STX Rising DI West: Standouts

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

The STX Rising DI West training camp – the first event in the STX Rising Showcase Series – was held from January 20 to January 22 in Phoenix, Arizona.

More than 300 players turned out for the second installment of the newly evolved training camp that builds on the 3d Blue Chip model in cooperation with Baltimore-based STX.

In two sessions Friday night, players engage in positional training, mixing the 2018/2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 groups to work with coaches from all over the country.

Saturday features a college prep discussion panel, with coaches from the Division I, II and III levels, as well as experienced prep school coaches, sharing advice with players and their families and fielding questions from those in attendance.

The panel is followed by an additional two-hour training session before games kick off and run through the end of the day on Sunday.

At the first ever STX Rising DI West camp, 3d Rising enlisted a group of respected, experienced coaches to work with us as evaluators, ensuring that each of the four groups was adequately observed over the course of the weekend. The below report, compiled by 3d Rising editor Casey Vock, is a look at some of the players who performed well at the camp over the course of the training and the controlled game play.

(While we worked directly with the evaluators, the below notes do not reflect or have any bearing on the STX Rising DI Showcase scheduled for the summer of 2017.)

If you missed our look at standouts from the STX Rising DI East training camp in early January, you can read it here

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Tucker Martinez, D/LSM, Zeeland West (Mich.)/PowerPlay, 2018

Martinez is an athlete who will strip his opponent, pick up the loose ball and clear it down the field. He has a nose for the ball in the open field and shows off excellent balance in one-on-one defense and when running the field. He is a compact player with obvious physical strength and his build and speed make him a tough matchup for offensive midfielders. He showed off a good handle throughout the event. At one point he was triple teamed on the sideline and somehow emerged with the ball. The righty had at least a goal and an assist in transition and even stepped in to face off when needed. Martinez was hands down the best player in the 2018/2019 group at the STX Rising DI West camp.

Collin O’Brien, Defense, Mullen (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2018

O’Brien is a right-handed defender who might bring average size to the field, but at STX Rising DI West he relied on his hustle and scrappiness to consistently make plays and really emerged throughout the event. He uses his stick well when covering an attackman. He causes turnovers and is even better on loose balls. If there is a scrum he will emerge with the ball. O’Brien showed that he is pretty good off ball as well.

Jason Borromeo, Goalie, Del Norte (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2019

Borromeo had a good showing at STX Rising DI West as a consistently informative communicator and a good overall shot stopper. He tracks the ball well and routinely makes tough saves from close range. The right-handed keeper made a statement on Sunday with his outstanding play and impressed with his ability to stop a variety of shots.

Macchio Rissone, Attack, Pacific Palisades (Calif.)/3d Southland, 2019

Rissone showed at STX Rising that he could handle and finish anything in the slot. His repertoire includes a hitch-and-go, inside roll and the dip-and-dunk and he got a chance to execute each of those and more at the camp. In general, the left-hander showed good patience when finishing and he moves well off ball. He had a slow start on Sunday but still finished as the leading scorer of the event.

Mitchel Sandlin, LSM, Chandler (Ariz.)/3d Arizona, 2019

Sandlin had a standout weekend at the STX Rising DI West Camp. The righty knocked down passes, stripped opponents of the ball, proved adept at scooping loose balls and handling the stick in tricky situations. He routinely made the smart play in transition and can even score an odd goal when given the chance.

Logan Stinson, Attack, St. Pius (La.)/Redstick Lacrosse, 2018

Stinson showed a consistent ability to finish from the left side. His has a great dip and dunk move. He is a left-handed player who showed a quick step to gain an advantage both on an inside move and turning the corner to finish. 

Jacob Torres, Defense, Great Oak (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2019

This lanky and athletic defender consistently got out and pressured his man at the STX Rising DI West camp. He showed good off-ball coverage on cutters and helping defense. More than anything he was ready and willing to slide and did it effectively. He was overaggressive on a few, but he was always there and was a big help to his team’s defensive effort. He was also capable of handling the ball – smooth and fluid with spring in his step when he got going. He can get around the field and get after the loose ball.

Sean Mowatt-Larssen, Attack, Strake Jesuit (Texas)/3d Houston, 2018

Mowatt-Larssen is an effective right-handed dodger with a good stutter step. He uses his speed and change of direction to gain an advantage. He was productive in the two-man game, hitting the roll man or pop when open. It was clear that he could have been more selfish as the event went on and he emerged as one of the top players. He’s also a solid athlete.


Ben Warn, Defense/LSM, Boulder (Colo.)/Denver Elite, 2019

Warn is an agile, wiry, aggressive and high IQ right-handed defender who showed well at STX Rising DI West. He’s got good foot speed, is tenacious and shows talent with the stick, both hounding the ball carrier and carrying the ball himself. He made some smart and skillful plays in the middle of the field, showing his good coordination and sense for the ball. He can get moving fast into the box and created transition with his legs. He also took some draws and was solid at actually pulling the ball back to himself or tying up some of the face-off specialists he was asked to tangle with.

Luke Steinfeld, Attack, Brentwood School (Calif.)/3d Southland, 2019 

Steinfeld is a speedy attackman that can handle tough passes and efficiently finishes his opportunities. At STX Rising DI West, he dodged hard and showed a variety of moves when driving the right crease. The right-handed dodger will go out of his way to get a loose ball. As he used his off hand more, he became a bigger threat.

Connor Jamail, Midfield, Dripping Springs (Texas)/Iron Horse, 2018 

Jamail is quick and shifty and very scrappy midfielder who can cover ground. He has good speed on his shot, and he consistently created his own opportunities. He can roll back and score. He had at least five goals on nine shots. Listed as a righty, Jamail used both Right and Left hands effectively and he re-dodged or rolled back to persevere for opportunities. He also took some draws and was effective in that role.

Jacob Maddox, Defense, Memorial (Texas)/3d Houston, 2019

Maddox is a sturdy, technically sound right-handed defender who also has decent size. A tough, working-man’s defender, he quietly put together a good weekend at STX Rising DI West as a dependable on and off ball defender who uses his stick effectively and handles it well, especially for a player fairly new to the sport. He can get up the field and is disciplined. As time went on he, showed more and more slickness with the stick on the clear. He has decent range and moves really well in the back end.

Jack Rogers, Midfield, Grandview (Colo.)/Spartans, 2019

This scrappy do-everything middie showed excellence on the defensive end, consistently taking away the middle of the field against dodgers at STX Rising. He ran the offensive system well and is a solid dodger. He can improve his shooting and finish but proved to be very coachable and showed more and more IQ. Despite a limited background at the face-off X, Jack was quite successful.

Alex Roland, Defense, Phoenix Country Day School (Ariz.)/Force Lacrosse, 3d Arizona, 2018

Roland is a good-sized right-handed defender with decent foot speed. He can be aggressive on the ball and is very persistent with his lift checks, showing smarts and good timing with the stick. At STX Rising DI West, he displayed a knack for taking the ball away from opponents by simply hanging the ball carrier up and disrupting his path to the cage.


Kyle Lee, Defense, Palisades Charter (Calif.)/3d Southland, 2019

Lee is a monster of a defender, and he’s really only been playing the game for a short time. He stands at something like 6-foot-3 or more, and he was a towering, active presence on the defensive end. He is able to get momentum coming up the field, and he’s quicker than he looks at first on the backend on the ball. The righty is so big that he was a bit of a destructive force sliding to the ball and in groundballs, getting called a few times for fouls, but he was impressive in closing in on the ball. But he showed a ton of potential with his physical play and also his ability to push the ball up the field. He is an athletic specimen with size and upside.

Jackson McGinley, Defense, Lakeridge (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2019

McGinley will immediately appeal to the defensive coordinators of the world because he does so many things well. He plays solid one-on-one defense, staying low, focusing on the hips and playing the body. He can get the ball on the ground and has a slick handle off the rug showing good speed in the open field. McGinley will take the next step as he ramps up his pressure and overall aggressiveness, which is well within his capabilities.

Evan Wayno, Midfield, Jesuit (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2019

Wayno is a good sized, determined midfielder who can be a tough matchup given his height and ability to cover ground and scan the field with coverage on him. The righty has skill and is can be a threat to feed or dodge from out on the perimeter and especially up high. Wayno has good vision and used his body well to protect the stick driving the alley with his head up. When he got his hands free, he could put hard shots on cage.

Noah Braunstein, Midfield, Deerfield (Ill.), 2019

This athletic midfielder held his own on defense while proving to be productive with the ball at the STX Rising DI West camp. A natural lefty, Braunstein can create his own shot of the dodge and impressed with his shot location, shooting overhand off stick on multiple occasions for goals.

Luke Martin, Defense/LSM, O’Dea (Wash.)/Seattle Starz, 2018

This stocky left-handed defender was solid one-on-one taking the body appropriately. He had good timing on his checks and handled loose balls well especially coming in off the wing on face-offs. He had good speed in the open field, which helped him stand out at STX Rising DI West. As he plays more defense will his feet, he will take the next step.

Matt O’Donnell, Goalie, La Costa Canyon (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2018

O’Donnell possesses good size and decent speed and uses his body well to play his angles and make saves. The right-handed keeper has an accurate outlet and the ability to generate transition off a save with a quick pass.

Vernon Cowell, Midfield, Oregon Episcopal (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2019

Cowell is a workingman’s midfielder – hard working, stamina and a willingness to keep going after the ball and to the cage. He can dodge hard downhill and, though still a bit raw with the stick, can break down a defender with his big strides and strong legs and he has a rumbling sort of approach to dodging when he gets going downhill. He has potential to make a big impact as he develops more skill to go with his athleticism and growing field sense. 


Darrius Miller, Goalie, Grandview (Colo.)/Spartans, 2019

Miller is a beast in the cage. Still developing his fundamentals – and also said to be a good box goalie prospect – the right-hander was tough as nails and made some impressive stops from different locations on the field. He was cool and calm and he was physically impressive as an anchor for the defense. If he came out of the cage, opposing players wanted nothing to do with it.

Zack Romrell, Attack, San Ramon Valley (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2019

Romrell is a small, but highly skilled left-handed attackman who proved himself to be able to get to his own shot and put it in the net with consistency at the event. He has a nasty right-to-left split dodge and it was just one of several explosive moves he used to initiate his dodges, oftentimes instantly getting separation from his man. He scored numerous impressive goals by bursting topside and turning the corner to score. He has good hands and can really pop the ball, and he tends to surprise the defense given his smaller stature . He was playing his best lacrosse later in the weekend and his determination really came through. Romrell is fun to watch.

Jonas Hunter, Attack, Riverside (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2020

Hunter was far and away the leading goal scorer of the weekend in the class of 2020 at STX Rising DI West. He scored an estimated 30 goals in the four games on Saturday and Sunday while adding close to a dozen assists. His change of direction and patience when dodging from behind the cage makes him an ideal X attackman. He showcased a variety of dodges at X and at goal line extended where he dodged with his head up, protected his stick and completely drew the attention of all six defenders. He can create with both hands and showed that he can dodge from both above and behind the cage. He was had an outstanding run at the event.

CC Jeffers, Attack/Midfield, Kincaid (Texas)/3d Houston, 2020

Jeffers proved himself to b one of the most skilled and polished players of the 2020 group at STX Rising DI West. He was an unselfish player who played with a pass-first mentality. He consistently dodged with his eyes up and made good sound decisions while rarely turning the ball over. The dominant righty excelled when he patiently Z-dodged in the pairs offense, drawing double teams while finding cutters for easy goals.

Kai Kelly, Attack, Pacific Ridge (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2020

Kelly is a well-built, strong player that uses his physicality to get low on defenders and drive hard to the goal. The crafty attackman prefers his right, but he is able to use his soft hands, slickness and vision to make all the passes, feeds and shots without using his left. He has really exceptional catching and finishing abilities around the crease showing several silky behind-the-back shots for goals. Kelly is tough and sneaky when riding and on ground balls causing several turnovers that resulted in goals for his team. He also proved himself as a time and room shooter, using bounce shots to change it up and trick the goalie.

Cole Garvey, Defense/LSM, Manhattan Beach (Calif.), 2020

At STX Rising DI West Garvey stood out as a long and rangy defender who very much looks the part of a future Division I player. He is strong and athletic and uses those two traits to play a physical style of defense. He also showed grittiness and aggressiveness to come up with dozens of tough groundballs in traffic, which may be one of his best skills as a defender. Garvey did a good job of helping in to the hub while playing team defense, showing that he can do more than just play one-on-one.

Cole Pickell, Defense, Midsun (Alb.)/Team Alberta, 2020

At STX Rising DI West, this left-handed Alberta defender was the most intimidating in the 2020 group. Standing over six feet tall and likely in the 200-pound range, he has all of the size you would want in a Division I defenseman. Plus, he just plays in an all-business, hard-working style that any coach would appreciate. He used his physicality well without getting into penalty trouble. He was able to throw nasty wrap checks while keeping his feet moving and not losing his position on the offensive player. Pickell also showed flashes of his offensive abilities by pushing transition and making smart decisions with the ball in his stick.

Joey Waldbaum, Defense, Kent Denver School (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2020

Waldbaum is a very talented, offensive-minded right-handed defensive player. His greatest strengths are picking the ball up off the ground and playing in transition, where he gets to show off his high-level stick skills. Time and time again at STX Rising DI West, he came up with tough groundballs, dodged through riding attackmen, and ran transition like an offensive player. He has very soft hands, which helps him with ground balls, tight transition passes, and stick protection. Defensively, Waldbaum is intimidating with his size and ability to pressure out with range and a fast stick, but he plays very much under control with a team-defense mindset. On the ball, he is very fluid moving laterally and covers ground to make him that much more effective one-on-one.

Connor Willihnganz, Defense, Lake Oswego (Ore.)./3d Oregon, 2020

Willihnganz showed extremely consistent and fundamental positioning throughout his playing time at the showcase. The righty is big and strong, and maybe not the fastest, but he makes up for it with quick and efficient footwork. Willihnganz uses his strength and physicality well, sliding to body and playing as an enforcer around the crease. He was arguably the most steady and consistent overall defender of the group.


Doak Walker, Goalie, Highland Park (Texas)/Highland Park Select, 2020

Walker showed that he was arguably the best goalie in the 2020 group at STX Rising DI West with his athleticism and his clearing abilities. His athleticism gives him a chance at saving every single shot no matter where it’s placed or where it’s coming from. Off-stick hip is usually a weak spot for goalies, and yet Doak showed that he could track those difficult shots and make a save with his body or stick. A smaller goalie, he was still able to stand tall and play good positioning and angles on inside shots. Every single outlet pass Walker threw was on a rope right on the money, no matter if it was 10 yards or 50.

Joseph Celentano, Midfield, St. Ignatius Prep (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2020

Celentano stood out as a true midfielder. He knew and ran the offense well while drawing a slide or double team every time he dodged. He is a good-sized athlete – strong and explosive. The righty showed the ability to affectively dodge against both SSDMs and LSMs. He squares up his defenders well, stays light on his feet and rarely dodges into trouble. He is the perfect guy to initiate an offense in that regard. He showed relentless hustle in transition and on defense, while also showing some creative flashes with some crafty backhand flip passes.

Jack Guiney, Midfield, Milton (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2020

Guiney certainly looks the part of a future Division I midfielder. Standing well over six feet tall with a solid build, he was able to dodge, feed and shoot over his smaller classmates at the STX Rising DI West camp. He effectively used his smooth stick skills and roll dodge in the pairs offense. He was able to draw the attention of several defenders and move the ball effectively to the open man. A potentially overlooked skill of Guiney’s was his tenacity and effectiveness on defense. He was not afraid to show the evaluators that he could play solid, aggressive defense and push the ball in transition. Offensively, a lot of what he did came from keeping his stick up high, going to both his right and left and using a pivot to escape coverage. He became pretty snaky in that regard and with his hands free, he could make easy passes or pull up for hard shots, and he buried plenty of those.

Maxwell Hewitt, Attack/Midfield, Kent Denver School (Colo.)/Denver Bandits, 2020

Hewitt was maybe the most versatile offensive player of the 2020 class at STX Rising DI West and he had a highly productive weekend while emerging as one of the most obvious offensive talents. Evaluators were trying to figure out where would fit better: attack or midfield. He can clearly do both at a very high level and looks comfortable anywhere on the field. He showed very impressive speed and athleticism as a midfielder, and he also turned the corner well on a tough physical dodge from X as an attackman and showed the ability to shed body and stick checks. He showed a high lacrosse IQ and some impressive craftiness with some nice backhanded feeds. The righty has a lot of potential.

Jakob Johnson, Midfield, Lakeside (Wash.)/Seattle Starz, 2020

Johnson really stood out at STX Rising DI West as a skilled, athletic right-handed midfield prospect who can dodge, pass and shoot. The best part of Johnson’s game is his consistency and lacrosse IQ. He throws every pass, feed and shot on a rope with excellent placement. He’s a truly skilled player who has spent a lot of time on the wall, which shows because he is extremely dangerous with both hands. His form is fundamentally sound. Everything is overhand. He has field sense and vision with the ball in his stick, especially when he dodges downhill. Johnson has a laser of a time-and-room step down with his hands free. He rarely, if at all, turned the ball over. He knew when to take risks and when to make the smart play and put together a terrific weekend at the camp.


Greg Tingleaf, FO/Midfield, Memorial (Texas)/3d Houston, 2020

Tingleaf is a face-off specialist and he can grind. He showed that at STX Rising DI West by winning a good percentage of his draws and looking more like an East Coast player than a Texas native with his ability to jam the ball and consistently get it up and out. He showed an assortment of moves throughout the weekend. He sparked more than one transition opportunity that lead to goals for his team.

Cody Hart Midfield, Lakeridge (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2021

Hart was arguably the most impressive 2021 of the weekend at the STX Rising West Camp. He’s tough, competitive and versatile. On top of it, he excelled as the top face-off man in the group and made an impact on both the offensive and defensive ends of the field. He displayed a consistent ability to run by defenders finishing with an accurate shot on the run. A righty, Hart controlled the face-off X with a variety of moves and was rarely beat throughout the entire weekend.

Kenneth Klubnik, Attack, St. Ignatius (Ohio)/Titanium, 2021

Klubnik was the most polished and well-rounded 2021 attackman over the course of the event at STX Rising DI West. He racked up points with a balanced skill set that combined accurate feeding with versatile scoring. Always playing with his head up, Klubnik made a variety of feeds both settled and in transition displaying high-level vision and IQ. The righty consistently found open teammates inside and also made several skip looks to the backside. When slides were late, Klubnik was able to create his own shots and finish with ease.

Hunter Henderson, Attack, Oyster River (N.H.)/3d New England, 2021

A slick left-handed attackman, Henderson displayed a wide variety of skills throughout the weekend. He showed a great ability to create on the backside off of windups, using face dodges and hitches to turn good shots into great shots. In addition to his scoring touch, Henderson also displayed good vision in transition by consistently finding cutting teammates in slow break situations.

Michael Nagy, Attack, Ridgecrest (Calif.)/Santa Monica Dragons, 2021

Strong and aggressive, Nagy used his solid frame and good speed to create shots at will at the STX Rising event. Although he was listed as a righty, he appeared equally adept at attacking the goal with both hands, scoring in a variety of ways from different areas of the field. He showed a willingness to turn the corner from X through physical stick checks and was also able to use speed moves up top to notch several goals on the run.

Jonathan Dean, Midfield, Northstar Academy (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2021

A pure athlete, Dean is a quintessential split dodging midfielder who is able to create his own shot at will. He showed great shake and an ability to split dodge to both hands with ease. Once he’s able to harness his shooting accuracy, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Dean simply demands a slide every time a short stick defends him and that was apparent at STX Rising.

Kean Moon, Midfield, Bishop Grandin (Alb.)/Calgary Mustangs, 2021

At STX Rising DI West, Moon showed a great combo of Canadian box skills and pure American field athleticism. Tall, long and very fast, Moon glided effortlessly up and down the field all weekend. He played with a high level of lacrosse IQ, scoring in several ways both as a dodger and floating off the ball. The right-hander used give-and-go’s, backside cuts, slick plays out of the two-man game on the wing, twisters and behind-the-backs as a sampling of his slickness.

James Lewis, LSM, Cathedral (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2021

An intimidating physical presence, Lewis was an extremely disruptive force both on the defensive end and in between the lines. The right-handed used his length and physicality to create several turnovers throughout the weekend. Complementing his ability to both put the ball on the ground and pick off passes, Lewis showed the skill and ability to jumpstart the transition game as well.

Ethan Burke Attack, San Marcos (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2021

Burke is a big lefty attackman who possesses a wide range of skills as a finisher and a lot of IQ. He uses deception particularly well and displayed that trait consistently throughout the event. Burke created scoring chances with several moves including hitches, face dodges and speed splits. He attacked the goal with physicality and was particularly undeterred by stick checks and was able to protect the stick and operate with his head up. He utilized both double fake finishes and leaners to put the ball in the back of the net and showed a high level of skill getting the ball in and out of his stick. Burke was a big presence inside as a target, but then also proved himself as a strong carrier, especially when he worked down low toward GLE and got topside.

Luke Morissette, Attack, Oregon Episcopal School (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2021

Morissette is a sneaky good right-handed attackman. He doesn’t play with a lot of flash, but he consistently made plays throughout the weekend. A fearless dodger, Morissette utilized S-dodges and inside rolls to finish through contact on several occasions. In addition to creating goals with the ball, he also showed a timely ability to cut and finish when the opportunity presented itself.


Charlie Gold, Attack, Sunset (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2021

Gold had an excellent weekend at the STX Rising DI Camp, proving himself to be a smart X attackman and a dangerous threat dodging around GLE or making plays in transition. The right-handed attackman is an excellent feeder, showing good form and moving the ball quickly and accurately with his feet moving. He would carry from X, and if he didn’t get a step to turn the corner, he would stretch his defender out by appearing to look for the shot and then looked inside to feed. He also effectively worked the two-man game to get himself freed up to get topside and score. Off the ball, he moved to space and wanted to be a target. From out on the wing, he showed himself to be a slick shooter who could pull back and hit the top shelf from low angles or just bury the ball when given time on the break. He's got a nice full extension on his wind up. Gold really stood out on the ride too, helping create pressure to turn the ball over. He snagged the ball in unsettled situations a few times to help secure possession for his team.

Carson Byrd, Midfield, Salyards (Texas)/3d Houston, 2021

Byrd is an impressive young athlete who has full-field speed, stamina, grittiness and a raw skillset that is turning into some really interesting potential. Byrd is a right-handed midfielder with super strong legs and the ability to just burn up and down the field and do it over and over again. He looks like a two-way midfielder now, but when he gets to his shot, it’s incredibly hard – more like an upperclassmen’s shot. It comes with a burst too. And with his ability to carry the ball at full speed and with a compact build, and a natural midfielder’s style, he has a lot of potential to develop into a high level player. When he decided to get down the alley and shoot, it was really a tough ask to stop him. He made a lot of plays at the camp just with his speed and do-the-dirty-work attitude.

Chase Siewart, Defense, Mary Institute Country Day (Mo.)/3d Colorado, 2021

Siewart was easily the most physically developed player of the 2021 group at STX Rising DI West. Big, strong and athletic, Siewart displayed fundamentally sound footwork with physical and aggressive defense to go with it. He also made several nice slides and rotations while playing off-ball to display a well-rounded defensive skill set. Siewart was also good off the ground and smooth in the clearing game.

Richard O’Halloran, Goalie, Colorado Academy (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2021

O’Halloran was arguable the top 2021 goalie of the weekend at STX Rising DI West. O’Halloran combined great size with fast hands and fundamental position. The righty consistently made great saves all weekend by playing angles well and using his size to his advantage. His lower body was in sync with his hands allowing him to attack the ball with explosiveness. O’Halloran was also able to make some nice outlets, kick starting the transition game by hitting midfielders in stride.

Evan Miner, Goalie, John Adams (Calif.)/Santa Monica Dragons, 2021

Another player with a strong showing between the pipes, Miner displayed great consistency throughout the weekend at STX Rising DI West. Miner is a left-handed goalie that plays with quick hands, good posture and fundamental positioning. He also did well in the clearing game, consistently getting the ball out quickly and accurately to his teammates.

Davis Provost, Attack, Cherry Hills Village (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Provost was arguably the most well rounded attackman in the 2022 group at the STX Rising DI West camp, showing a high level of skill and field sense along the way. A lefty, he showed vision to move the ball and the stick to put it into spots for his teammates. He was really smart with the ball and showed an understanding of the offense installed throughout the first day and a half of the camp. He was confident carrying the ball with a defender checking his hands, played with his head up and was always a threat to feed out of his carry or take a couple steps toward the center of the field to try to draw a slide or simply get topside for a shot. He can shoot the ball well, with accuracy and a quick snap.

John Culley, Attack, Foothill (Calif.)/SoCal Express, 2022

Culley shined at the STX Rising DI West training camp with his ability to finish the ball with his right hand. He showed a high level of IQ in his play with the ball in his stick and without it throughout the weekend. He used a face dodge to score at least once and was also outstanding in transition finishing or making an unselfish, smart pass.

Charlie Iler, Attack, Alamo (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2022

Iler proved himself to be one of the most effective and opportunistic attackman in the 2022 group at STX Rising DI West. The righty showed good finishing skills and also went to his off hand to show effort and smarts to open up opportunities and create great plays. He used picks really well and was really smart off the ball to find space and make himself a target.

Clay Almgren, Attack, City Side (Wash.)/Seattle Starz, 2022

Almgren was arguably one of the best attackman at the STX Rising West camp in the 2022 group and showed off good skill in a variety of ways. He’s a skilled dodger and was able to finish the ball consistently. He has a really effective overhand shot with his right and he was smooth in transition making plays.

Lane Kellogg, Attack, Arvada (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Kellogg had a good go at the STX Rising DI West Camp. The lefty finished in a number of ways. He was opportunistic and made plays off of groundball wins and made good looks to teammates to set up easy goals. He showed a good combination of skill and IQ throughout the weekend.

Erik Sankey, Attack, Boulder (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Sankey proved himself to be a reliable, skilled left-handed finisher at the STX Rising Camp. He’s smart off the ball and isn’t afraid of getting into spaces. He was unselfish and also rode like a maniac throughout the weekend.

Wesley Maloney, FO/Midfield, Tucson (Ariz.), 2022

Maloney came into the STX Rising DI West camps listed as an attackman but he ended up taking draws and won a whole bunch of them, establishing himself as a consistent pinch-and-pop man who could get it out to himself. But then with the ball, he was definitely a player – able to dodge the alley and get space downhill. He proved himself to be a tough, dynamic right-handed player.

Caleb Greenfield, Midfield, Mesa (Ariz.), 2022

Greenfield stood out at STX Rising West for his hustle – a hard working, hard playing right-hander who never quit and made plays as a result of his effort. He also showed off a good stick throughout the weekend as he made plays.

Braydon Boland, Midfield, Centennial (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Boland stood out at the event with his ability to consistently show a fluid left-handed shot motion and accurate release. He was mechanical in how he let the ball fly and it made him one of the more intriguing midfield prospects in the young bunch at STX Rising DI West.

Matt Eitzen, Midfield, 4S Ranch (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2022

Eitzen had a solid run at the STX Rising DI West camp as a good overall midfielder who is more than willing to scrap and mix it up. He also can dodge hard to his right hand and can get himself going to the cage is a tough matchup because of his determination.

Caden Pickell, Midfield, Calgary (Alb.), 2022

The left-handed Canadian showed excellent hands and stick skills and, as he figured out how to utilizing that in the field game, he became pretty effective. As he moved his feet and found himself dodging a bit, he was a tough matchup with his ability to shoot and use his good hands. He was one of the more promising players in the 2022 group at STX Rising DI West.

Seth Nelson, Midfield, Littleton (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Nelson is a right-handed offensive player who showed a good combination of skills and field smarts throughout the STX Rising DI West camp. He made plays using what was tough in the camp’s skill progression and team offense training and became one of the more effective attackman by the time it was said and done.

Kai Cook, Midfield, Littleton (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Cook had a good weekend at STX Rising DI West showing athleticism and quickness to go with a good stick. It allowed him to get his hands free for shots. The right-handed midfielder  also played well on the defensive end of the field with positioning on the ball. He excelled in transition and showed off a good motor.

Gunnar Fellows, Midfield, Littleton (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Fellows put together a solid weekend at STX Rising with effective dodges and the willingness to get to the middle of the defense for quality shots. He used a slick face dodge to get to the center of the field and showed toughness. He used shiftiness to set himself up. And the righty was a reliable finisher throughout the weekend.

Reece Lewis, Defense, Mountainside (Ariz.)/Woodinville Falcons, 2022

Lewis turned in a good performance at STX Rising DI West, using his physicality and quick feet to be a strong presence on the ball. The right-hander was aggressive and skilled in coming up with groundballs and get out of the scrum. He proved himself to be one of the most impactful defenders at the camp in the 2022 group.

Rocco Schramm, Defense, Danville (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2022

Schramm proved himself to be one of the toughest defenders in the 2022 group at STX Rising DI West and one of the hardest matchups for opposing attackman. He was physical and was good with his stick, especially with the ball in it, which gave him the chance to show off some fakes and slickness.

Connor Guerrero, Defense, Marco Forster (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2022

Guerrero was one of the most effective defenders in this 2022 group at STX Rising DI West. He’s an agile right-handed defenseman, and he’s incredibly active and really heady in his style of play. He gets after loose balls and can handle the long pole. He is quick off the ground and gets up the field, using his skills to complete one of the nicest clears of the weekend. Guerrero also shined playing off the ball and looks to have some athleticism already.

Billy Mack, Defense, San Elijo (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2022

Mack stood out at the STX Rising DI West camp for the use of his stick and his effectiveness with his checks. He threw great poke checks and showed talent with the handle. The right-handed defender was also solid in his approach to the ball.

Colin Vickrey, Goalie, Westlake (Texas)/Texas Mustangs, 2022

Vickrey stood out as an all-around solid young netminder with good communication skills and a knack for clearing the ball. He made saves at STX Rising DI West that demonstrated his vision, and he was tested low a lot and was hard to beat there throughout the whole weekend.

Trevor Fox, Goalie, Boulder (Colo.)/3d Colorado, 2022

Fox is a smart and skilled right-handed goalkeeper who turned in a solid performance at the STX Rising DI West camp. He plays with proper positioning and both steps to the ball and gets down on the ball as much as he can. He was one of the more reliable netminders in the group and made numerous saves, from different ranges, to show his overall ability to track the ball.

Drew Tyson, Goalie, Hewes (Calif.)/OC Crush, 2022 

Tyson is a right-handed goalie with quick, active feet and the ability to throw accurate and long-range clearing passes. He also impressed at STX Rising with some highlight reel saves, including a high shot that he robbed to make it look easy.

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.