FLG in 3d Fall Shootout 2016: Notes on Standouts

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

The FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, one of the biggest and most highly attended lacrosse tournaments of the year, was held in mid November at Appoquinimink High School in Middletown, Delaware.

3d Rising was there for the weekend, shooting photos, taking in the action.

We finally made it through the notes we took and collected throughout the two-day event, which brought more than 80 teams to Middletown on back-to-back days and drew more than 150 different college coaches over the course of the weekend.

Here’s a look at some of the players we were able to get good read on thanks to the help of our contributing scouts.

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Robert Martin, Goalie, CNY Roadhawks, 2017

Martin continues to become a known presence on the scene with another good showing at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. The energetic, nimble keeper can stop heavy shots from the outside and has quick hands and reflexes to stop shots on the doorstep. He was very impressive for the Roadhawks throughout the weekend. The Binghamton commit actually contributed three goals for his team over the course of the weekend – before he finally picked up the short stick for a few midfield runs.

Sterling Claflin, Attack, CNY Roadhawks, 2017

The Corcoran High School product showed off his ability to crank up big blasts from outside and showed soft hands too in a good run at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. He had a big weekend for the Roadhawks, also able to force defenses to slide to him and move the ball effectively. He has high skill and good field awareness.

Brennan O’Brian, Attack, CNY Roadhawks, 2017

O’Brien was one of several productive offensive players for the CNY Roadhawks at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. He consistently dodged, drew a slide and made feeds to streaking cutters and fellow attackman sneaking around the cage. The Binghamton High School product established himself as a formidable quarterback for the diverse Roadhawks offense by the end of the weekend.

Max Manfredi, Attack, Lacrosse Force, 2017

The future Cleveland State attackman had a good weekend at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. He showed a really quick first step and great vision out of his dodge, able to make a variety of good passes to set up teammates throughout the weekend. He routinely broke down his defender to get the offense going and was a fast, key decision maker for his team’s offense.

Owen Hill, Midfield, CNY Roadhawks, 2018

The Iroquois Nationals U-19 midfielder and Albany commit is at this point a seasoned midfield veteran running with the Roadhawks. He’s explosively athletic and has high level stick skills, but he also has strength that allows him to find additional power to get by, through, around and over defenders. His athleticism allows him to pull off acrobatic shots and, when going after groundballs, he is impressive and crafty. He can get up the field quickly, almost finding another gear and pulling away from other players. He continues to get better and look more and more like an instant impact Division I recruit for the Great Danes. He could better his monstrous numbers from last spring this year for Akron.

Ryan Sposito, Midfield, CNY Roadhawks, 2018

A recent commit to West Point, the Ithaca High School standout shined as a dynamic midfielder who flew off the wing to get groundballs and also played tough short-stick defense. He’s got a motor and has good quickness. Sposito is also talented offensively and helped spark transition opportunities but also showed the ability to beat a defender one-on-one.

Joe Keisa, Attack/Midfield, CNY Roadhawks, 2018

Kiesa is a heady, talented player who can create opportunities and make plays at both attack and midfield and proved to be a reliable scoring threat for the Roadhawks throughout the weekend at FLG in 3d. He looks and plays an awful lot like his older brother, Eddie, who started at RIT after a good career at Jamesville-DeWitt.


Brady McDermott, Attack, Harvest, 2018

The Yale commit looks more and more like a complete attackman each time out. McDermott was the quarterback of the Harvest 2018 offense and showed the ability to dodge extremely hard to either hand, using a quick change of direction and keeping his head up and control of the stick. He is much grittier and tougher than you might think and he perseveres through plays and will take a beating and keep on. He makes decisions very quickly and looks more and more like one of the star offensive players on the rise out of a loaded Section V.

Nick Mabe, Midfield, Harvest, 2018

Mabe is a two-way, dynamic playmaker who had a breakout fall, 2 way player, playmaker on offense, using his body well to separate from contact and get his hands free. He’s a slippery and crafty player.

Erik Jakobsze, Defense, Harvest, 2018

Jakobsze is a defenseman with a big frame, quick feet and a physical style of play. He has an outstanding stick, was great on ground balls, and looked to be a leader and communicator for the Harvest defense at FLG in 3d.

Tyler Lawton, Midfield, BBL Elite, 2018

The midfielder was BBL’s go to guy out of the midfield at FLG in 3d. Lawton is a big time player whose first step and change of direction allows him to break down defenses for himself and that get things moving and opening up for his teammates. The Syracuse commit is a crafty player using lever passes, shovels and even behind-the-back passes to find his teammates.

Ryan Pedrani, Midfield, BBL Elite, 2018

Pedrani was the do it all midfielder for BBL and didn’t come off the field all day. He’s not listed as a face-off guy, but he dominated the X all day turning it into a 50-50 groundball scrap. Pedrani, committed to Wagner, has speed and a serious motor on him.

Sam Pugliese, Defense, BBL Elite, 2018

Pugliese is a lock down defender from the loaded defense at Westfield High School. The Jacksonville commit marked the opposition’s top attackman in every game at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout and really stood out. He really impressed with how well he matched up against one of the top attackman at the event, keeping an explosive and slippery dodger below GLE.

Joel Scerbo, Midfield, BBL Elite, 2018

Scerbo, committed to High Point, is a horse at the midfield and is putting himself into the conversation of the best midfielders of the class. He is hard to stop when he gets steam. He shined at FLG in 3d, showing excellent shooting out of his dodges. He stuck a jaw-dropping shot into the corner from about 16 yards out low to high out of a quick split to roll.  

Jesse James West, Attack, BBL Elite, 2018

Stelios Kroudis, Attack, BBL Elite, 2018

These two are just fun to watch together and so we combined them here. West and Kroudis play off each other so well, always knowing where one another is on the field and in doing so produce a lot of highlights together At FLG in 3d, West (Lehigh) had a few one-handed, no-look wrap around goals, while Kroudis (Villanova) froze defenses with a mean hitch-and-go, where he put the ball bar down on multiple occasions. Kroudis likely totaled 10 goals in three games Saturday.

Grant Hicks, Midfield, Lacrosse Force, 2018

Hicks was a grinder for the Lacrosse Force 2018 team at FLG in 3d. He was tough taking face-offs, but hung around and played offense and was productive throughout the weekend. He showed stamina, determination and made an impact on both sides of the ball.

Kevin Winkoff, Attack, FLG, 2018

Kevin is a lethal goal scorer from the right side of the field. He’s got great hands, handling passes in tight, handling bad passes in transition, and handling passes after moving off ball. His off-ball play is calculated, well-timed and precise. Winkoff is a threat to score when dodging from X and the low corner as well. His ability to see and read the defense makes him a tough match up because he can make plays without dodging too. If he continues to develop his ability to dodge and score, he will be a great prospect at the next level.

Sean O’Hara, Defense, FLG, 2018

O’Hara is a big body on the defensive end. He has brute strength, using it to his advantage when pushing guys toward below GLE. He’s very difficult to beat one-on-one. Off the ball, he is a threat because of his ability to get in passing lanes and pick off transfers, extra passes and skip passes. His hockey background gives him a significant advantage when battling for ground balls and beating riding attackmen in the clear.

Chris Mormile, Midfield, FLG, 2018

Mormile is a standout transition middie. Between the lines he excels, picking up first-time ground balls, winning 50-50 ground balls, and doing a great job getting ahead of the play in transition. Mormile plays great on-ball and team defense, with an uncanny ability to be in the right spot on the offensive end. On offense is where he appears to be evolving, making him a threat to play two ways at the next level.

Andrew Marsh, Attack, FLG, 2018

Marsh shined at FLG in 3d as perhaps FLG’s top one-on-one attackman. He initiates his dodge at full speed, doing a great job taking advantage of weak spots in a defender. He runs through stick checks, keeps his moves simple, and attacks with the purpose of drawing a man or scoring a goal. Marsh does a great job in the riding game because of his tenacity and aggressiveness. He connected with teammates throughout the weekend for some highlight reel plays and balanced production.

David Gonzalez, Defense, FLG, 2018

Gonzalez, aka Gonzo, is a leader on the field. He orchestrates the defense to play together and play loud. He is the loudest one on the field, and the most aggressive at the same time. David slides to collide. He’s a player to watch because of his athleticism, aggressiveness, and intangibles. He has some characteristics that foreshadow continuous development.  

Griffin Cook, Attack, Orange Crush, 2018

Cook continues to look like one of the most impressive attackman in the 2018 class, a tough, relentless right-handed presence who dodges hard and quick into possessions and puts instant pressure on defenses. He faced some tough matchups at the FLG in 3d event but was still productive in helping the Orange Crush to a solid weekend. The Syracuse commit can evade and spin in and out of traffic and pulled off a number of highlight reel plays throughout the weekend, showing himself to be especially dangerous in transition.

Peter Fiorini, Midfield, Orange Crush, 2018

Fiorini is another member of the Orange Crush who continues to improve and projects as an impact player in college. The tall, athletic midfielder can barrel down the lane in a hurry and uses his size and speed to initiate up high in the box and is unselfish in looking to feed the ball. But he netted numerous goals off his own dodges, able to protect his stick while moving at full speed using his shoulders to shield his hands. He uses simple form and chugs his legs and makes a lot of good things happen. He is a horse in the middle of the field and created plays to get possession back for his team throughout the weekend. He’s another one of the Orange Crush players committed to Syracuse.

Ryan Tully, Midfield/LSM, Orange Crush, 2018

The West Genesee product ran pole for the first time and it brought out his athleticism at the end. He can get up and down and all over the field and make plays. He showcased speed and strength.  

Owen Matukas, Midfield, Orange Crush, 2018

Matukas continues to show well as a utility midfielder who does a lot of things well and can fill a number of roles. He made a bunch of plays for the Orange Crush on the defensive end of the field playing tenacious defense and then showing hustle up the field. He’s in position to have a big year for a surging Westhill program.

Reid McDonald, Attack/Midfield, MadLax, 2018

McDonald is a good sized athlete with tremendous vision and dodging ability from X and the wings, and even up top. He showed himself at the FLG in 3d event to be n unselfish feeder, with equal ability to put the ball away anywhere inside of 12 yards. 

Kyle Greenfelder, Defense, Madlax, 2018

Greenfelder, fresh off an ACL surgery, played lights out covering the team’s top attackman at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. Playing physical defense behind the cage and on either island, he’s a lefty with deceptive speed and is clearly an on-field leader and commander for MadLax.  

Daniel Maloy, Defense/LSM, MadLax, 2018

Maloy impressed at FLG in 3d as a strong, physical defenseman who can play both close and LSM. He really stood out with some great slides, communication and team defense player. He was a vacuum on groundballs and makes smart decisions with the ball in his stick. 

Reed Weinberg, Defense, 3d Georgia, 2018

Weinberg had a solid weekend as a reliable, disciplined defender who was one of the leaders of the 3d Georgia defense. He communicates well with a great understanding of the game and helps create good team defense and had a hand in several double teams and slides that put the ball on the ground.

Tye Kurtz, Midfield, 3d Georgia, 2018

Kurtz is an athletic, gritty Canadian kid who has the ability to take over the field with his skill set – he is a powerful dodger and looks to feed out of it. He’s got a hard shot and can use deception and hesitation to get his hands free to shoot. He’s very sturdy and tough to defend given his ability to get through checks and keep control of the ball. The High Point commit set up a lot of nice plays throughout the weekend at FLG in 3d.

Micah Kane, Goalie, 3d Georgia, 2018

Kane put in a solid weekend at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, helping 3d Georgia continue to draw attention from college coaches with good overall performances. Kane made number of impressive saves, communicated with his defense and showed some excellent passing skills to spark the clearing game.

Aidan Pfaff, Goalie, 3d Tri-State, 2018

Pfaff had a strong showing as a very reliable netminder for 3d Tri-State the weekend of FLG in 3d. He has a knack for the spectacular save and several times made some tough stops look easy. He moves well outside the cage and has truly improved his clearing ability, taking over a communication role in helping coordinate the clear. He also brings good size to the position.

Sam Tomson, Attack, 3d Tri-State, 2018

Tomson is a tough-nosed, fearless attackman who goes hard to the goal. What he lacks in size he makes up for with his work ethic, determination and non-stop motor. He has expanded his game from an inside presence to someone who can shoot from 10 yards out and more. He had a big, productive weekend for 3d Tri-State at FLG in 3d.  

Camden Kennedy, Midfield, 3d Tri-State, 2018

Kennedy stood out as a downhill, athletic dodger who drew the slide with ease at times during the FLG in 3d event. He’s a good-sized kid who really excelled in between the lines and on the wings during face offs.

Tom Bragg, Attack, Orange Crush, 2019

A tall, nimble left-handed attackman, Bragg is coming into his own as a dangerous shooter who can let it fly from spots all over the field and put his shots into corners. His long arms and reach allow him to get his shot off with pressure and he gets a ton of torque on the ball. An early commit the admissions process at Yale, Bragg is 6-foot-4 and had a breakout year for Cazenovia. He was productive and played aggressive for the Orange Crush at FLG in 3d.

Pat Hackler, Midfield/FO, Orange Crush, 2019

A standout athlete, Hackler was somewhere in the range of 65 percent of his face-offs, but was not even close to a FOGO as he then also showed himself to be a very capable dodger who created not only his own shot, but set up his teammates. He has speed and athleticism and is smooth carrying and changing direction. He has a hard shot once he gets to it. He also played great defense. Hackler already has plenty varsity lacrosse experience.

Trey Schug, LSM, Orange Crush, 2019

Schug continues to evolve as a playmaking defender who just creates havoc when he’s on the field. He uses his combination of range and physicality to disrupt passes and dodges and he has a soft handle on the stick when clearing up the field. He scored at least two goals at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout.

Zach Neufang, Defense, Orange Crush, 2019

Neufang, who is actually from Russia, is a physically impressive, athletic defender who can dominate his matchups thanks to his strength. A standout football player, Neufang has good hands and can handle the ball through the ride up the field. Neufang actually played up for a bit at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout and faced some tough attackman but showed promise as a hard-nosed young defender.

Rob Seely, Goalie, Orange Crush, 2019

Seely put together an excellent weekend for the Orange Crush. He became the rock of the team as collected a good number of expected saves and then made some stops that turned a lot of saves.

Liam Ronan, Defense, Orange Crush, 2019

Ronan is a monster of a 6-foot-4 defensemen who played both close and up top for the Orange Crush at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. He stands out on size alone, but runs the field exceptionally well and plays extremely aggressive on ball.

Spencer Wirtheim, Attack, Orange Crush, 2019

Wirtheim is a crafty left who ran the show from behind for Orange Crush. He has his head up when dodging and had some great looks inside. He was productive and showed some potential at the FLG in 3d event.

Will Cory, Attack, Madlax, 2019

Cory had a good showing at the FLG in 3d event as an ambidextrous player with great vision and field sense. He was productive running the quarterback spot on man up and demonstrated awareness, moving the ball quickly and looking very sharp with the stick and with his attention to playing off the ball. He’s versatile and rides extremely hard.

Michael McGraw, Attack, MadLax, 2019

McGraw put together a solid weekend for MadLax at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. The tall lefty finisher was productive in that role but also showed well as an excellent feeder. He has a powerful outside shot that forces defenses to respect him and his range.

Dodson Piotrowski, Defense, MadLax, 2019

Piotrowski stood out at FLG in 3d as a pretty nasty left-handed defender with a mean streak and the ability to throw heavy checks. He was a vocal leader of the MadLax 2019 defense and looks like a physical force moving around the back half of the field. He has the look and feel of a Division I prospect and has in earlier viewings. Piotrowski moves well thanks to good legs. And he shows excellent stick skills with the ball and going after it on the ground.

Jon Bender, Midfield, MadLax, 2019

Bender continues to impress as an exciting playmaker on the offensive end of the field, showing skill and IQ. He displays an eye-popping split dodge from the midfield. He’s a slick righty with a low to high shot he can bury from range. And he’s crafty with the ball in his stick and very tough despite his size.

Brad Lenard, Defense, MadLax, 2019

Lenard is a steady defender that never loses his positioning, showing great footwork and discipline against some excellent attackmen. At the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, he showed a great knack knocking down passes and goosing tough groundballs out to space and then running them down to spark transition and offense.

Brady Kearnan, Attack, Edge, 2019

The lefty attack was one of the focal points of the Edge 2019 offense, operating from the wing or from X. Kearnan utilized his size and stick to create space for himself at GLE to get a shot away and displayed good vision in finding cutting teammates and distributing the ball. The Canadian box influence was evident as Kearnan and several of his teammates leaned on the two-man game and pick-and-rolls to cultivate a great deal of scoring chances.

John Andrew Kit, Defense, Edge, 2019

A long, rangy defender, Kit played quality defense at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout.  He possesses an active stick that he used to throw accurate checks and create turnovers. With the ball on the ground, Kit displayed good stick skills in getting the ball off the turf and up the field. In transition, he showed himself to be a solid athlete who can push the ball into the box or make a quick outlet to the midfield.

Trevor Barrett, Attack, Edge, 2019

The lefty attack was one of a number of standouts on the day for a strong Edge 2019 group. The 6 foot tall Barrett displayed a great stick, very much what you would expect from a Canadian attackman. He caught every ball thrown his way and used his size and body around the crease to absorb checks, throw a few quick fakes and bury his opportunities.

Josh Hamill, Midfield, Edge, 2019

Hamill’s speed and agility were his two most noticeable traits from the opening faceoff, where he was used on the wing to recover GB’s and push in transition. Hamill’s speed was on display all day as he cleared the ball a number of times effectively. On offense, Hamill dodged with speed and created problems for defenses, drawing early slides that led to good ball movement and opportunities for EDGE. Defensively, Hamill’s foot speed allowed him to stay in front of his man and prevent quality scoring opportunities or breakdowns on his man.

Josh Dilauro, Defense, Edge, 2019

Part of an imposing defense, Dilauro is an anchor for the Edge defensive corps. Recently named the 2016 Ontario Defenseman of the Year, the 6-foot-1, 190-pound defender is a problem for anyone he matches up against. Dilauro displayed solid footwork and mobility in shutting down opponents that challenged him. Dilauro throws hard, accurate checks and does an excellent job of getting his stick into the hands of opponents, making it difficult for much of anything to be accomplished against him. Dilauro displayed his leadership and sound IQ and vision as he commanded a strong defensive group with well-timed slides and defensive rotations.

Gareth Haigh, Goalie, Edge 2019

Ryan Haigh, Attack, Edge, 2019

Two familiar players on the club circuit both committed to the upstart Cleveland State program, the Haigh twins have become the faces and the heart of the Edge offense and defense. Gareth, best known for his electrifying clears, was up to his usual self on Saturday clearing the ball a number of times throughout the day, shaking defenders with toe drags, stutter steps and stick fakes. In one game we watched, Gareth connected with Ryan on a give-and-go, which led to Gareth scoring an impressive goal. Gareth also provided strong play in net, making a number of excellent saves in wins over some of the stronger teams at the event.On the other end of the field, Ryan showed well against top opposition, showcasing a variety of tools from his arsenal to score, while also setting up teammates for easy conversions. While not big in stature, Ryan’s strong base, and solid frame allow him to bull and muscle his way to scoring areas. Ryan’s stick skills and knack for the net no doubt make him one of the elite finishers in the class of 2019. Gareth, meanwhile, brings as much to the net as any goalie in the class, and more.

Marcello Blanco, Defense, Lacrosse Force, 2019

Blanco really shined at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout as a monstrous young defender who towered over most of his matchups, standing 6-foot-4 and stacking up at something like 215 pounds. He used his range and threw conservative, low-risk checks – really a testing matchup for any of the attackman in the class. He was consistent in his ability to get the ball off the ground and up the field and looked physically impressive in the process.

Peter Salit, Midfield, 3d Georgia, 2019

Salit is really starting to shine as a promising all-around midfielder who has good legs, demonstrates lacrosse IQ and endurance to keep going shift after shift. Throughout the weekend, he showed more and more of his excellent footwork and skill in a variety of ways – smooth dodging from the top of the box, heady plays in the middle of the field or in broken scenarios, and excellent lateral quickness and groundball skills playing short stick defense. He brings a lot to the field and his size and speed make him that much more intriguing. 

Max Kane, Midfield, 3d Georgia, 2019

Kane is a physical, athletic presence on the field for 3d Georgia. He impressed on both sides of the ball at FLG in 3d and showed his agility and awareness. He demonstrated box skills in a variety of ways.

Ryan Harkin, Midfield/Attack, 3d Georgia, 2019

The Johns Hopkins commit has a good combination of finishing and dodging abilities. He has a quick first step and can accelerate quickly into full speed and burst by his man. He became a matchup problem for defenders throughout the weekend at FLG in 3d. Harkin showed himself to be opportunistic off the ball, creating turnovers on the ride and helping cause some easy goals. His quickness makes him hard to account for and often times he can find space via cutting and make himself a threat.  

Louis Perfetto, Attack, FLG Nassau, 2019

Perfetto is an outstanding attackman from Manhasset who helped lead the FLG 2019 squad to a 3-0 finish at the FLG in 3d event. His footwork and lacrosse IQ helped him bury numerous goals and dish out a hand full of assists on the day. His ability to dissect a defense in transition helps set him apart in a very talented offensive group. Perfetto’s ability to lead both transition and settled offense allows him to quarterback the offense throughout each game.

Alex DeRiggi, FOGO, FLG Nassau, 2019

DeRiggi dominated at the face-off X for three games in a row and helped fuel the offense via lopsided possession time. He routinely won the clamp cleanly or made it a 50/50 ground ball. What stands out is his ability to scoop up first time ground balls time and time again and move it quickly to the attack for an easy transition. His hustle and relentlessness stood out to everyone who watched him during the tournament; he took more than ¾ of his team’s face-offs and was well above 50 percent on the day.

Alex Racanelli, Goalie, FLG Nassau, 2019

Alex Racanelli was the backbone for the day recording double digit saves in almost all of his team’s games on Sunday. Racanelli’s poise and lacrosse IQ allowed him to be near perfect in the clearing game throughout the weekend. He emerged as a leader after stepping up and making some ridiculous saves; one of his save was a turning point for his team and led directly to a go-ahead goal. Racanelli was huge for the FLG Nassau team and helped it to a 3-0 record at FLG in 3d.

Owen Murphy, Attack, 3d New England, 2019

The Johns Hopkins commit dazzled at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout as 3d New England’s most unpredictable and most electrifying attackman – on a unit with numerous Division I-bound players. The explosive, wiry young attackman who had an incredible freshman year at Medfield was scoring goals in eye-popping fashion at the event. He has a fearless dodging style and almost accelerates faster than he even realizes sometimes – he get underneath and topside easily and it allows him to get to shots consistently and all over the field. His most incredible goal of the weekend came as he dodged from X, got underneath and then managed to unleash a powerful backhand shot from the middle of the defense. It was one of the highlight goals of the weekend.

Eric Civetti, Attack, 3d New England, 2019

Civetti had a great weekend for 3d New England, showing off his abilities around the cage – he has a natural nose for the goal and has tough finishing skills. The Rutgers commit can shoot from his knees, falling down, in traffic, with sticks and bodies crashing onto him. He has a great center of balance and a solid stick. He also has excellent chemistry with his teammates and does a great job of making himself a target inside and then finishing the play. Dodging, he is tough and can handle contact and then get space to operate.

Tim Saunders, Defense, 3d Tri-State, 2019

Saunders shined at FLG in 3d as a great athlete who is always around the ball.  A hawk on groundballs and on defense, he will rarely get beat one-one-on. He has a great understanding of spatial awareness, always looking to cut into the soft spot.

Stephen Grabher, Midfield, 3d Tri-State, 2019

Grabher faced off as well as played midfield at FLG in 3d and proved to be a grinder. He’s a good athlete in transition. He scored a big goal for 3d Tri-State – streaking down the field on a break and using a big pump fake before sticking a step down shot.

Jack Murdock, Attack, 3d Tri-State, 2019

Murdock is a small, talented left-handed attackman who proved to be a strong presence for the 3d Tri-State __ team throughout the weekend at FLG in 3d. He was terrific on the ride. With quick, accurate hands, he had some excellent finishes in tight. He can dodge hard but is more a feeder at this point and showed that with good distribution at the event.

Eli Chalmers, Attack, Harvest, 2019

Chalmers showed well at FLG in 3d as a solid two-handed player who works well behind the cage and with moves at the island. As the weekend wore on, he was more and more the facilitator of the Harvest 2019 offense and was making a lot of good decisions with the ball.

Trent Birch, Defense, Harvest, 2019

Birch is a dynamic defensemen who can play LSM. He has a tall athletic frame and can cover a lot of ground on defense. At the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, he really showed a great stick and made some plays in transition. He was solid on the ball and off and played with a chip.

Ian Kalb, Defense, Harvest, 2019

Kalb is a tough defensemen who throw hard checks and also communicates exceptionally well. The lefty does a good job off the ball anticipating the play, picking off passes and getting his stick in lanes and onto the player early.

Quinn Simonson, Midfield, Harvest, 2019

Simonson put together a good weekend at FLG in 3d showing off exceptional footwork that he used to excel as a dodger. He displayed a good time and room shot from the outside, but made plays in the middle of the field for Harvest throughout the weekend. He appears to play with a competitive edge.

Nicky Labanca, Goalie, BBL Elite, 2019

Labanca was on fire for stretches at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. He stood on his head, making a couple of wild one-on-one saves on tricky bounce shots from the perimeter. Labanca looks cool, calm and collected in the cage and brought some energy to his team with his big time shot-stopping abilities.

Cam Hollander, FO/Midfield, BBL Elite, 2019

The Bucknell commit was dominant at the face-off X all day giving his team the edge in possession time and sparking early offense.

Ferris Berg, Defense/LSM, BBL Elite, 2019

Berg certainly looks the part with his great size and range. He glides on the field and is a ball hawk. He has attackman-like hands and stick skills and isn’t afraid to set his feet and pull the trigger.

Will Schiffenhaus, Attack, BBL Elite, 2019

Schiffenhaus is a matchup nightmare based on his huge frame. The big, strong left-handed attackman was almost like a bully on the field. He likes to establish contact and bounce off his defender to get his hands free and let it rip, and he showed the ability to do that routinely at FLG in 3d. Schiffenhaus has big-time player potential.

Mike Tangredi, Midfield, CNY Roadhawks, 2019

Tangredi looked impressive at the FLG in 3d Fall Showcase, standing out as a tough, big, strong midfielder who seemed like a threat each time he had the ball for the Roadhawks. He consistently got himself free coming down the lane and unloaded his hard step-down shots and canned several of them. The West Point commit demands a lot of attention with his ability to stretch a defense and put quality shots on cage. He is not easy to deal with.

Derek Kohut, Defense, CNY Roadhawks, 2019

Kohut stands at 6-foot-2 and was a major presence on the back end for the CNY Roadhawks. He’s got span and can move and was impressive throughout the weekend as the anchor of the defense.


Grant Hansen, Midfield, Blue Star, 2020

Hansen was arguably the most impressive 2020 at the event, standing out as a tough, two-way midfielder who was aggressive with and without the ball and showed athleticism above many of his peers. As a strong dodger, he showed the ability to switch hands quickly and get to his shot from either hand. He can shoot hard and has quick hands. Hansen also showed heads-up, swift passing out of his dodges, demonstrating vision of the field. He also played tough short-stick defense at FLG in 3d and was seen riding players right out of bounds on more than one occasion, taking the ball right back down the field and going right to the cage with a purpose. Hansen, who will attend the Hun School, has endurance and at this point looks stronger than many of the other midfielders in the 2020 group.

Gabe Craven, Goalie, BBL Elite, 2020

The Navy commit came up with huge saves and helped spark a number of clears with his legs and passing. He was terrific in a battle with one of the top programs at the event, which BBL Elite 2020 won by just a couple goals. Craven commands the defense and has natural stopping abilities at an early age.

Jack Cerza, Midfield, BBL Elite, 2020

Cerza was a scoring threat all day for the BBL Elite 2020 team, pumping in goals off deep outside shots and setting up teammates with easy scores off of great feeds. Defenses had to respect him and that allowed him to make feeds to teammates with some consistency. He emerged as a pure fire starter on offense throughout the weekend.

Matt Aldiero, Defense/LSM, BBL Elite, 2020

A talented defender with a really nasty side to him, Aldiero demonstrated the ability to apply constant, unrelenting pressure to the ball carrier. Playing in the LSM position, Aldiero was able to extend that pressure out on the perimeter and force a bunch of turnover and create transition the other way, showing good decision making with the ball on the fly.

Grant Conte, Attack, BBL Elite, 2020

Conte was the quarterback of the BBL Elite 2020 offense, demonstrating a balanced ability to distribute the ball and create his own shots. He showed a high level of craftiness to pull off effective one-handed shots and behind-the-back feeds. At the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, Conte displayed a great sense for the game and high lacrosse IQ.

Brian Russo, Midfield, BBL Elite, 2020

Russo had a strong showing at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout as a scrappy two-way midfielder who did good things on both sides of the ball. He scored three top corner perimeter overhand goals in a single game. The hard-nosed midfielder came up with tons of ground balls and played excellent defense.

Christian Quadrino, Attack, FLG Suffolk, 2020

Quadrino emerged throughout the fall, and at FLG in 3d, as a strong dodging presence at attack. He has the ability to get to the rack at any time. He carries the ball with his head up and can go to score or make the right pass after the slide comes. He also displayed toughness in getting to the goal and in his riding ability. On multiple occasions, Quadrino rode the ball back and it resulted in a quick goal. He appears to have a high ceiling. 

Jack Cavaioli, Midfield, FLG Nassau, 2020

Cavaioli is young midfielder with good potential. He has a good frame to work with and has a good stride between the lines.  When he shot the ball overhand from time and room, he was able to can them from 12-plus yards and also showed the ability to separate from his defender when alley dodging and get shots off from a variety of angles. With an improved left, he will become that much better. Between the lines he scrapped out several ground balls and played more than adequate defense on the ball.

James Moroney, Attack, FLG Nassau, 2020 

Moroney quarterbacked the offense for a pretty talented FLG team and seemed to be involved in almost every settled scoring play. A lanky lefty who is the younger brother of Amherst high scoring attackman Quinn Moroney, the younger Moroney appears to have excellent IQ and a great feel for the game. His role in several two-man games off end-line restarts demonstrated the depth of his game and ability to make plays while defenders were on his hands. He did not appear to have a cannon of a shot but used defenders as screens when shooting and placed shots smartly in corners throughout the day. A more than average riding ability showcased his desire and heart, as he never seemed to give up on a ride. He could have the potential to get early playing time in a deep Manhasset program.

Jake Oemcke, FO/Midfield, FLG, 2020 

Oemcke was instant offense at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout. He dominated the face-off X and either stuck the bar in the net himself or helped create easy transition goals. His gritty style of play is a throwback to midfielders of yesterday. He often ate out of the pile with a tough ground ball and was a one-man clear for the man-down unit. 

Brian Mack, Defense, FLG, 2020

Mack disrupted offenses and created turnovers by consistently getting to attackers hands. He has a knack for timing checks and lifts right as the player tries to catch or throw. He owned match-ups in each game and often helped shut down the other team’s best attackman.

Jacob Bruno, Defense, FLG, 2020

Bruno takes on a leadership role on the field as he communicates slide packages and served as a defensive captain. He continued to demonstrate his high lacrosse IQ, able to anticipate when and where the defense may be in trouble. He also came up with several loose ground balls and helped push transition up the field. 

Ty English, Midfield, Edge, 2020

The brother of Edge 2019 Samuel English (at Culver Academy and committed to the admissions process at Cornell), English displayed explosive dodging ability and excellent footwork that allowed him to gain a step on defenders. He’s a player who demonstrates a consistent ability to feed and score. At the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, he showed off his quality vision and decision making in the offense with balanced production in another overall strong weekend for the Edge program.

Chris Dong, FO/Midfield, Edge, 2020

Dong looks like your prototypical Canadian hybrid – a tough, smart, do-it-all type player that coaches tend to love. From what we saw, Dong played all over the field for Edge – taking draws, initiating the offense, getting back on defense and strong in transition.

Jayden Smith, Defense, Edge, 2020

The most polished defenseman on the day for the Edge 2020 team, Smith demonstrated strong footwork, body positioning and stick work, effectively shutting down his opponent and directing the defense. He showed good stick skills when carrying the ball and made a number of good outlet passes up field.

Evan Alfano, Goalie, Harvest, 2020

Alfano shined at FLG in 3d as a keeper who appears always composed in the net. He’s a solid communicator, has a stick like an attackman – he can throw 40- to 50-yard outlet passes if need be – and the athleticism handle a lot of pressure during clearing duties. Much of the team’s transition is started by Alfano’s accurate outlet passes. This could be one of the young keepers to watch in Upstate New York.

Jake Knapp, Midfield, Harvest, 2020

Knapp shined at the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout as a midfielder with good size and athleticism for his age and the ability to fill a number of roles on the field. He can face off. He dodges hard down the lane and gets momentum going downhill. He can rip a ¾ release shot on the run and demonstrated a knack for scoring at the event.

Michael Cichetti, Defense, Harvest, 2020

Cichetti showed himself to be an athletic defender who plays excellent positioning while throwing hard accurate checks to the hands. He stood out at FLG in 3d for disrupting a number of plays and was excellent on ground balls, coming up with a bunch of them for the young Harvest team.

Hailing from Upstate New York, Casey Vock is the manager of 3d Rising. Before joining 3d Rising, he spent three years at Inside Lacrosse, where he was a full-time writer for Inside Lacrosse Magazine, InsideLacrosse.com, ILIndoor.com and ILGear.com covering all facets of the game. He was named the editor of ILGear.com in November 2012 after helping launch the site a year earlier. Prior to joining Inside Lacrosse in Baltimore, Casey was a freelance writer in Upstate New York covering professional, college and high school lacrosse for Inside Lacrosse, as well as writing for the Press-Republican newspaper in Plattsburgh and other media outlets. Casey played lacrosse in high school at Indian River and went on to play at Jefferson Community College. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and business from SUNY Plattsburgh, an MBA from Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management and an MS in media management from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse. Reach him by email at cvock@3dRising.com and follow him on Twitter @cvock.