Maryland Update: Severn School Downs Christian Brothers of Tennessee

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

We stayed in the Mid-Atlantic this past week and, even with weather wreaking havoc on schedules for a bunch of teams, it still gave us the chance to take in a few really good games, including some interesting inter-state matchups.

Thursday evening took us up the road to the Severn School in Severna Park, Maryland, where the Admirals – the newest team to crack the USA Today High School Sports Super 25 – were hosting Christian Brothers High School out of Memphis, Tennessee.

It was a chance to see one of the MIAA’s top midfield groups with the Admirals first line of Charlie Olmert (Harvard), Ben Bedard (Penn) and Andrew Volk (Boston). They didn’t disappoint in combining for eight points on the day and a lot of impressive play in the midfield as the Admirals cruised to a comfortable 16-6 win.

We caught up with Severn head coach Jamie McNealey after the victor, an interview you can see here.

Below, read about some of the players who shined in this one for both teams.

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Michael Lamon, Attack, Severn School (Md.), 2017 – Penn

Lamon is in mid-season form in the early season despite coming back from an injury that sidelined him last season. He was fantastic against Christian Brothers, scoring five times and assisting on another. The lefty showed off quick release with blistering velocity on his shots. He’s accurate too, and he just happened to hit the pipe a few times. But he was getting to his shots as a fearless cutter, and also using great stick protection with his shoulders and keeping his feet moving to drive topside and get to the center of the field. One of his goals came on a hard cut to the middle, where he snagged a ball low and then quickly flicked a hard shot with a low release. Another saw him drive up past GLE, keep going to the center of the field and absolutely hammer the top shelf with his lefty sidearm shot. He was a threat every time he had the ball to either get off a quality shot or at least pull the defense to him. He’s unselfish and moves the ball when he’s not making a smart and effective burst to look for that shot. And off the ball he will cut and catch and make himself a good target. Another one of his goals came on a great slip pick.

Charlie Olmert, Midfield, Severn School (Md.), 2017 – Harvard

Olmert is a standout two-way midfielder who looks like he could be an impact player early in his college career thanks to a combination of skills, athleticism and field sense. He can get up and down the field and is a strong short-stick defender with good mobility. Offensively, he looks college-ready, and that was no more evident than on his big left-handed sweep across and down the alley to nail a blast inside the far post, on the run. He delivered a huge hit on the sideline to fire up his team and help put the ball on the ground. He played on the wing, cleared the ball through traffic, was unselfish with the ball, cleared through and mirrored on offense and put himself in the right spots and just looked like a seasoned vet, quietly putting up a goal and two assists.

Ben Bedard, Midfield, Severn School (Md.), 2017 – Penn

Bedard is an absolute load of a left-handed offensive midfielder who is tall and powerful and a nightmare matchup at the high school level. He can get rolling and he’s hard to stop and he can get to his shot, which is hard and with a big wind up. His day was capped with a play that saw him one-hand a ball from the midfield line, charge downhill, thrown the stick to his right hand, then get underneath and put it to his left as he crashed to the center of the field and fell, slapping the ball off the top shelf. He looks like a college midfielder already. He scored twice and added an assist.

Andrew Volk, Midfield, Severn School (Md.), 2017 - Boston University

Volk is a smooth and skilled midfielder who can make plays on both sides of the field and is excellent clearing the ball up the field as well. He pulled off a number of slick moves running up the turf, including a nasty split to lose a man and get to free space. He put up a goal and an assist. His feed was a heady pass on a slip down low to Lamon. And his goal was a great bounce shot that came after he cleared the ball up the field. He used deception and showed off a good handle throughout the game, especially trying to avoid trouble on the clear.

Jake Lilly, Midfield, Severn School (Md.), 2018 – Furman

Lilly is a towering, yet smooth right-handed midfielder who really has upside given his skills and the ability to pull off plays out of dodges. He is a slippery big man who is hard to body up because he can get his hands through and out of the check and still pass or shoot. One of his best plays was a slick one-handed juke/pivot sort of move to get inside of his man and finish with a bounce shot. His other goal came on a bit of a leaner in transition as he went down the right alley and was losing angle on the goal.

Jacob Jarosz, FO/Midfield, Severn School (Md.), 2018

Jarosz was dominant at the X, just able to push the ball out to himself and snag it and run to safety, sometimes popping it up high to catch it. He’s got endurance and toughness and good rugged style of play. He outworked others in the midfield and retained a great deal of possessions himself for Severn. He’s got a football-player feel to him and he was a grinder against Christian Brothers.

Dylan Gergar, Attack, Severn School (Md.), 2018 – Lehigh

Gergar had a good showing against Christian Brothers as a smart and opportunistic X-style attackman. He has a low center of gravity and good control when dodging from x, so he can stay balanced when he jabs and changes direction. He has quick hands and looks skilled with the stick. One of his best goals came when he used a bit of a crow hop to get his defender off balance and then accelerated to his right to get a step and easily score from a few feet out. He keeps his hands protected, dodges with his head up and sees the field. He scored four times on the day.

Charlie Marculewicz, Defense, Severn School, 2018 – Navy

Marculewicz is a strong right-handed defender with excellent fundamentals and a low center of gravity. He is tough and controlled on the ball and good with his stick in the passing lanes. He caused at least one turnover just by getting his stick out to his man’s stick on a simple exchange to break up the play. He is quick on his toes and moving up the field and handles the ball confidently. He also is a tough leader, really letting his teammates know what is going on and taking his duties seriously.

Franco Nayan, Christian Brothers Academy (Tenn.), 2019

Nayan had an outstanding game against a talented Severn team, making at least 13 saves and in the process looking like a fine 2019 netminder prospect. He is quick and explosive to the ball and is able to get across the cage and to the corners with his stick. He was extremely tough to beat on high shots, showing fast hands that he consistently got to the ball. Early on in the game, he set the tone with a huge save on a fastbreak, staying patient and springing to the ball, wowing the crowd. His body language told that he was onto the next shot in a game where he saw a great deal of shots. He would go on to make several exciting saves when the game was well put away for Severn, showing a lot of mental toughness and continuing to show excellent reflexes and vision of the ball.

Michael Montegut, Defense, Christian Brothers, Academy (Tenn.), 2017

Montegut was outstanding in the loss against Severn – he has excellent anticipation on the ball, gets out to the ball carrier to pressure quickly and can match feet with fast players. He’s agile and low to the ground and can get a midfielder hung up. He stripped two of the opposition’s top players cleanly and then got the ball himself. Montegut is extremely quick off the ground and can accelerate to clear the ball. Playing inside the defense, he picked off at least two passes that players tried to send through. He saw them the whole way and exploded up the field for the clear, showing a nice handle along the way with the strength to get through checks and the motor to keep hounding the ball all day. Delgado was impressive against some of the skilled, athletic players on the Severn roster as he is not necessarily big but has athleticism and makes plays.

Louie Dickinson, Attack, Christian Brothers (Tenn.), 2018

Great name here. Dickinson is a big presence at attack, standing at about 6-foot-3 and the ability to flash around the cage and GLE. He showed a mix of skills and the willingness to scrap it up and work hard on the ride and loose balls. He scored a weird goal on an inside, somehow finding a feed and a way to get a funky shot off, and had another in transition. He had a great groundball at the midfield to show some headiness and toughness too. He was Christian Brothers’ leading scorer on the day with three goals.

Jack Delgado, Attack, Christian Brothers Academy (Tenn.), 2017 - Utah

Delgado showed some slickness as an opportunistic, catch-then-dodge style attackman who has a strong right hand and can pull back for hard shots using the good spring in his step. He pulled off a great face dodge off a catch to lose a defender, but just hit the pipe on the finish attempt. He was smart off the ball and worked to find spots for his shot. He also showed the ability to create his own shot, bursting from X and sticking a really nice top shelf shot to show the snap in his release. He moved very quickly with the ball in his stick and without it. He was also working hard on the ride. Delgado also made a gorgeous one-handed snag to keep possession for his team.

Reid Lanigan, Attack, Christian Brothers (Tenn.), 2017

Lanigan is a smart lefty attackman with a good set of hands and field sense and the ability to make good feeds. He can put the ball into spots and can make plays in transition. He looked to feed with the ball and moved it quickly. He scored a slick low-to-low goal on the extra man for Christian Brothers.


Jackson Mahoney, Defense/LSM, Christian Brothers (Tenn.), 2018

This 6-foot-5 right-handed junior defender has massive range and can reach way out to meet the ball carrier on the perimeter and get his stick out to make even simple exchanges perilous. He broke up more than one play just by anticipating the play and getting out there to take it himself. One of his plays was really slick to break up the play and push transition the other way. He’s can cover ground on the clear and showed that by bringing it up himself numerous times throughout the game, also showing smarts to use his long arms to one-hand the pole to safety out of traffic. He made a nice roll out of a scrum too. At least one of the breaks he led resulted in a transition goal.

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