Scholastic Champions Crowned at the 26th Annual Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Classic

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. — Champions were crowned in the Scholastic Divisions at the 26th annual Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Classic, a once-fledgling tournament that has become a bustling celebration of the sport and a regular summer getaway for many of the best players at all levels of the sport as well their families.

The Boys 2016-2017 Gold Division championship was an action-packed display of high level lacrosse, as the FCA National High School team edged the SweetLax 2016 National team 7-6. It was a rematch of two programs that met last year with different rosters in the same division. FCA had to overcome a two-goal deficit in the first half to take the win.

Based in Baltimore, the FCA club was led by Avery Myers, a rising senior midfielder from Gonzaga College High School (Washington, D.C.) who scored three goals in the heavy-weight slugfest.

“You always hear about FCA versus SweetLax in Placid and it’s just been THE game for four or five years,” said Myers, who will attend and play lacrosse at Michigan after graduating from high school.

“FCA has built up such a tradition of winning, losing only one game in the last five years. I think it’s huge for us to come out there and be down early in the first half and come back and win it. We talked about adversity, and we talked about how our team could come together, and work together for a win.”

Assistant tournament director Kevin Leveille, recently retired from Major League Lacrosse, addressed each of the winning boys teams Wednesday afternoon.

“Every year I watch this tournament, the championship games just keep getting better and the level of skill and competition just keeps improving,” said Leveille, who’s father George co-founded the tournament with Mike DeRossi in 1990.

In the Boys 2016-2017 Silver Division, it was another FCA and SweetLax matchup. SweetLax’s 2017 National team got the best of the FCA Super Sophomore Squad with a 6-3 win. Lucas Quinn, a rising junior midfielder from Niskayuna, N.Y., who is committed to Syracuse, scored two goals in the victory.

Quinn after the game said he took pride in playing alongside some of the best players from Upstate New York and beyond on the SweetLax squad.

“It’s awesome,” Quinn said of the experience. “A lot of the Rochester guys I know from the past summers. Now there’s a couple Long Island guys and couple Syracuse guys. It’s a great mix. Just a bunch of good dudes.”

The Boys 2016-2017 Bronze Division crown was taken by the Western Royals U16 squad, a Rochester, N.Y.-based program and first time title winner at the Summit Classic. Midfielder Tim Santiago had one goal and one assist to earn MVP honors from his coaches.

SweetLax took another title, winning the Boys 2018-2019 Gold championship 10-2 over the Long Island Express. Joe Neuman, a rising sophomore face-off midfielder from Walt Whitman High School and a Johns Hopkins commit, earned MVP honors from his after a dominating run through the week.

The Boys 2018-2019 Silver championship went to the Flyers, a Rochester-based team playing to honor the memory of the late Tyler Kopp, who passed away in 2011 following an injury suffered playing lacrosse. The Flyers dominated the Albany Power Silver team 16-1 to claim the division.

Champions were also crowned in the three girls divisions on Wednesday.

Baby Blues, a team of girls committed to play at North Carolina, cruised to the Girls 2016-2018 Gold championship, rolling past Western New York-based Lady Roc 2017 Yellow 10-5. Goaltender Taylor Moreno (Huntington, N.Y.) recorded nine saves in the victory for the Pennsylvania-based squad and earned the MVP recognition from her coaches.

Moreno said she and her future teammates enjoyed not only their time together as players on the field, but also getting to know one another off the field as they pursued the division title.

“It was great to get a chance to come up here again and to get to work with every body and get that chemistry before we get to school. The experience itself, to bond with everybody. The tournament was so much fun, so laid back. It was a great experience for all of us.”

The Lady Eagles, a program made up of girls from the Rocky Point area on Long Island, won the Girls 2016-2018 Silver title, edging the Salt City Snipers out of Syracuse 10-9. Brianna Carrasquillo, a rising freshman, scored five goals to lead the team.

Common Goal 2019 Orange, another girls program out of the Rochester region, claimed the Girls 2018-2020 championship with an 8-6 victory over M&D 2020 Black, a team made up of players from Maryland and Washington, D.C. Rising freshman Erin Coykendall (Spencerport, N.Y.) led Common Goal with two goals and two assists.

Wednesday also marked the beginning of the Men’s Ultra Grand Masters, Super Grand Masters and Past Masters divisions at the Summit Classic. Below are the final standings for Scholastic Divisions followed by the standings for the Men’s Ultra Grand Masters, Super Grand Masters and Past Masters divisions.

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Boy’s 2016-2017 Gold
FCA Lacrosse National 5-0
SweetLax 2016 National 4-1
Orange Crush 4-1
Team 91 4-1
Baltimore Crabs U18 3-2
Coldbrook Laxers 3-2
Flamingos 3-2
3d New England U18 2-3
Academy Mortgage 2-3
Long Island Express 2-3
Blaze Elite Blue 1-4
FLG Committed Team 1-4
Long Island Outlaws 1-4
LB3 National 0-5

Boy’s 2016-2017 Silver
FCA Super Soph 5-0
SweetLax 2017 National 4-1
Long Island Outlaws 3-2
Flyer Lacrosse 3-2
LGS 2017 Silver 3-2
LGS Catamounts 3-2
Red Rams 2-3
Spencerport Rangers 3-2
Team Cape Cod 2-3
Fighting 4 Varsity 1-4
NE Elite 2-3
Albany Power Gold 1-3
Ithaca Varsity 2-3
Team Buffalo U18 Elite 0-5

Boy’s 2016-2017 Bronze
Adirondack Northmen 4-1
Atlantic Patriots Elite 3-2
Niners U18 3-2
Western Royals 3-2
LGS 2017 Bronze 2-3
Clarence 2-4
Tri Lakes 1-4

Boy’s 2018-2019 Gold
SweetLax 2018 National 5-0
Orange Crush 4-1
3d New England U16 3-2
Academy Mortgage 3-2
Baltimore Crabs U16 3-2
Blaze Rising Sophs 3-2
FCA National 3-2
Long Island Express 2018 3-2
Team 18 CO 3-2
Long Island Express 2019 2-3
CNY Patriots 1-4
Coldbrooks Laxers 1-4
Jersey Strong 1-4
Rhino USA 0-5

Boy’s 2018-2019 Silver
Flyers 5-0
LGS Silver 2018 4-1
Albany Power Silver 3-2
Fighting 4 JV 3-2
Ithaca 2-3
Junior Black Rhino 2-3
Niners U15 1-4
Clarence 0-5

Girl’s 2016-2018 Gold
Baby Blue 5-0
Lady Roc 2017 Yellow 4-1
Mass Elite Red 4-1
BASC Lacrosse 3-2
Defo’s LI Yellow Jackets 2016 3-2
FCA Girls HS 2-3
Salt City Snipers 2-3
Cazenovia 1-4
CWLP 1-4
LGS Lady Catamounts 0-5

Girl’s 2016-2018 Silver
Lady Eagles 5-0
Salt City Snipers 4-1
Coldbrook Laxers 4-1
Mass Elite White 4-1
CWLP 3-2
Common Goal 2-3
Orange Crush 2-3
TriCity Elite 2-3
Star Riders Red 2-3
Breakaway 1-4
Storm Black 1-4
LGS Lady Jaguars 0-5

Girl’s 2018-2020
Common Goal 2019 Orange 5-0
M&D 2020 Black 4-1
FCA Girls 4-1
Long Island Lady Warriors 3-2
LGS Lady Catamounts 3-2
Adrenaline 2-3
Ithaca 2-3
Lady Eagles MS 1-4
Storm Gold 1-4
Screaming Eagles 0-5

Men’s Ultra Grand Masters
Cloud Splitter 1-0
Eldest Statesmen 1-0
Sailin Shoe 1-0
Devils N’ Dogs 0-1
DownEast Stars 0-1
Grey Eagles 0-1
High Peaks 0-1
Outdated 0-1

Men’s Super Grand Masters
CVLC 1-0
Koopers 1-0
Last Call LC 1-0
Patriot Lacrosse 1-0
Reapers 1-0
Sailin Shoe 1-0
Smokey Joe’s Quakers 1-0
Tarzan 1-0
Atlantic Sportswear 0-1
Canistigione Crabmen 0-1
Dutchmasters 0-1
Faber College 0-1
High Peaks 0-1
Mr. Boh LC 0-1
Olde WU Legends 0-1
The Running Dead 0-1

Men’s Past Masters
Cloud Splitter 1-0
Ultra Legends 1-0
Grateful Undead 0-1
Grey Eagles 0-1
USA Stars 0-1

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