STX Rising DIII Showcase 2017 Summer Standouts

(Photo: Elevation Video)
(Photo: Elevation Video)

The STX Rising Rising DIII Showcase, a two-day training and exposure event within the STX Rising Showcase Series, was held on the campus of the Salisbury School from June 20 to 22.

An intimate engagement featuring 120 players and about 45 of the top Division III coaches in the country, student-athletes trained for a day working with some of the coaches on hand before taking the field for competitive games.

3d Rising worked with coaches in attendance to pull some takeaways on some of the top players at the event. With good eyes on these players throughout the course of the showcase, here’s a look at some who really shined the most to our analysts.

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Tyler Forbes, Attack, Groton School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2018

Forbes is a right-handed attackman who can shoot the ball consistently well. Typically he shoots side arm set shots or step downs but is also affective on the run. Throughout the showcase he demonstrated accuracy and speed with his shot. His confidence seemingly grew as the day went on. As the sun and heat wore down opponents, Forbes stepped up and simply scored goals. He averaged more than three goals per game. He dodges hard and showed adeptness in snagging tough ground balls.

Dy-Jae Pearson, Defense/LSM, Blair Academy (N.J.)/3d Harlem, 2018

Pearson is extremely athletic and handles the pole well. He showed that up and down the field throughout the event. He has a motor and stamina to go with it. He was chosen to represent his team in a Braveheart during a pre-showcase scrimmage. He won the face off, corralled the loose ball, dodged his long stick defender and shot a well-placed ball to win the game. Dy-Jae can take face offs too if needed. He is an intense competitor and shows a lot of toughness. He plays at a high level, but his potential is off the charts.

TJ Richardson Defense/LSM, New Canaan (Conn.)/3d Tri-State, 2018

Richardson is athletic and will get out to pressure his man. His checks are well timed and he understands when to slide within a team concept. He can face off and can get the ball up off the turf. He handles the ball well.

John LaViolette, Midfield, Brewster Academy (N.H.)/Penguins, 2019

LaViolette looks the part of a Division I athlete. He is a thick kid and he can bring the heat with his outside set shot. His right hand is his strength, but he has a decent left as well. He will cause the occasional turnover and was quick to grab loose balls in his vicinity.

Austin O’Brien, Goalie, Roxbury Latin (Mass.)/3d New England, 2018 – Babson College

O’Brien is a complete goalie who starts with good communication. He is a righty with a quick and accurate outlet pass that translates to transition opportunities for his team. Most importantly he stops the ball. On one occasion Austin saved a high off-stick heater providing reassurance to any would-be future college coach. He committed to Babson not long after the event.

Connor Thorton, Goalie, Boulder (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2018

The first thing that jumps out at you about Thornton is his athleticism, both in and outside the crease. He punctuated that by scoring a goal off the clear later in the day. His unofficial save percentage hovered at an impressive 76 percent, as he made the saves he should but also robbing an attackman on a failed clear turned into a breakaway. He is solid high and remains patient as step down shooters release their shots.

Gino Nuzzolo, Midfield, Glastonbury (Conn.)/CT Cardinals, 2018

Nuzzolo can do a little bit of everything. He is good at the face off x. He can hold his own at the defensive end of the field. He has good speed and can generate shots, most of which tend to be side arm releases. He can hitch and go or get underneath from the wing. He has good vision and averaged about a goal a game on the day. Although he is definitely a right-hander, Gino did score the odd goal with his left.

Josh McDonald, Defense, Kent Denver (Colo.), 2018

McDonald is a stocky defender. He wore a knee brace that made some of his movements seem somewhat rigid. But instead of hampering his play it appeared to provide him determination to prove himself, and that he did. McDonald demonstrated good communication and played well with others. He plays tough with a heavy slap. He caused turnovers and showed skill in getting the ball up off the turf. He asserted himself in the clear and transition when pressure from the ride dictated or opportunity arose. He had an assist and even scored a give and go goal to up his stock.

George Kandel, Attack, Kent Denver School (Colo.)/3d Georgia, 2018

Kandel played hard all day at the DIII Showcase. He generated shots off the dodge and scored a couple goals from off-ball cuts. He ripped a high bouncer on a sweep for a goal. He threw a hard fake and finished in close on another opportunity. He played hard throughout the warm and sunny day. Kandel’s left-handed skills could plug in as a middie at the next level as he showed pretty decent defense when forced to run some midfield.

Chris D’Entrone, Defense, Ridgefield (Conn.)/3d Tri-State, 2018

D’Entrone is strong and aggressive. He is very good on loose balls even emerging from a scrum. He handles well and tends to make the right decision in transition. He will slide when needed and cause the odd turnover. As he prepares for football season in the fall he will only get quicker and stronger.

Thomas Baldocchi, Defender, Jesuit Portland (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2018

Baldocchi’s one-on-one defense was solid at the DIII Showcase. His checks are heavy and he routinely took the ball away from his attacker. He has good size and strength to go along with it.

Riley Green, Goalie, Loudon Valley (Pa.)/3d Mid-Atlantic, 2019

Green is steady and consistent. He is good low and gobbles up shots at his feet. He stays square to shooters making his average size frame take up more net. Green has pretty quick hands and can make even a tough off-stick high save.

Kasper Endreny, Attack, Brewster Academy (N.H.), 2018

Endreny has great vision and showed that at the DIII Showcase. He had a couple assists on the day and set teammates up for what could have been a few more. Endreny is comfortable in the two-man pick-and-roll game and plays hard all game long.

Larson Tolo, Defense, Phillips Academy Andover (Mass.)/3d New England, 2018

Tolo is a great team defender. He over communicates and is a sliding machine. He appropriately takes the body when marking the ball one on one. He causes turnovers and is good on loose balls and shows quickness in covering ground like a madman. He handles well and gets involved in the clear. Tolo also plays with intensity.

Killian Morrissey, Attack, Ipswich (Mass.)/North Shore Storm, 2018

Morrissey is an active attackman who stood out at the STX Rising DIII Showcase. He often catches tough passes on the crease and sweeps as he eyes up his target. He squares his defender and can get to the middle with quickness. He rides hard and gets paid off for his efforts. Morrisey has good vision and works well with other like-minded teammates who share the rock.

Lukas Drexler-Bruce, Goalie, Kent Denver (Colo.)/3d NorCal, 2018

Drexler is vocal and commands the defense. His athletic stance is intimidating for shooters. He routinely made saves on the doorstep on top of the ones he would be expected to make. Drexler’s outlet is on point. He is sharp and plays with a lot of energy. His hustle in backing up the cage led to a turnover.

Robbie Dinsmore, Defense/LSM, St. John’s Prep (Mass.)/3d New England, 2018

Dinsmore is good off the wing of face offs and adept at scooping loosies. He is average sized for his age but a solid one on one defender who was really reliable throughout the STX Rising DIII Showcase. He gets out to pressure his man and had at least one caused turnover on the day.

Sean Mowatt-Larssen, Attack, Strake Jesuit College (Texas)/3d Houston, 2018

Mowatt-Larssen works well with others and it allowed him to have a productive outing at the STX Rising DIII Showcase. He’s a strong, athletic kid with good size and isn’t afraid to go into space. He has good vision and zips the ball to the open man. He makes timely cuts off ball. He will become that much more effective as he asserts himself more with the ball.

Stuart Diffely, Midfield, Lincoln (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2019

Diffely will get you the tough ground ball and he also had some success at the face off X. He is a very good one on one defender. Diffely proved skilled on the offensive side of the ball as well, scoring more than a goal a game, one of which being a hitch-and-go move to the middle. He is a crafty player and one to watch as he gains a little more seasoning.

Mike Bulman, Midfield, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School (Mass.)/Hawks Lacrosse, 2018

Bulman is a throwback middie both in looks and style of play. He is a grinder with a great attitude who can generate shots. He had a nice right to left split for a goal. As he continues to refine his skills Bulman will become a more complete two-way threat.

Toby Ketchum, Defense, Pomfret School (Conn.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2018

Ketchum has Division I size and really stood out at the STX Rising DIII Showcase. He plays the body when defending his attackman and moves pretty well for such a big guy. He has decent footwork and speed. He proved he could handle his stick and get a tough ground ball. As the day went on he got more involved in the clear. Ketchum’s upside is off the charts.

Brian Wildman, Midfield, Northbridge (Mass.)/Team Central, 2019

Wildman is wiry and scrappy and won some face offs on grit alone. He can hold his own on defense and even took the ball away from his man on occasion. A future candidate for the All-Name Team, the kid can play.

Jackson McGinley, Defense, Lakeridge (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2019

McGinley is defender with a compact build who is consistently getting the job done and can quiet his assignment. He can be relentless when pressuring the ball or contesting a ground ball, just a pest that won’t go away. McGinley gets involved in transition when he gets the ball up off the turf and had a couple decent shots of his own. He plays the body tough one on one and has athleticism to make plays in a variety of ways.

Noah Braunstein, Midfield, Deerfield (Ill.)/True Illinois, 2019

Braunstein gravitates to the action and consistently demonstrated that at the STX Rising DIII Showcase. He swarms loose balls and gets the tough ones. He dodges hard and can bring the heat. A little polish on his accuracy and Noah really is a high-potential midfielder.

Jacob Braunstein, Midfield, Deerfield (Ill.)/True Illinois, 2019

Braunstein is scrappy and tenacious on ground balls. He gets to the middle when dodging. Braunstein plays solid one-on-one defense and with a little added strength will be a dangerous two-way threat.

Peter Pickard, Attack, St. Sebastian’s School (Mass.), 2018

Pickard played hard throughout the day at the DIII Showcase. The sturdy right-handed attackman generated shots and scored a couple goals a game on determination alone. He dodged hard to get topside and to the middle and has a good personality to boot.

Stew Hutchinson, Midfield, Holderness School /3d New England, 2018 – St. Lawrence University

Hutchinson plays hard and is not afraid to stick his nose into the heart of the defense to gain a better angle. Hutchinson displayed an outstanding combination of good speed, athleticism and game sense. He committed to St. Lawrence University shortly after the event.

Tim Saffold, Midfield, Kent Denver (Colo.)/Denver Elite, 2018

Saffold can consistently split his defender and showed an array of shots at the STX Rising DIII Showcase. He used set shots off the dodge, sweeps, bounce shots and scored goals down the alley. As he shows a little discretion on some outside shots, Saffold could very well be a top DIII talent.

Nicholas Brisbee, Midfield, Lakeridge (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2018

Brisbee is an athletic, slick and speedy dodger with great vision and a smooth carry down the alley. Has the skill to dish the ball to the open man was unselfish at the DIII Showcase in showing that off. He brings a good combination of skills and physical abilities to the midfield.

JJ Dominick, Defense, Glastonbury (Conn.), 2018

Dominick demonstrated the ability to cause turnovers and get the ball up off the ground.

Jamie Bonomo, Midfield, Noble & Greenough (Mass.)/Top Gun Fighting Clams, 2019

Bonomo is a crafty offensive player who generated a good amount of shots and scored on a great right-handed alley dodge. He consistently stood out at the event. With another year to refine his skills, Jamie is player to watch.

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.