3d Blue Chip: Midwest Camp Standouts

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The second edition of 3d Blue Chip was held last weekend at Northeast Regional Park, just south of Orlando, Fla. The most recent 3d Blue Chip camp featured mostly players from the Midwest, with attendees from other regions mixed in. The event brought about 300 players to Central Florida for a day and a half of instruction, followed by another day and a half of game play, working with some of the best high school coaches across the country and some of 3d Lacrosse's leading instructors.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Each of the four classes - 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 - were closely monitored by a pair of 3d Lacrosse's national evaluators, who are tasked with assessing each and every player and his strengths and weaknesses. 

3d Rising will be at each of the 3d Blue Chip Camps to watch the best young prospects who are on pace to burst onto the recruiting scene in the next couple of years. If you missed our Northeast recap and standouts, check it out here

Here are some of the players in the top three class years who stood out over the course of the weekend in both training and game play at the Midwest 3d Blue Chip camp.

Alec DelSota, Attack, Houston Christian (Texas)/Third Coast, 2016 Few attackman can lay claim to being highly skilled in all aspects of the game. DelSota is one of them. Throughout the weekend he continued to impress in each game. DelSota dodged hard from X by initiating contact on his defender, and he was able to read the plays and react appropriately. He created his own shots, which he usually buried in tight, or he drew quick slides and distributed the ball to different areas of the field. On top of all of this, he was a tenacious rider and was able to score time and room opportunities and finish during broken situations. Nowadays, most attackmen excel at only one or two aspects of the game. In contrast, DelSota is a throwback to the days of the "complete attackman."

Drew Crain, Midfield, IMG Academy (Fla.)/No Excuse, 2016 "Taking over a game" was a common occurrence for Crain over the weekend. He was all over the field, using his athleticism and lacrosse IQ to consistently get to the right spots. Crain has an arsenal that includes pump-fakes, toe-drags, shovel feeds and shots, and many more. Quite frankly, he was fun to watch. Crain's ceiling is very high and he will most likely continue to improve in his new program. IMG keeps adding talent from all over North America, and it appears that they have found another player that will seamlessly fit into their fast-paced, high-scoring offensive system.

Stefan Tracogna, Defense, Father Leo J. Austin Catholic (Ont.)/Edge, 2016 Tall, strong and agile are just a few words to describe Tracogna. On top of those traits, Tracogna moved with confidence between the lines, usually after scooping up ground balls from turnovers that he forced. Off ball, it seemed like he was always in the right place at the right time. Tracogna slid at the proper times with great angles, not to mention having his stick in the passing lanes. On ball, he was able to stay with his man and was usually able to dictate the situation. Tracogna certainly looks the part of a high-caliber defenseman, and he was able to prove over the weekend that he has what it takes to make an impact at the next level.

Jack Marks, Goalie, Dallastown Area (Pa.)/Blue Mountain, 2016 Stopping the ball is arguably the most important trait for a goalie. However, there is so much more that goes into becoming an elite goalie. Marks was noticeable from the moment he stepped onto the field, and he just might possess the traits to keep people noticing him for a long time to come. It was evident that Marks understood the defensive system because he was able to clearly communicate what he wanted from his team at that end. Not only does Marks have a commanding voice, he was also able to point out recoveries, showing confidence and poise. Marks was efficient at setting up the clears before the whistles and made smart decisions with the ball. He was tested by a lot of great shooters, and the lefty consistently made the saves that he should, but also was able to make some acrobatic, jaw-dropping saves in tight. Although I would've liked to see him control rebounds more consistently, overall, Jack Marks did his job over the weekend and he did it at a high level.

Dami Oladunmoye (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Dami Oladunmoye, Midfield, Grayslake (Ill.)/Team ONE, 2017 Dami created quite a buzz and was the biggest standout player within this 2017s this past weekend. He not only possessed the skill set of a Division I two-way middie, but also exuded strong leadership throughout the training and games. Oladunmoye - a young '17, at only 15 years old - has superior athletic attributes to others in his class. He is still somewhat raw, but has tremendous upside. He was able to get separation most times he dodged and he showed power on his shots, especially a few times when he got his feet set in some of the training. Showing what he can do in the middle of the field, one of his highlight plays saw him sprint up the field to catch a clearing player; he then halted him, drove him back and then knocked the ball carrier to the ground, coming up with the ball and setting offense back up for his team. He brings a lot to the table. On top of his two-way play, Oladunmoyeís explosive movements and ability to score and feed will make him a fun player to watch throughout the rest of his high school career. He is also a standout football player.

Luke Postiglione, Midfield, Manhasset (N.Y.)/FLG, 2017 Postiglione did an outstanding job throughout the entire weekend and showed his toughness as a true two way midfielder. His two-handed skill set, strong conditioning factor and ability to shoot the ball out of his dodge was plenty to keep opposing teams on their heels.

Connor Brumfield, Attack, Mt. Lebanon (Pa.)/Low and Away, 2017 Brumfield's stat sheet was loaded with points after the four game tear he went on this weekend. He has a tough demeanor on the field mixed with an athletic elegance that was highlighted by finalizing his defensemen at X and then going air born (Bobby Orr-esque) while throwing a slight fake low and sticking the ball in the upper 90. His fearless play and craftiness/creativity puts Brumfield on our watch list going into the spring season.

George Elmquist, Defense, Southlake (Texas)/Iron Horse, 2017 George showed as the best all around 2017 defensemen at the second week of 3d Blue Chip portraying an uncanny ability to play strong positional defense, while using his 6-foot-3 size and left-handed reach to his advantage. To some he might not have stood out, but his ability to make his attackman disappear from the score sheet is the reason for Elmquist's mention here.

Benjamin Puodziunas, Goalie, Cocalico (Pa.)/Blue Mountain, 2017 Puodziunas did a fantastic job all weekend making the big saves. He possesses vocal intelligence in the cage, which combined nicely with his quick hands and explosive feet. Puodziunas will be a nice addition for any college at the next level.

Landon Trout, Attack/Midfield, Pickerington (Ohio)/Resolute, 2017 If you want a ball carrier with old-school deception, strong field awareness around the cage and ability to make defensemen feel helpless, Trout is the guy. He is a shifty player with excellent box fakes and has a knack for getting open off ball. He utilized high C cuts more effectively than another player. Throwing Trout on a line with two downhill dodgers would create terrors for any opposing coaching staffs.

William Jardeleza, FO/Midfield, Loyola Academy (Ill.)/Team ONE, 2017 Jardeleza had a great weekend of camp at the face-off X. Any college face-off coach who prides himself on power clamps and guys with the ability to win 50-50 battles will like Will's skill set. He did a great job carrying the ball after wins and had great hands on the inside, scoring several goals on tight crease feeds.

Caleb Bolin, Goalie, Webster Groves (Mo.)/Samurai, 2017 Bolin did a phenomenal job in cage all weekend long. He had a great poise about him in the net and never fell out of position. He anchored the defense with his strong communication and high IQ. We are looking forward to following Bolin progress throghout the next few seasons.

Seth Cashen (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Seth Cashen, LSM, Tampa Jesuit (Fla.)/Western Florida Lacrosse, 2018 Cashen was without debate one of the most impressive players in the 2018 group. Fast, agile and able to match feet with anyone he went up against, Cashen sustained a high level of play in every game of the weekend. He was up on his toes and getting his stick up in the face and hands of the ball carrier and got into a good stance and showed lateral speed while still throwing hard checks. Getting past him was a tall task for anyone. He has endurance and hustles in and out of the substitution box. He cleared the ball and can weave through the ride with ease. Playing on the face-off wing, Cashen sprinted off the line and came up with ground balls. There was no player who got the ball off the ground more times than Cashen. He collected a bunch of caused turnovers, too.

Jake Calnan (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Jake Calnan, Defense, Noble & Greenough (Mass.)/Laxachusetts, 2018 Out of the 2018 group, Calnan might have been the most impressive player in terms of physical abilities. A towering, rangy presence down low, he used his size and power to keep attackmen out on the perimeter. He used tough, effective checks and got his guys all tangled up regularly, putting the ball on the turf consistently. Equally impressive was how quickly he got groundballs into his stick. He can cover ground with decent speed for a big man and really shined in handling the ball throughout the weekend. He turned heads with one of the best individual efforts of the weekend - he caused a turnover near the benches, coming up with the ball himself; he then dipped, spun, split and sidestepped to get himself through a crowd of three to four opposing players and clear the ball. He finished the weekend with more caused turnovers than any other defender and didn't appear to get beat one-on-one at any point in the camp scrimmages.

Jake Lemon (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Jake Lemon, Midfield, Tampa Jesuit (Fla.)/Western Florida Lacrosse and Toronto Junior Rock, 2018 Lemon is a Canadian who moved to Florida when he was young. But he's spent a lot of time back in Ontario, returning each year to play box lacrosse. That's proved to help make Lemon a very dangerous midfielder who plays with smarts and has a collection of highly effective left-handed shots. Lemon - whose father is a former successful indoor pro and now a longtime NLL executive - uses his back, great hands and long legs to get his shots off. He was the most consistently productive and steady offensive midfielder across four games in the 2018 group. According to rough/unofficial stats, he put up numerous points in each game. He scored dipping his stick to his left, streaking inside and burying an overhand shot. Numerous times, Lemon used a hitch to get some separation and wheel to his left to get off a low or sidearm shot. He was really smart to skip or bounce the ball on a lot of his shots. He used a great pump fake in transition to freeze the goalie and sliding defenders before scoring over the goalie's shoulder. Lemon also made plays in the middle of the field. He had an outstanding weekend overall and seemed to thrive in the offense the coaches spent the first half of the camp installing.

Noah Sexton, Midfield, Tampa Catholic (Fla.)/West Florida Lacrosse, 2018 Sexton was one of the 2018 group's best playmakers, exploding for stretches to impress the evaluators and help his team put the ball in the net in flurries. Most often when initiating, Sexton would use a hard face dodge, a few times able to pull the stick back up and cut through the slide and bury the ball down the slot. He put up all kinds of points, proving to be one of the toughest matchups of all the 2018 midfielders. He also scored off an inside roll, coming back to his right hand and somehow slipping through a double team. He sees the field and had some good looks from atop the box or off his quick dodges. He has good speed and was able to outrun other players to a groundball to break up a clear. Sexton was opportunistic, also scoring on a cut from the crease. He was another one of the big point producers this past weekend.

Braden Rhone, Midfield, Episcopal School of Dallas (Texas)/Texas Mustangs, 2018 Yet another promising player on the rise coming out of Episcopal in Dallas and the Texas Mustangs program, Rhone is a smooth and high IQ midfielder who can get up and down the field. Rhone made some great plays off his dodges up top, utilizing athleticism and strong stick skills. He put together one of the single best games of anyone at the event. A smooth, quick midfielder, he showed a flare for the dramatic in scoring a gorgeous behind the back goal darting down the lane and then just a couple minutes later flung a no-look pass inside to Owen O'Neill, one of the highlight plays of the weekend. He later scored on a rocket windup shot in transition and handed out another assist a few minutes later, hitting O'Neill again inside off the dodge. Rhone appears to have field awareness and hustles. He made a number of plays in the middle of the field as well. Rhone is yet another impressive young prospect coming out of ESD and the Texas Mustangs.

Owen O'Neill, Attack/Midfield, Westlake (Texas), Texas United, 2018 There wasn't much O'Neill didn't do well at the camp. Able to dodge and make plays in the middle of the field, but also able to catch and finish closer to the cage, O'Neill was perhaps the most dynamic offensive player in the group. He has really nice hands - scoring a terrific shovel shot on a no-look pass from Braden Rhone - and wasn't afraid to make plays through traffic. Dodging up top, he wasn't flashy, but just used his athleticism and good awareness to create opportunities for himself. His first goal off the dodge saw him go to his left and bury a shot 5-hole down the alley. He scored on the crease, faking and giving himself a better angle. Using his quick hands he won a bunch of face-offs for his team, too, when they switched it up. O'Neill won some of those out the front to himself and sparked fast breaks. He even played solid shortstick defense. A high IQ player, OíNeill showed excellent chemistry with new teammates.

William Dixon, LSM/Defense, Noble & Greenough (Mass.), 2018 Dixon showed high upside as a wiry, fast and aggressive longstick who plays tough and got after the ball as hard as anyone in the 2018 group at 3d Blue Chip this past weekend. An athletic and fast player, Dixon would fly right out to his ball carrier and hounded him. He was active with his stick, knocking down a pass and coming up with numerous groundballs. He had a great takeaway on one of the more skilled attackman in the group and showed that he can get up the field with fast legs. With a little bit of coaching on his techniques, Dixon should develop nicely in the coming seasons at N&G.

Jack Wood, Midfield, St. Stephen's St. Agnes (Va.)/Virginia LC, 2018 Wood is a talented young midfielder who possesses lacrosse IQ and can go to the rack with poise. Wood wasn't necessarily one of the biggest kids at the midfield, but he really glided with the ball and showed outstanding fundamentals as a shooter and dodger. He scored two goals in three different games I watched. Wood scored on two bounce shots in the first contest: one fired from up top, the other on a drive down the right alley. He showed smoothness in the next game, scoring as he rolled back to his right to score from outside. Wood showed he could consistently break down defenders using both hands and an assortment of dodges, often times rolling out of his dodge ready to shoot on the run. He was fluid in those dodges and in his shooting.

Brandon Elliot (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Brandon Elliott, Attack, Loyola Blakefield (Md.)/FCA, 2018 Elliott gradually emerged as one of the best attackmen at the camp. Displaying high lacrosse IQ and using his good size - close to 6 feet tall - Elliott was productive and got his points in a variety of ways. Starting a three-goal performance in his first game, Elliott caught the ball in transition and bull dodged by a defender to score. He scored next cutting off the crease. His third came on a hitch into a jump shot out on the wing. The righty rode hard and showed his vision in later games, assisting on at least two goals in the next contest as well as tallying a goal. He later scored with a leaner. Strong off ball and with the ball in his stick, Elliott shined this past weekend.

Jackson Samartin (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Jackson Samartin, Midfield/FO, Plant (Fla.)/LB3, 2018 Coming into the camp as mostly a face-off midfielder, Samartin proved to be one of the best two-way midfielders over the two days of games. An excellent draw man who will scrap to no end for the ball, Samartin did win a majority of the face-offs he took. But he was a serious hustler who was aggressive in pressing off his draw wins, one time catching the defense off guard and scoring on a deflected skip shot as he flew into the box. He played hard-nosed man-to-man defense and was fearless in the groundball battles, several times winning and sprinting up the field. He scored goals in numerous games, on one play catching a feed and making a quick turn to rip the ball over the goalie's shoulder. Samartin emerged as one of the best utility midfielders in the camp by the time all was said and done.

Chris Burdick, Defense/LSM, Brunswick (Conn.)/3d Tri-State, 2018 Burdick was a blue-collar, tough and physical defender at the camp. He's a tall kid with range and the ability to stride up the field. He cleared the ball out and up the sideline by himself numerous times. He was challenging to dodge, able to hang guys up, which he did to force the turnover early in his first game. Burdick's reach helped him break up a couple of passes. He was tough on groundballs, coming up with one out of a scrum to end another game. And any attackman who tried to back him down or get inside on him ran into challenges.

Richard Myros, Attack, Hampton (Pa.)/True Lacrosse Pittsburgh, 2018 Myros is a tough, skilled left-handed attackman who can finish plays in exciting ways. He was dangerous on the ride, on two different occasions using big body checks to break up the clear and win possession back for his team. He proved to be dangerous around the crease with soft and quick hands. He scored a terrific goal, catching, getting hit to the turf and still finding the net with sticks all over him while he was on the ground. He later scored another great goal, absorbing a check and sticking it as he fell to the turf. Myros has great hands and is talented with the stick. That showed in his groundball work; he was crafty in getting it into his stick with others going after it. He moved the ball well and showed more bright aspects of his game as the weekend went on.

Jack Malkin, Defense, Moses Brown (R.I.)/401 Next Level, 2018 Malkin was one of the most well-rounded defenders in the 2018 group this past weekend. A sturdy and athletic presence, Malkin has a promising mix of attributes, including quick feet, toughness, hard checks and the ability to handle the ball. He was difficult to beat one-on-one with his low center of gravity and strength. He swats the hands and the stick while keeping in good position. Malkin looked comfortable in clearing situations and showed off his up-field speed. Malkin showed a nice combination of aggressiveness and smarts both on and off the ball.

Sam Camacho, LSM/Defense, Olentangy (Ohio)/Resolute, 2018 The most versatile of the defensive players at the 3d Blue Chip Midwest camp, Camacho played with both the longstick and the shortstick and made impressive plays with both. He is a big, strong kid who can handle the ball and can stymie offensive players with his size and his combination of strong stick checks and ability to keep with his man. He also went up to take draws using the shortstick and easily won a couple of those to himself. And he was a monster in the middle of the field as he ran up the turf.

John Endicott (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Jon Endicott, Attack, Trinity (Ky.)/Titanium, 2018 Endicott looks the part of the quarterback attackman. He's a good sized kid with fast hands and the ability to operate with his head up and his hands back to pass while a defender is all over him. Endicott showed the ability to get topside consistently and was a threat to feed and shoot, especially as he crossed GLE. He has a quick release and a hard shot. He scored a number of unassisted goals driving from X, at least once driving just topside and hammering a shot with little angle.

Others who stood out:
Christopher Woodfolk, Attack, St. Anne's-Belfield (Va.)/VA Elite, 2016
Bennett Osterink, Attack, Seminole School (Fla.)/Seminole Warhawks, 2016
Matt Coppola, Attack, River Dell (N.J.)/Building Blocks, 2016
Dominic Haight, Midfield, Waukesha Catholic (Wis.)/True Lacrosse, 2016
Alan Singleton, Midfield, John Abbott College (Que.)/Ottawa Capitals, 2016
John Carbonari, Midfield, Grapevine (Texas), 2016
Ryan Elliott, Midfield, Ardrey Kell (N.C.)/Team Carolina, 2016
Will Lawson, Midfield, Robbinsdale Armstrong (Minn.)/MN Select Lions, 2016
Patrick Moran, Midfield, Bowie (Texas), 2016
Andrew Tibbles, Defense/LSM, Oxbridge Academy (Fla.)/FCA South Florida, 2016
Hunter Arbit, Defense/LSM, Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.)/FCA South Florida, 2016
Bryce Adams, Goalie, Kingwood (Texas)/Texas United and Stick Star, 2016
Patrick Fitzsimmons, Goalie, Chaminade (Mo.)/Samurai, 2016
Calvin Sargent, Attack, Moon Area (Pa.)/Rebellion, 2017
Nicholas Iznaga, Attack/Midfield, St. Andrewís (Fla.)/South Florida Swordfish, 2017
Jake Meyer, Midfield, Cypress Fairbanks (Texas)/CyFair Iron Men, 2017
Jordan Schmid, Midfield, Kettle Morraine (Wi.)/True Lacrosse, 2017
Gus Lee, Attack, Gonzaga (D.C.)/Virginia LC, 2017
Nick Bosticco, Defense/LSM/FO, Mason (Ohio)/Resolute, 2017
Nick Provenza, Midfield, St. Francis DeSales (Ohio)/Titanium, 2017
Will Roberts, Attack, Brebeuf Jesuit (Ind.)/Titanium, 2017
Andrew Marsh, Attack, Friends Academy (N.Y.)/FLG, 2018
Drew Miller, Midfield, New Albany (Ohio)/Resolute, 2018
Alex Cordero, Goalie, Durant (Fla.)/Western Florida Lacrosse, 2018
Luke Policke, Midfield, Cedar Park (Texas)/C2C, 2018
Vincent Cartelli, Midfield, Somers (N.Y.)/Superstar, 2018
James Lisignoli, LSM/Defense, Chanhassen (Minn.)/Team Minnesota, 2018
Brandon Rizzuto, FO/Midfield, Northport (N.Y.)/3d Tri-State, 2018
Connor Sommer, Midfield, Cy Woods (Texas)/Third Coast, 2018
Justin Miller, Midfield, William Mason (Ohio)/Resolute, 2018
Maxwell Mulinax, Midfield, Caledonia (Mich.)/True Lacrosse, 2018
Blake Hemelgarn, Midfield, Archbishop Moeller (Ohio)/Cincinnati Royals, 2018
Jackson Smoot, Goalie, Highland Park (Texas)/Texas Mustangs, 2018
Grant Petracca, Goalie, Manhasset (N.Y.)/Long Island Jesters, 2018
Chris Ciesla, Attack, Centerville (Ohio)/Resolute, 2018
Tyler Perez, Defense, St. Anthony's (N.Y.)/Long Island Express, 2018

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