he used good instincts to make some acrobatic saves inside throughout the course of the weekend. Even-keeled, patient and poised, Jonathan racked up stops at the event.

Keelan Seneca, Attack/Midfield, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2019

Seneca is smooth and calm with and without the ball and he displayed some really high-level playmaking throughout the weekend. He has a great handle and can toe-drag and dodge right off the catch and is confident in making high level finishes in traffic. He also showed off great velocity and accuracy from the wing. He is unselfish and shows tremendous potential.

Myles Jacobs, Defense, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2018

Jacobs played tough as nails and displayed strong positioning and stick use throughout the tournament. He throws hard checks to the hands, has a great “stance” and really knows how to create a challenge for one-on-one dodgers with a combination of grit and fundamentals. He can get into the hands and use his strength to hang up the ball carrier. He was smart and patient with the ball in his stick going the other way.

Weylon Abrams, Defense, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2018

Abrams was a huge presence down low for the Golden Eagles, but he really stood out for his anticipation both reacting to passes and to his man receiving the ball. He has great placement on his checks and showed terrific hands snagging some passes and then getting fancy up the field. The big man can move with the ball and he became a crowd favorite because of a few plays he pulled off evading the opposition with slickness. He has skill and was really effective one on and off the ball.

Amos Whitcomb, Attack, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2021

Whitcomb racked up a bunch of goals playing near the cage for the Golden Eagles, proving himself to be a fearless presence down low. He scored at least seven goals throughout the weekend, showing up as a reliable righty finisher. As a younger player who already has size and skill, Whitcomb is a player to watch in the coming years.

Isaac Squire, Defense/Midfield, Iroquois Golden Eagles, 2021

One of the youngest players on the Golden Eagles roster was a standout for his athleticism and speed up the field, as well as for his impressive height and reach. He showed natural abilities with the stick but used his long legs and quick feet to make plays with the long stick and a shorty. He was impressive coming up the field and, new to the field game, showed a lot of promise as just a 14-year-old running with the Eagles.

Kurt Wessner, Defense, NXT, 2019

Wessner is strong and physical. He dumped an attackman on a solid poke check. He put the ball on the ground when he slid. On man-down he stripped an opponent and was able to handle under intense pressure. He was an obvious standout at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout.

Danny Striano, Midfield, LI Dodgers, 2019

Striano is a two-way middie that makes plays. He is strong off the face-off wing. He is smooth with both hands and has good placement on his shots. He stood up an opponent during an open field one-on-one, stripping him, scooping the loose ball and proceeded down the field for a quality shot.

Chris Mochaitis, Midfield, NXT, 2019

Mochaitis is athletic and tough and stood out at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. He is capable of defending one-on-one in the open field. His speed was apparent when dodging the right alley. He simply ran by his defender and scored on multiple occasions making it look easy.

Dylan Bauer, Attack, West Coast Starz, 2020

Bauer is a dynamic dodger with quickness and good body control. He can split, roll back, fake and go. He is a righty but comfortable and effective with his left. He’s another California standout who can play at a high level.

Lars Swensen, Attack, 3d New England, 2019

Swensen is a quick dodger and a slick finisher with high-level IQ. He creates scoring opportunities and finishes his opportunities on the crease including a right-handed BTB. He had a strong showing throughout the weekend at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout.

Jack Rapini, Goalie, Bison, 2019

Rapini was locked in and tracked the ball well at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. He made quality saves look routine. He gets his stick across his body to make saves and has an accurate outlet. Reliable is the word that comes to mind in describing his game.

Grey Sunderland, Face Off/Midfield, 2020

Sunderland controlled the face-off circle when he was on the field at FLG in 3d. He won his draws aside from the odd violation. He showed poise and skill after gaining possession, even throwing a BTB feed to the point attackman, hitting him in the box. Sunderland likes to pop the ball to himself.

Max Rosa, Midfield, Orange Crush, 2019

An old-school midfielder who can do just about anything asked of him, Rosa stepped up for the Orange Crush who were without their usual draw specialist, and he dominated at the X to prove how dynamic he can be. Rosa has the skills to get the ball off the turf and push transition for the occasional goal or assist even after fighting to win possession for his team series after series.

John Danforth, Midfield, Orange Crush, 2019

Danforth is athletic and shows poise as an offensive midfielder. He plays a central roll in the Orange Crush offense without being selfish. His skills are developed allowing him to handle tough passes and score on quality looks at the FLG in 3d event.

Tyler Hendrycks, Midfield/Attack, Ottawa Capitals, 2020

Hendrycks is a big-bodied Canadian that imposes his size on defenders. He is a bull dodger who can adjust to the defensive pressure operating out of the top-left corner of the box. Well schooled in the classic two-man game, the team’s offense ran through Hendrycks.

Kyle Howard, Midfield, Team Turnpike, 2019

Howard is productive and proved that at FLG in 3d. He scored a variety of goals including a standard right-handed alley dodge and finish. He had a quick face-dodge and shot which found net on another play. He scored on EMO. He changed levels with a high to low shot that dinged the pipe.

Pat O’Connor, Midfield, 3d NE South, 2019

O’Connor runs the show from the right-handed wing and seemingly scores at will. He is quick and can get to the middle but his greatest asset is his shot. He is automatic from 12 yards. He mixes up his shots, but when he steps in he can rip it.

Nolan Crognale, Attack, NXT, 2018

Crognale looked impressive against a talented Orange Crush team at the FLG in 3d event. He moved off ball and finished his opportunities including a diving goal, which was questionably disallowed but still noteworthy.

Chip Cameron, Midfield, Resurrection School (N.Y.), 2020

Cameron was the most complete player at the event. His one-on-one defense was solid, but what distinguished him was his offensive game. He showcased a variety of moves ranging from right to left split dodge to a roll back. He swam a defender and dished to an attackman for an assist on a break. He dodged, faded and leaned in on a re-dodge. He scored with both his left and right hands. His highlight was beating a double team and depositing a right-handed BTB into the back of the net. As a 2020 he should be on every coaches’ radar.

Michael Nassif, Goalie, Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2020

Nassif has quick hands and can get to well-placed balls off stick even from close range. He made an off hip save from 5 yards. Somehow he snatched a high-to-low shot headed for the far pipe. He is athletic and made a kick save on a backside dunk. He has a solid outlet pass but may force it at times. He is not afraid to run the field.

Ethan Forgrave, Defense/LSM, Vimy Ridge (Alb.), 2019

Forgrave’s size and athleticism puts him in the normal range for his age but his game sense, skill and overall play made him one of the best performers on the day at the Friday showcase at FLG in 3d. He has a great stick and is dominant on loose balls. He communicates throughout the slide and his timing is impeccable. He consistently got the ball on the ground and then got it up and out. He is smart in transition and will make the right play.

Liam McCann, Midfield, Vimy Ridge (Alb.)/West Edmonton Blues, 2019

McCann is smooth and can handle tough passes. He started the day by catching a pass in the slot, turning and shooting a left-handed fade shot past the netminder. He scored another lefty off a split-sweep to the middle. If the defense slid McCann found the open man. He is not a big kid, but he can hold his own physically. He showed great timing and awareness with a quick slide, jumping an opposing middie, knocking the ball to the turf. He snatched the loose ball and was out. He had a strong showing at the FLG in 3d event.

Shaun Padden, Midfield, Fighting Clams, 2020

Padden has DI size and was very productive on the day. He uses his size to initiate contact with defenders or can face dodge and get inside. He sniped a corner running down the right alley. He inside rolled for another goal. On another series, he took a shot, corralled the rebound and scored. Padden should continue to work on his stickwork and finesse, but he is a lot to handle.

Brett Swanson, Defense, 1223 Lacrosse, 2019

Swanson has a proclivity for loose balls. He came out of the pack with the ball in his stick and is not afraid to run the ball up the field. That includes throwing a sky-whammy face dodge and running by an attackman. His dexterity was also evident by his ability to knock down passes in transition.

Alec Zenker, FOGO, United Black, 2019

Zenker is a scrappy face-off specialist who will win possession of the ball even if he doesn’t win the initial clamp. He has great body control and a knack for boxing out his opponent. He was the best draw man at the event.

Caiden Perry, Midfield, Team Alberta, 2019

Perry is a smooth dodger with good vision. At FLG in 3d, he scored by running down the right alley, ducking inside his defender and dipping and dunking with his left. He has good footwork when playing defense. He also stood out in the training session at the Friday showcase.

Perry Doran, Goalie, Haymakers, 2019

This lefty keeper consistently made saves at FLG in 3d. He has good size for his age and maximizes the space he takes up by being square to the shooter. His highlight of the day was a quality stop on a high-to-low shot followed by a rebound save where he stayed with the shooter and made a second low save.

Joey Cornell, Goalie, NXT Chicago, 2019

Cornell utilizes a wide stance in preparation for the shot. He moves well to the ball and showcased his accurate outlet even on long passes. He wore shorts in cold weather, which means one of two possibilities: he was either unprepared or tough. In this case it is the later. He turned in a good showing at FLG in 3d.

Peter Hewitt Jr., Midfield, Black Bear, 2019

Hewitt is athletic and uses his speed off the dodge to create scoring opportunities. He ducked inside a double to score on one occasion. He dodged past two defenders but just missed on the side arm shot on another. He ran past his defender for a rare lay-up on an alley dodge. He can get in off the wing for easy grounders.

DJ Nolan, Defense, Rotten Apples, 2021

Nolan is dialed into team defense and showed that at the FLG in 3d event. He routinely supplied effective support to the on-ball defender when adjacent. He is solid on ground balls and will carry when the opportunity is right and makes the right play finding the open attackman.

Robert Pousak, Defense, Detroit Country Day (Mich.), 2019

Pousak is technically sound as a defender. He locked in a simple V-hold against a driving attackman causing a turnover and proceeded to scoop the loose change. He was consistent in his ability to slow down his assignment at FLG in 3d. He has good timing on his slides.

Cole Williams, Midfield, Midwest Rebellion, 2018

Williams played great defense both one-on-one and in the team setting. He runs the field well and does a nice job securing loose balls. He showed off the best flow at the event, without question.

Blake Zupetz, FOGO, Team Stickhead, 2019

Zupetz has the look and size of a face off specialist. He consistently won the clamp and many a draw at FLG in 3d to put together a solid weekend.

Drew Feeney, Midfield, Rotten Apples, 2018

Feeney seemed most comfortable dodging from the wing. He was effective drawing the slide and dishing to the crease. He is a good option to come in off the wing for face-offs.

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.