STX Rising Fall DIII Showcase Standouts 2017

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Kicking off the 2017 fall season, the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase gives Division III prospects the opportunity to spend a day training with and then competing in front of a long list of the top Division III college coaches in the game.

This fall’s event was held at the Noble & Greenough School just outside of Boston, where about 40 coaches were present for the day and some of them led individual and group training on the turf.

After the breakout to start the day, games were held for the remainder of the morning and afternoon.

3d Rising had eyes on the field all day at Noble & Greenough, and below you can read about some of the players who stood out at the event.

To learn more about the STX Rising Showcase Series, visit the series info page, and use #stxrising on social media to see the activity at past and future events.


Cole Johnson, Defense, Conard High School (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2019 

Johnson slowly emerged as one of the most consistent defenders at the STX Rising DIII Showcase. He’s a strong and tough left-handed player and he displayed good pressure and maintained contact with his attacker throughout one-on-one1 situations. He caused a bunch of turnovers and also corralled the loose ball and got it to safety on a number of occasions and proved himself to be workmanlike in his ability to do that several times in more than one game. When all was said and done, he was one of the most productive defenders at the camp, showing himself to be technically sound and a grinder.

John LaViolette, Attack, Brewster Academy (N.H.)/Prime Time Penguins, 2019

LaViolette has good size and can be tough to handle 1 on 1 and he showed that consistently at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase.  He has a whippy shot and showed prominence with both his right and left hand. It wasn’t the quantity of goals scored on the day, but rather the dominant demeanor in which he played. His highlight goal on the day was a simple right-handed sweep on which he stapled a heater in the upper right hand corner from about 12 yards out. He scored a roll-back goal and one side-arm that he shot with his left. LaViolette has the athleticism and skill to stand out at the next level.

Luke Roberts, Goalie, Chaminade (N.Y.), Long Island Dodgers, 2019

If your defense gives up a lot of shots in close, Roberts is your man. At the STX Rising event, he consistently made tough saves against attackmen when they’d freed themselves up on the doorstep. He stayed with the shooter and didn’t bite on fakes. Composure is probably the best way to describe Luke’s game. He stayed calm in the net and when pressured on the clear he simply eluded the riding attackmen and made the safe outlet. 

Peter Steinle, Attack, Loomis Chaffee School (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2020

Steinle showed a knack for finishing on breaks and that is what made him stand out at STX Rising. His off ball cuts were timely and effective. He scored on a fearless cut and finish to the inside for one of his tallies. He scored another cutting, catching, falling and shooting. Although his strength might be off ball, he showed the ability to create opportunities off the dodge as well. Steinle played with energy all day, both when his team had the ball and also on the ride.

Evan Wayno, Midfield, Jesuit (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2019

Wayno is a smart midfielder with a good stick and an accurate shot. He has quick hands to make a pass or shoot out of the dodge. He stuck the corners numerous times in the opening positional sessions and showed good play making as a point-guard type at the top of the box.

Ryan Phillips, Attack, Hanover High School (Mass.)/Emass Hawks, 2018

Ryan excels with the ball in his stick. He repeatedly beat his man with quickness and wasn’t afraid to turn the corner to score. He generates high quality shots by getting to the middle and finished the majority of chances he got, as his mid-range shot was effective. His motor was running all afternoon and it helped him stand out as a hard-dodging attackman who wore out his defender. He threw fakes while carrying. and used deception at full speed. He was one of the most dangerous scoring threats at the event thanks to his relentless attacking style. He played with his head up and always made the most of his opportunities.

Ren LaMotte, Midfield, Barrington High School (R.I.)/East Bay, 2019

LaMotte is a strong and athletic middie who had stood out at the event. He was productive scoring more than a goal a game at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. He can bring the heat with his outside set shot. He showed that he can score when shooting on the run with his left. He demonstrated good vision off the dodge finding the open man when drawing a slide. He scored on an excellent jump shot. He scored another goal with a defender draped all over him as he fell to the turf and stuck a sidearm shot. 

Nick Zuccotti, Defense, Milton Academy (Pa.), 2019

Zuccotti is always in a low and athletic stance. He gets out to put pressure on his man and has good timing and touch on his checks. At one point he slid and caught the attackman slightly off-kilter. With a subtle but well timed and placed check, he easily tapped the ball out of the attackman’s stick. It was this same approach led to other similar caused turnovers on the day. When covering one-on-one, Zuccotti uses his stick well to control his man.

Bryson Carter, Attack, Virginia Episcopal (Va.)/Cardinal Select, 2019 

Carter is a lanky and athletic attackman. At the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase, he scored goals on breaks and shooting from the wing. He got inside numerous times on a quick move to the middle, able to get topside. One of his goals saw him use a well-timed hesitation before he burst to the center of the field. He created a turnover on the ride by keeping with it to the midline. With a little work on his finish, Carter could be lethal.


Vernon Cowell, Midfield, Oregon Episcopal School (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2019

Cowell is very athletic and a smart lacrosse player with potential to excel at the college level, potentially even the Division I level. His speed makes him dangerous off the dodge. He initiates contact and showed good accuracy and speed when scoring. His vision and game sense makes him even tougher to handle.  He dodges with his head up and will hit the roll man when open. Cowell consistently shot the ball well, with power and accuracy and snap, and demonstrated a variety of shots including the leaner style shot famous by John Grant Jr. in which he looked low and snapped one high into the back of the net. There were times he took over the games on the offensive end, using incredible shake to easily get his hands free for a big full windup that had defenses on the back of their heels. He was without question among the most impressive athletes at the camp.

Jackson Done, Defense, Loomis Chaffee (Conn.), LA Heat, 2019

Done was effective causing turnovers throughout the weekend at STX Rising. Here and there he got the ball on the turf with a poke check. He got under hands and lifted. He checked the stick of his attackman attempting to receive a pass in the slot. He showed strength when he dumped his attackman with a strong slap check causing another turn-over without drawing a penalty. He really drove the ball carrier nuts with smart play. A little work on his handle will help round out Jackson’s game.

Barton Gardella, Defense/LSM, Avon Old Farms (Conn.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2019

Gardella can play and he showed that at the Fall DIII Showcase. He is athletic and handles the stick well. He is skilled at getting the ball off the turf, especially when coming in from the wing of the face-off. He showed timely checks. He has strength and showed it with a power v-hold at GLE locking down a driving attackman and ultimately causing a turnover. He plays with confidence.

Jon Iannarelli-Uysal, Attack, Ossining (N.Y.), 2018

Iannarelli-Uysal is a finisher and became a standout at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase as one of the toughest, most effective attackman at the event. He scored a variety of goals throughout the day that were initiated by someone else but he had to finish with grit and in the process showed a natural flare for scoring goals. He is an accurate sniper from the right-handed wing and absolutely hammered a few of his shots, including one that sounded like it tore out the top right corner with a loud stuffing sound. He will finish breaks and can get the ball out of his stick with pressure on him. He used his back well, showing some strength with his stockiness. He caught one in the slot and deposited a nifty bouncer from 8 yards in the top corner. He finished a bunch of plays throughout the day and without question turned coaches heads.

Jamie Bonomo, Midfield, Noble & Greenough (Mass.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2019

Bonomo is athletic and runs the field well and it helped him stand out in a good midfield group at the STX Rising Fall DIII Showcase. His solid game sense leads to a balanced attack and sharing the ball when appropriate. At one point he dodged the alley, rolled back into a double but was able to get off a quality shot that beat the net minder.

Cade Blouin, Attack/Midfield, Lawrenceville School (N.J.)/3d NorCal, 2018

Blouin has a nice looking shot on the run that tends to be a bit more accurate with his right, but it is hard to stop him and he has a college-like shot in his ability to separate, pull it back and fire it. He scored once by bursting to his right and snapping a shot for an easy goal. That being said, he’s not afraid to go left and hit a pipe on a left-handed wrap-around as well. He dodges with his head up and can find open men on the peripheral. He showed that with a full-speed dodge, power cradle and pump feed inside for an assist. He has a good, sturdy build and can be a load to defend when he chugs his feet and gets momentum.

Jack Henry Boyden, Attack, Upper Canada Village (Ont.)/Toronto Beaches, 2019

Boyden had a productive day at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. He consistently got to scoring locations off the dodge and showed touch on his shooting accuracy. On an exclamation move he tucked a shot short side for a slick goal. He also assisted several goals and showcased impressive vision while doing so. Boyden runs well and looked comfortable taking a few runs at the midfield. He plays with a style that feels somewhat Canadian.

Garrett Ruszkowski, Goalie, Bishop Finwick (Mass.)/CroArt Lighthouse, 2019

Ruszkowski is a lefty with quick hands and who steps well to the ball getting his body in position to make the save. The combination of these attributes allows Ruszkowski the ability to make some difficult saves and he showed that at the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase. He gets to shots low off-stick and fought off a tough bouncer from mid-range for another great stop. He appeared locked-in even during pre-game shooting drills where coaches got a good, long look at him.

Andrew Perry, Midfield, Xaverian Bros (Mass.)/Warrior Elite, 2020

Perry is a two-way middie who plays solid one-on-one defense. He has nice whip on his shot, which helped make him a threat. It wasn’t always dialed in, but that being said he did receive a pass on the outside and with his stick high yanked a shot to the low corner. His highlight of the day started with a left-handed alley dodge finished with a well placed ball low off-stick. He grabbed the rebound and proceeded around the back side off the crease finishing the play with a wrap-around goal on the opposite side. He really showed more and more of his hard shot as the day went on.

Kyung Phil Ko, Goalie, Upper Canada Village (Ont.), 2018

Ko has good size and uses it to his advantage making both body and stick saves. His solid positioning and overall technique led to a 60+ save percentage on the day at the STX Rising DIII Showcase.

Patrick O’Connor, Midfield, Wilbraham & Monson Academy (Mass.)/3d New England South, 2019

O’Connor didn’t have a ton of goals on the day but the ones he did have were impressive at the STX Rising event. His split dodge is shifty and effective. He split left to right and took a shot going down the right alley that bounced off the turf, caromed off the crossbar and in for a goal. Running down the left alley O’Connor ducked inside his defender and snapped a right-handed shot in the upper corner.

Tyler Allcroft, Attack, Northampton High School (Mass.)/3d New England South, 2019 

Allcroft possesses good size and speed and emerged throughout the day as one of the most skilled and confident attackman in the group, another player with Division I potential. He scored a variety of goals including a couple shots from the wing by kicking it into a second gear and turning topside on his defender. He did that consistently as the day went on. He can get to the 5-and-5 and get a shot off. One of his goals came when he beat a defender to a groundball and then took advantage by beating the player back inside for an easy goal. He showed determination on several occasions re-dodging or beating double teams to score, once with a slick low-to-low blast from near the wing. The lanky, but skilled attackman showed his acumen in the slot, with a nicely placed shot off stick for a goal. He was clearly on the higher-IQ end of the attackmen in the group. He is an under the radar player who has been highly productive in his scholastic efforts.

Ben Greenes, Defense, Needham High School (Mass.)/Laxachusetts, 2019

Greenes is quick and dialed into team defense and that helped him shine at the STX Rising Fall DIII Showcase. He showed good timing and decision making on his slides, soaking a shot on one series. On-ball Ben moved well and looked under control.

Matthew Bergquist, Defense/LSM, East Catholic High School (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2019

Bergquist likes to run the field and push transition and showed that off at the STX Rising event. He took a shot and assisted on another break to show his willingness to make the play. On the defensive side of the ball he had timely checks and caused a turnover with an old-school poke check. Off ball he helped when adjacent and was effective sliding.

Steven Jackson, FO/Midfield, Cushing Academy (Mass.), 2019 

Jackson was simply the best face-off man at the event. He can pinch and pop. He can clamp and pull it to himself or a wing. He won most of the draws he took and was workmanlike throughout the day at the STX Rising showcase.

Ashton Horiuchi, Defense/LSM, Cardinal Mooney (Fla.)/Monsters, 2018 

Horiuchi is a smaller defender that plays with a motor. At the STX Rising Fall DIII Showcase, he was literally all over the place and made countless plays throughout the day. He was really impressive. He has speed and can handle his stick, bursting through loose balls and heading up field to evade checks, juke an oncoming middie or make a quick fast. He showcased great timing on his checks causing turnovers. He was adept at getting the ball up off the turf from the wing and he did not stop running all day long. Horiuchi has tons of energy.

Christian Bosse, Midfield, The Rivers School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2019

Bosse was a monster in warm-ups and then proved himself to be a workhorse at the STX Rising Fall DIII Showcase. He stands out for his size, with big shoulders and obvious strength. He can let the ball fly out of a bit of a short-armed shot, but he gets power behind it and he can hit the top shelf on the fly or with some room. He grinds at the face-off and, though not a technical wizard, held his own and won many a fifth-fifty battles at the camp through sheer determination. His big frame, long legs, endurance and willingness to play two ways make him a really intriguing prospect.

Will Pappendick, Midfield, Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School (Mass.), 2020

Pappendick generated offense both in transition and settled sets and consistently found the open man resulting in multiple assists at the STX Rising Fall DIII Showcase. He scored on a break, but his highlight of the day was when he steamrolled his defender and then authoritatively shot the ball into the net. This play was called back for a ward but could have easily gone in his favor and it summed up his abilities. He hustled back and played good team defense like he did throughout the day. He held his own even when being inverted for one-on-one takes.

Abe Harris, Midfield, Oregon Episcopal School (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2019

Harris stands out for his build and athleticism, but also as a confident ball carrier. He is a patient dodger who maintains control under pressure and can find the open man. He squares his defender and will sweep to the middle or dodge the alley favoring his right hand. His shot is fast and accurate. He also stood out for numerous acrobatic goals, including one as he flailed to the ground and still hammered a bounce shot. 

Garrett Gagnon, Goalie, Glastonbury (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2019

Gagnon has the look and presence of a college goaltender. He has fast hands and consistent reflexes stepping to the ball and uses his entire body to make the save. He showed his acrobatic abilities with an impressive flailing toe save on a huge overhand step-down shot from a midfielder. He also made a variety of saves high and low with relative ease throughout the day.

Jude Goldberg, Goalie, Moses Brown School (R.I.), 2019

Goldberg steps to the ball and has fairly quick hands and it helped him have a good day at the STX Rising Fall DIII Showcase. He will hug the pipe on sharp angles taking away easy looks. He moves well enough to save high to low shots, even some off stick low.

Jared Heller, Midfield, Brimmer and May School (Mass.), 2019

Heller showed off his handle with a nifty one-handed catch on an outlet pass from the goalie. He generated a number of quality shots, scoring on a couple, including an off-ball catch and finish.

Adler Viton, Defense, Greens Farms Academy (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2019

Viton has good size and will get out to pressure his man with repetitive slap-checks. He plugged in well on team defense at STX Rising, denying the adjacent pass and sliding on occasion. With a little confidence in his stick-work, Adler could be a force to be reckoned with.

Justin Hazard, Attack, Glastonbury High School (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2019

Hazard is an ambidextrous attackman that moves pretty well and plays limber. He scored a step-down goal right handed. At STX Rising, he consistently turned the corner and when his shots were on cage, they went in. 

James Dahlen, Defense/LSM, Kent Denver School (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2019  

Dahlen is athletic and likes to put pressure on the ball carrier. He handles his stick well and had a solid overall performance at the STX Rising event.

Charlie O’Connor, FO/Midfield, Canton High School (Mass.), 2018

O’Connor was solid at the face-off X and has skills to match. Following a win he showed his finesse with a well-placed shot to the back of the net and showed good stamina fighting through a lot of reps.

 Joey McColgan, Midfield, Dexter Southfield (Mass.), 2019

McColgan showed off excellent speed at the STX Rising event, outrunning another one of the fastest players at the event for a groundball. He picked a pass to spark transition on another series. Offensively, he showed the ability to get downhill and pushed good passes out of his dodges.

AJ Caprio, Midfield, Dexter School (Mass.), 2019

Caprio stood out as a tough, thick two-way midfielder who stood out on both ends of the field. The big midfielder showed the ability to flick passes with ease and moved well with and without the ball. He put velocity on his shots and had a noticeable presence on the field every shift.

Jack Oberg, Attack, Colorado Academy (Colo.)/Evolve Elite, 2019

Oberg carried with purpose every time he touched the ball and it was evident he was a really tough cover for defenders at the camp. His change of direction was really quick and he just went extremely hard with the ball in his stick, almost with an erratic dodging style. He showed some wiry strength within his slender frame and was able to body up and try to get leverage on his defender at GLE. He was slippery cutting or dodging from X and was quick with his hands. He got off shots at low angle with a flash and made some slick passes, showing unselfishness as well. 

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.