STX Rising DI East: Standouts

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

The STX Rising DI East training camp – the first event in the STX Rising Showcase Series – was held from January 6 to January 8 in Davenport, just outside of Orlando.

There, nearly 400 players turned out for the evolution of the training camp that builds on the 3d Blue Chip model in cooperation with Baltimore-based STX.

In two sessions Friday night, players engage in positional training, mixing the 2018/2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 groups to work with coaches from all over the country.

Saturday features a college prep discussion panel, with coaches from the Division I, II and III levels, as well as experienced prep school coaches, sharing advice with players and their families and fielding questions from those in attendance.

The panel is followed by an additional two-hour training session before games kick off and run through the end of the day on Sunday.

At the first ever STX Rising DI East camp, 3d Rising enlisted a group of respected, experienced coaches to work with us as evaluators, ensuring that each of the four groups was adequately observed over the course of the weekend. The below report, compiled by 3d Rising editor Casey Vock, is a look at some of the players who performed well at the camp over the course of the training and the controlled game play.

(While we worked directly with the evaluators, the below notes do not reflect or have any bearing on the STX Rising DI Showcase scheduled for the summer of 2017.)

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Brandon Adrian, Defense, Staples (Conn.)/Eclipse, 2018

Adrian gets out to pressure his man and, at the STX Rising DI East camp, he rarely got beat one-on-one. He helps and slides when appropriate; he’s athletic and speedy, allowing him to run the field making good decisions in the clearing and transition game. He is well rounded and feels like a complete player who’d be able to fit into any system.

James Foster, Attack, Cardinal Gibbons (Fla.)/Landshark, 2018

Foster played like he was shot out of a cannon at the STX Rising camp. He rides hard, plays hard and possesses great speed. He is an efficient finisher on breaks and creates his own scoring opportunities with speed and change of direction. He is a lefty but is impressively adept at faking and finishing with his right. A dynamic player, Foster also displayed a great attitude by consistently celebrating his teammates successes and was unselfish.

Garrett Gagnon. Goalie, Glastonbury (Conn.)/3d New England South, 2019

Gagnon showed himself to be a consistent and steady right-handed keeper at the STX Rising DI East camp. He is very good in close, routinely making highlight reel saves on shots that come from high-percentage areas – the doorstep and by the crease He gets the ball out quick on the clear. He finished the weekend saving somewhere in the range of 75 percent of the shots he faced.

Andrew Johnson, Defense, Noble & Greenough School (Mass.)/3d New England, Team Central, 2019

Johnson is an athletic and highly skilled defender with a knack for the ball. At STX Rising, he stood out by harassing attackmen and getting all over the field. He gets his stick in the passing lane. The right-handed defender is good off ball as well. Johnson consistently showed the ability to get the ball off the turf and push the ball down the field using his good legs.

Oliver Ihrig, Defense/LSM, Jesuit High School (Fla.)/LB3, 2018

Ihrig is a lanky, athletic right-handed defender who uses his stick well and he established himself as a solid presence at STX Rising. He will get out to pressure his man and he routinely causes turnovers and gets the ball on the ground. An excellent team defender, Ihrig has a keen sense of when to help and slides quickly when the time comes.

Jonathon Caponi, Goalie, Ramapo (N.J.)/Tribe, 2018

Caponi logged a good weekend at the STX Rising camp. The right-handed keeper steps and moves well to the ball, which allows him to make saves off hip. He is strong in close. His outlet pass is accurate. Caponi saved something like ¾ of the shots he faced over the weekend.

Cole Peters, Midfield, Baldwinsville (N.Y.)/Orange Crush, 2018

Peters was banged up at the camp with two different injuries and saw limited runs, but the Baldwinsville product showed a lot of promise in the runs he was able to take. He’s a hard dodging, hard playing righty who seems to go full throttle every shift. He’s after groundballs in the middle of the field. He’s a threat to get a step of separation on a quick dodge and let it fly from range. He can get a step down the lane or inside his man and force a slide. He’s unselfish and just goes all out, using good IQ in the process.

Reed Weinberg, Defense, Johns Creek (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2018

Weinberg is a good communicator and moves well off the ball. He is athletic with solid stick skills, and he showed off both of those at STX Rising. He is smooth on loose balls and is an asset on the clear as he gets the ball up field and routinely makes the simple and smart play.

Zach Limbardo, Defense/LSM, Tenafly (N.J.), 2018

Limbardo proved himself to be a loose ball machine at the STX Rising camp. He’s great off the wing of the face-off. The righty moves well and gets out to pressure in a hurry. He is skilled at getting through and avoiding picks. Limbardo has an effective lift in his arsenal and he consistently gets his stick into the passing lane.

Jack Moriarty, Midfield, St. Ignatius (Ohio)/Burning River, 2019

A sturdy, two-handed, two-way middie, Moriarty showed can do it all at the STX Rising DI East camp. He dodges hard and gets inside. He is a playmaker with good vision out of the dodge. He places his outside set shots well. Also a tough draw man, Moriarty can pinch and pop at the face-off X and even invert and dodge from behind.

Michael Bocker, Midfield, Culver Academy (Ind.)/True Lacrosse, 2018

Bocker stands out immediately because of his Division I size. He’s still a bit raw, but has the potential to play at level. At STX Rising, he showed off a good shot on the run with his strong hand and proved to be an efficient scorer at times. He keeps his head up and will move it when he draws a slide. He doesn’t like to go left but actually can bring the heat with his off handed set shot.

Nathan Lockhart, Defense, Berkeley Prep School (Fla.)/Echelon, 2019

Lockhart had a good weekend at the STX Rising DI East camp as a quick and aggressive righty defender with a lot of upside. He is proficient at causing turnovers and getting the ball up and out. And though he was a bit wild with the stick at times, he made a ton of plays throughout the weekend and he showed a lot of toughness.

Malik Gay, Attack, Mount Pisgah Christian (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2019

Gay is an effective dodger who finished a lot of his shots at the STX Rising DI East camp. He is quick and changes direction in order to gain a step, using his athleticism in and out of the dodge. He’s has good vision and will reward those who get open off ball. Given his physical abilities, he could be groomed for attack or midfield at the next level.

Kyle Cox, Attack, Oak Hall School (Fla.)/Florida Generals, 2019

Cox is a lefty-handed attackman dodges hard to his strong hand and turns the corner, shooting well on the run. At the camp, he showed off good vision and was effective in feeding the open man.

Nicholas Conklin, Defense, Johnson City (N.Y.)/Gaffers, 2018

Conklin has good game sense and will provide effective help when needed and double when the opportunity presents itself. At STX Rising, the righty showed the ability to cause turnovers and speed to go with his big size.

James Viard, Midfield, The Out of Door Academy (Fla.)/Monsters Lacrosse, 2019

Viard established himself as a very quick and shifty dodger at the STX Rising event. He showed whip on his shot, the good kind that made his shots fast and hard to track for goalies, especially because he’s let it fly with his feet moving, coming out of the dodge or down the lane. Viard consistently showed the ability to create his own shot. He’s an athlete and can get all over the field.

Braeden McCarthy, Midfield, Southlake Christian (N.C.)/Team 24/7, 2019

McCarthy possesses a variety of dodges that he used effectively the weekend of STX Rising DI East. He is a dangerous outside and on-the-run shooter who places the ball well. McCarthy is also capable at the face-off X.

Drew Snyder, Midfield/Attack, IMG Academy (Fla.)/Echelon, 2020 - Syracuse

Snyder might have displayed the most talent of anyone in this group. The sturdy lefty has all of the tools to play at a very high level. He’s versatile, playing attack, midfield or even facing off. He can really shoot the ball with accuracy, range, and finish in many different ways including backhanded, behind the back, around the world, elevator – all of it. He has great hands and he’s very strong and powerful on his dodges and gets to the cage at will. As he continues to play with talented players in the spring, he’s going to develop more field sense and should become an impact player at IMG before too long. Shortly after the camp, Snyder verbally committed to Syracuse.

Chriss Morse, Attack/Midfield, Phillips Academy Andover (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Morse showed himself to be a, two-handed, dynamic player who can play attack or midfield. He has all of the tools to excel at the next level. His quickness and speed gives him the ability to free his hands to shoot or feed, and he does both very well. Morse has a knack for finishing from low angles. He plays clean lacrosse, making few mistakes and shows much poise for a young player. He also rides hard. As he gets bigger and stronger he could be a force to reckon with.

Braydan Walker, Attack/Midfield, Cushing Academy (Mass.)/3d New England South, 2020

Walker is a tough kid with a great work ethic that he displayed at the STX Rising DI East camp. The Canadian can play attack but might be even better suited as a two-way midfielder. He did a solid job facing off, too. He has a great right-handed skill set and uses stick fakes well. He used great stick protection and has the ability to take a check and still get off great shots. He dodges hard North-South and gets to the net. He showed that he can finish in many different ways – cross-handed, behind-the-back, elevators, and he has a nice shot on the run. Improvement to his off hand will make Walker that much more dangerous.

Schuyler Wetmore, Attack, Greeley (Maine)/207 Lacrosse, 2020

Wetmore might have been the feeder in the 2020 group at STX Rising DI East, with some of the best vision. Not only does he see the field extremely well but he puts his passes right on the stick. At the camp, he consistently showed a very good skill set and lacrosse IQ. He’s an opportunistic scorer with a good time and room shot. He needs to continue to grow as a dodger but is slippery when he does. Wetmore did things on the field to make his teammates more effective and productive. He’s got excellent field sense.

Jake Goralnik, Midfield, RHAM (Conn.)/Team 203, 2020

A standout midfielder at STX Rising, Goralnik established himself as an excellent two-way athlete who can use either hand. A smaller player, he makes up for size with effort, toughness and smart playmaking. He can run for days, and he’s really effective off the face-off wing, off the ground and is a good decision maker with the ball. He gets to the cage very well using face, split or just a speed dodge and if he doesn’t he will find the open man on the way. Goralnik is a sharp player who applied what he learned in the training sessions D, implementing it in his play in the games.

Joshua Estavillo, Goalie, Monroe Township (N.J.)/Team Turnpike, 2020

Estavillo turned in a great weekend at STX Rising DI East and could have a bright future. He displays textbook fundamentals. He tracks the ball very well and has great feet. He steps with energy to the ball and gets his body behind it to make smooth saves. He showed great poise in the net and also in the clearing game. He tossed good outlet passes and has solid skills that allow him to handle pressure out of the net. Estavillo came up with some groundballs and backed the net up a few times. He put together an impressive overall weekend.

Will Vincent, Midfield, Dexter Southfield (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Vincent proved himself at STX Rising DI East as a tough two-way midfielder with good size and athleticism. He’s also a good face off man and can get the ball off the ground. He is confident and doesn’t hesitate to assert himself. He can be an outstanding shooter with range and can really let it go on the run. He showed himself to be a good dodger with speed, size and toughness. He can also find the open man. Not fancy just gets the job done. Could improve on his skill set.

Garrett Snyder, Midfield, Mount Hebron (Md.), 2020

Snyder is a tough two-way midfielder with good size and athleticism and he works a lot of excellent skill into his play. At STX Rising, he showed he can go to either hand. He sees the field very well and he made some great looks under pressure. A solid shooter with range, he’s also a capable dodger with speed, size and some craftiness. He’s got a polished skill set and showed that he can mix in a behind-the-back here or there or throw a big wind up and toe drag. He showed explosiveness and had a very strong shot on the run. The righty also went to his weak hand and scored with it, able to get heat on those. As the camp wore on, he started to separate himself with hard dodges to get a couple steps and bury hard, well placed shots. He made a beautiful behind-the-back feed across the crease for great setup. He became one of the most challenging matchups in the group when all was said and done. He will become more dangerous as he makes decisions to use those skills faster on the field.

Nate Ashley, Midfield/LSM, IMG Academy (Fla.)/Monsters, 2020

Ashley is such an intriguing prospect, and he showed why at STX Rising. He can play a variety of roles – he’s an athlete and has stamina and shows flashes of excellence in all those positions. He can face off and makes it a battle. He can run LSM and he looks natural in that role. As a midfielder, he’s a capable short-stick defender but then is a smooth, talented dodger who can use his lean body and legs to get down the field and create opportunities. He sees the field, is a selfless teammate and showed a motor that goes all day. He has a lot of potential. He became more impressive as the camp went on.

Will Brooks, Midfield, Liberty Park (Ala.)/Bamalax, 3d Georgia, 2020

Brooks is a great athlete and stood out at STX Rising as a two-way middie. He showed that he is a difference-maker off the wings. He came up with a lot of groundballs. He’s a good north-south dodger and used the hitch-and-go and swim move effectively. He established himself as a big time and room shooter. He did a great job off-ball finding space and cutting when appropriate. As he continues to develop his skill set, his potential will increase.

Owen Geis, Defense/LSM, IMG Academy (Fla.)/Echelon, 2020

Geis showed at the STX Rising camp that he can play close defense or LSM but his skills really speak to a future at LSM. Good athlete with an exceptional motor. The righty as great feet and he really became a strong cover man. Thanks to his feet, he can keep an active stick and not lose ground or footing and that’s what made him so active and impressive playing defense up high or out on the perimeter. Because of his feet he has an active stick.

Ryan Welch, Midfield, Rivers School (Mass.)/Fighting Clams, 2020

Welch as a lot of tools to work with and those were on display at STX Rising. He’s got great size and a skill set to support it. The right-handed attackman gets to the cage very well with a fake-and-go, a hitch-and-go, and bull dodging. He has a good burst for his size and it makes him hard to cover. He uses his frame to his advantage. He’s a solid shooter with the room and time to let it go, but can also fire it on then run. As he gets the ball out of his stick quicker, it will help him take his game up a notch.

Gabriel Finkelstein, Midfield, Loggers Run (Fla.)/Premier Players, 2020

Finkelstein was one of the more crafty players on the field in the 2020 group at STX Rising DI East. He’s a good athlete with both speed and quickness. The righty has great hands. He loves to toe drag or split dodge. He’s scrappy and will stick his nose in there for a groundball. Coaches loved his hustle. He showed some solid skill and finishing ability under duress and even scored a great looking goal.

Max Bleach, Attack, Loyola Blakefield (Md.)/Looneys, 2020

Bleach had a fine showing at the STX Rising camp, coming on throughout the camp by showing off more and more skill and smarts and, by the end, really impressing with his mix of playmaking and subtle athleticism. He was fast to the ball and fast to make decisions with it. The righty showed some quickness and was elusive with and without the ball. He was smooth on the dodge and made his defender worry about the underneath and simply being outrun. He has good hands that became more evident as he started to bury a bunch of goals near the crease, some in unsettled sitiuations. He's a very sharp player who often made the extra look. He could have the burst and legs to play from the midfield. 

Cole Abel, LSM/Defense, St. Paul's (Md.)/Team 91, 2020

Abel is an athletic, tough defender who really excels in the LSM role and shows excellent footwork on the ball and around the field. He went for the trail check often and his speed allowed him to take that risk though he was effective enough in front of the man. He's got a lot of potential with his mix of physical abilities and his skills to get the ball off the ground. 

Jake Peluso, Attack/Midfield, Middlebury Union (Vt.), 2020

Peluso proved himself to be a fast, athletic righty attackman at the STX Rising DI East camp. He showed a good low-to-high and high-to-low shot, hustled all the time, especially in the ride. He showed good hands really did a great job of changing planes on his shots.

Brendan Wilcox, Attack/Midfield, Baldwinsville (N.Y.)/Orange Crush, 2020

Wilcox intrigued at the STX Rising event as a fairly dynamic player with good size and a mix of skills. He really seemed to shine in the midfield role, as his big frame and speed allowed him to make plays. He was impressive clearing, but then also could dodge well near the cage – able to get topside – and has a shot on the run too. The righty can also go to his left, and he made some good looks while carrying. He showed off a lot of skill with the stick and was confident. As he settles into either an attack or midfield style of play, he will begin to develop more rapidly.

Quinn Peters, Attack, Baldwinsville (N.Y.)/Orange Crush, 2020

Peters is a water bug, relentless attackman who plays really hard and can do things fast. At STX Rising, he proved himself to be a quick playmaker who could also run in the midfield thanks to his motor. He makes decisions on the fly and it breaks defenses down. He can get topside when bursting from X, and he can be slippery when dodging north-to-south. He looks like he’s in a dodge to score and he can come up out of it to quickly pass the ball. His first step is very quick and he mixes in a bunch of skills, throwing leaners and other skills taught at the camp.

Ben Ohler, Midfield, Lincoln-Sudbury (Mass.), 2020 

Ohler had a good weekend at STX Rising, using his big frame and strength to be an imposing force in the midfield -- a hard matchup on offense, and a physical presence on defense who moves well and is able to overpower small midfield dodgers. He is tall and sturdy, a very noticeable figure on the field. He demonstrated a smart windup and throw back in his assortment of moves he'd use dodging top down. He is a righty, but frequently used his left carrying and making passes. He got better as the weekend progressed. 

Spencer Beaky, Goalie, The Rivers School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2020

Beaky had a nice run at the STX Rising camp as a lefty who has a good presence in the cage. He made a bunch of body saves throughout the weekend that spoke to his toughness. He’s a big keeper and showed some good legs and quickness to go with it.

Greyson Stevens, Attack, Mount Pisgah Christian (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2020

Stevens put in a good weekend at STX Rising as a reliable righty attackman with a quick release. He showed he could score in space and finished his shots. He hustled and showed a lot of effort at the camp. He showed off some good passing, more than once showing unselfishness to make the extra pass. He also brings decent size to the field.

Wyatt Martin, Goalie, Taylor (Va.)/Fauquier Talons, 2020

Martin had a solid go at the STX Rising DI East camp. He’s a righty with quick hands, good size and instincts in the cage. He makes some big saves and then quickly gets the ball out with accurate passes. The poised keeper showed athleticism and communicated to his defense throughout the camp.

Colby Kudla, Midfield, Berkeley Prep (Fla.)/West Florida Lacrosse, 2020

Kudla logged a solid weekend at STX Rising, showing himself to be a good-sized right-handed midfielder who just made a lot of good looks throughout the camp. He’s an athletic kid, but his impact came from his eyes as he could scan the field and feed passes to the stick. He took some draws and was tough there too.

Luke Hand, Midfield, Vestavia (Ala.)/Bamalax, 3d Georgia, 2021

Hand is an athletic, good-sized young midfielder with speed and stamina. He dodges really hard and uses his body to create contact and force a defender to play him. He gets going and it is hard to stop him, as he plays tough and just keeps going. He hustled every shift, coming up with ground balls and doing other dirty work. The younger brother of Wilson Hand (a Brown commit) and UNC commit Mark Hand, Luke has a lot of upside as player who has intangibles and, with refined shooting, will be a really tough midfield match up in addition to what he can do all over the field.

Andrew Sellitto, Attack, Hauppauge (N.Y.)/Legacy, 2021

Sellitto is a smooth, right-handed attackman who plays with his head up and had a productive weekend at STX Rising DI West. He displayed excellent off-ball skills, routinely catching the ball in a double-threat stance, locked and loaded. He also demonstrated excellent timing on the picks he was setting.

Brady Rood, Attack, Perry Hall (Md.)/Maryland Wolfpack, 2021

Rood showed himself to be a very good left-handed dodger. Not overly imposing in size, he was really slippery and used deception to beat his defender. A talented shooter, finished the weekend with a high shooting percentage, showing accuracy and a quick release – he was a consistent goal scorer at STX Rising DI West. He was able to keep finding seams to get himself open off the ball, make himself a target and catch and finish it with confidence.

Ryan Cohen, Attack, American Heritage (Fla.)/Premiere Players, 2021

Cohen proved himself to be a skilled and strong left-handed dodger despite being a smaller player in the group. He carries the ball with the head of the stick up high by the ear and shoulder and really protected it well to allow himself to operate, dodge and make passes. He showed vision and quick hands to find teammates open on the backside numerous times. He showed of a great left-handed hitch-and-go he used to net one of his goals. Cohen also showed that he was good off the ground too.

Bradley Peterson, Midfield, Dover Sherborn (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

Peterson is a relentless player who plays incredibly hard on both ends of the field. He displayed aggressive, hard-nosed one-on-one defense and was effective in the short-stick role each time. He consistently dodged with a purpose and had no problem getting to the goal. He showed physical strength, but also was clearly an effective communicator and saw the field. By the end of the weekend, it was clear that he was able to get by his man when he wanted but was he was willing and talented as a passer off his dodges.

Tucker Mullen, Midfield, Cardigan Mountain ()/Palm Beach Revolution, 2021

Mullen proved himself at STX Rising to be a really tough midfielder. He’s ambidextrous and skilled and became one of the standouts in this group. He dodges and carries with his head up and showed good legs, really able to move. He also kept himself moving off the ball and forced defenders to pay attention to him. He was smooth with the ball and playing off of his dodges throughout the weekend.

Owen Murray, Midfield, Pierce (Pa.)/Freedom, 2021

Murray had a strong showing at the STX Rising DI East camp as an athletic midfielder who showed a smooth skill set going to both hands. He hustled and made a lot of plays in different ways. He used his athleticism on his dodge to help himself get his hands free and let go of hard shots with his right hand. But he definitely showed good skill using both hands and was one of the more impressive midfielders in this group.

Trevor Natalie, Midfield, Anderson (Fla.)/Palm Beach Revolution, 2021

Natalie stood out at the STX Rising DI East camp on his speed alone before the games even got rolling. He’s extremely fast and the left-handed midfielder is relentless in that he keeps coming at his defender over and over. An Energizer Bunny type, he hustles all the time. He flew off the wing and was excellent at coming up with ground balls. He was a bit smaller in this group, but played very big and showed that also in his strong short-stick defensive play.

Jake McCarthy, FO/Midfield, Haverford School (Pa.)/Mesa Fresh, Freedom Lacrosse, 2021

At STX Rising, McCarthy proved himself to be an effective face-off man, but one who can score goals. The lefty is athletic and can get rolling out of a draw win. His athleticism helped him separate himself in 50-50 scrums and by the end of the weekend he’d emerged as the top face-off midfielder in the group, but showed a lot more on top of it.

Egan Butala, Defense, Downingtown (Pa.), Freedom Lacrosse, 2021

Butala is an aggressive left-handed defender who gets after the ball carrier with a flurry of strong slap checks. Butala demonstrated at STX Rising that he’s got great hands, consistently landing his pokes and slaps with effectiveness to disrupt his man. His position on the ball was solid and that helped him put together a solid weekend. He was one of the most effective and consistent defenders in this group.

Reef Kabalin, Defense, Jupiter (Fla.)/Palm Beach Revolution, 2021

Kabalin is a big righty defender who above all else was a coachable defender. He’s very athletic and his height and ability to cover ground make him a force in this group. He’s fast and quick and can explode out to the ball and up field with it in his stick, also consistently showing a great head man pass in the clearing game. He demonstrated excellent cover abilities – he is aggressive, extends out, gets his stick out and is quick with his feet. He plays physical, using his frame to back down his assignment in close contact situations; it helps him protect topside.

Max Ewald, Defense, Park School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

Ewald showed himself at STX Rising to be an athletic right-handed defender. He’s a player who can cover ground and has good feet moving in different directions. He’s a dynamic player, taking face-offs throughout the weekend too and holding his own there. He’s aggressive on the ball and communicates to his fellow defenders well.

George Fulton, Defense, Park School (Mass.)/3d New England, 2021

Fulton put together a solid weekend at STX Rising. He’s a big left-handed player who got better throughout the weekend, was coachable, communicated and used his size and reach to his advantage in one-on-one and off-ball scenarios.

Tommy Stull, LSM/Defense, Cardigan Mountain (N.H.)/3d New England, 2021

Stull, one of the smaller defenders in the group, without question was on the top end in terms of his technique and his skill set. His fundamentals were outstanding and it helped him play big throughout the weekend. He is fun to watch because of his high IQ and the fact it closes the size gap for him in his matchups quickly. Potentially more of an LSM, he showed slick stick skills and was very good with the ball. Because of his smart position play and his effective use of the stick, he might not have been beat all weekend at STX Rising.

Patrick Guinee Jr., Defense, Essex (Vt.)/3d New England, 2021

Guinee is a big, strong right-handed defender who consistently keeps his stick out in front of him on his approach and when in a one-on-one cover. He’s got good stick skills and does a good job of covering ground and being an obstacle thanks to his athleticism and his size.

Gavin Dubnoff, Defense, Mountain View (N.J.)/STEPS, 2021

Dubnoff stood out at STX Rising as a player who is athletic in the open field, skilled in the ground ball hunt and can also press the ball up the field. He tossed strong, aggressive checks on his assignment, but kept good stick control and became a tough matchup for attackmen. He also took some draws and, when he played up top, it was clear Dubnoff could excel as an LSM.

Nathanial Yi, Goalie, Spring-Ford (Pa.)/Big 4 HHH, 2021

Yi turned into a strong overall weekend at STX Rising, showing himself to be an athletic goalie who sees the field and brings energy to the defense. He is a consistent, effective communicator – talking it up.

Christopher Dindino, Goalie, Turnersville (N.J.)/South Shore, 2021

Dindino showed outstanding athleticism in an excellent weekend at the STX Rising DI East camp. He was a consistent ball stopper and was clearly seeing the ball into his saves. He kept a good stance and position in the goal throughout the camp and, when given the chance, was active out of the cage on ground balls in leading the clear.

Hunter Chauvette, Attack, St. Dominic’s (Ohio)/Cleveland Force, 2022

Chauvette stood out at the STX Rising DI East event as a multi-tool attackman who has a terrific stick, a quick change of direction and excellent vision to set up plays. He demonstrated a consistent ability to turn the corner with a purpose and bury the ball with hard shots from just above GLE or low angles. He was unselfish and made the extra pass, helping creating a lot of great looking plays. He showed a lot of skill and was fun to watch given the high level of IQ and variety of plays he made.

Brock Behrman, Attack, Niskayuna (N.Y.), 2022

Behrman proved himself over the course of the weekend at STX Rising to be creative, slick right-handed attackman who consistently created plays and demonstrated unselfishness in the process. One of the top attackmen in the group, Behrman showed quick hands, using both hands, with quick decisions around the cage. He consistently demonstrated a willingness to make the extra pass and really set up some pretty plays. He’s very smooth and has a quick change of direction, uses deception and was also in the double-threat stance upon catching the ball. He hustled, showed an understanding of the clear through and the guts to cut to the middle, making himself a target and using those quick hands to catch and finish at a high percentage. He made numerous impressive behind-the-back plays. He really shined at the camp, producing a lot of points in game play.

Josh Gangi, Attack, Oliver Ames Easton (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Gangi logged a strong weekend at STX Rising as a good sized right-handed attackman who can finish the ball and was very smart off the ball. He seemed to understand how anticipate where to make a pass two passes before it happened and he worked off the ball to create motion, moved the ball quickly and then kept moving to create plays. The righty showed good finishing abilities throughout the camp.

Richard Checo, Defense, Vienna (Va.), 2022

Checo stood out as one of the most effective defenders in the youngest group at STX Rising DI East. He’s got an excellent break on the ball, and it helped him pick off a bunch of passes throughout the event. He was explosive off the ground. He became a playmaker on defense, using his quick approach, his scrappiness and his stick to be a nuisance for attackmen. He showed confidence in how he got after his matchup and he was definitely one of the most challenging matchups in the 2022 group.

Jack Horgen, Defense, Brookwood (Fla.)/3d New England, 2022

Horgen shined at STX Rising as a promising young defender with a combination of size and speed. He’s quick and aggressive and showed one of the better sticks in the 2022 defensive group. He was snagging ground balls and getting up the field well. Off the ball, he was savvy and moved and even blew right through picks while hunting the ball carrier. His combination of range and ability to move allowed him to be one of the most effective defenders in the bunch.

Ryan Sforzo, Midfield, Out of Door Academy (Fla.)/Monsters Lacrosse, 2022

Sforzo turned in a good showing at the STX Rising DI East showcase, showing a good stick and moving well with and without the ball. He possesses a good combination of lacrosse IQ and skills. He showed a variety of strong skills – he showed vision as a passer, he was smart playing the two-man game and setting and working picks, he made strong cuts off the ball. As he starts to realize he has the strength to get to the alley for closer shots, he will become a bigger threat.

Cade Dino, Midfield, Johnson City (N.Y.)/Gaffers Elite, 2022

Dino had a nice showing at the STX Rising camp as a smart playmaking right-handed midfielder who has a good stick and makes things happen through good anticipation. He’s also athletic and showed awareness as an initiator but also a threat off the ball.

Jackson Greene, Midfield, Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.)/Igloo, 2022

Greene had a great weekend at the STX Rising DI training camp, making plays all over the field and displaying high lacrosse IQ by demonstrating a variety of the skills taught in the training sessions. He showed quickness. He got the ball off the turf and sped up the field. He seemed to get better through the event and emerged as one of the more solid midfield prospects in the group.

Trent Orr, Midfield, St. Mary Magdalena (N.C.)/Bucktown Lacrosse, 2022

Orr established himself as one of the top midfielders in the 2022 group at STX Rising, playing extremely tough between the lines and using his good size to his advantage in different situations. He was strong on his feet, very sturdy, and he was excellent off the ground and heading up the field. Carrying and dodging, he made the extra pass and got defenses moving with his willingness to dodge and kick the ball around.

Max Busenkell, Midfield, Garnett Valley (Pa.)/Big Four HHH, 2022

Busenkell put together an outstanding run at the STX Rising DI East camp, showing himself to be perhaps the most promising midfielder in the 2022 group. A sturdy, confident and smooth righty, he demonstrated field awareness and was productive each time he initiated. He has good size and was confident using a move to get a step on his man or protecting the stick and carrying down the alley. He made some great looks out of his dodges and showed that he was seeing the field. He showed excellent placement on his shots, which he put some heat on. He seemed to make the players around him better as he went along. He

Jack Deady, Defense, Pinecrest Academy (Ga.)/3d Georgia, 2022

Deady is a playmaker of a defender who showed that at STX Rising by always being around the ball and the play. He has a great nose for the ball when it’s on the ground. He’s skilled at batting down passes. He’s a tough, aggressive checker and really pestered the ball carrier. He handles the ball with skill, too, on the clear.

James “Freddie” McAneney, LSM, Shawnee (N.J.)/SJ Black Storm, 2022

McAneney put in a good weekend’s worth of work at the STX Rising DI East camp. Though smaller than some, he is a scrapper and showed toughness, fighting through picks. He was skilled off the ground and skilled with the stick. He hustled and became a presence in the middle of the field.

Jimmy McCool, Goalie, St. Sebastian’s (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

McCool shined at the STX Rising DI East training camp, cementing himself as the top keeper in the group of 2022 attendees. He has size and athleticism and he put it all to use to emerge as a super impressive shot stopper — a playmaker, really. He made some unbelievable saves throughout the weekend. He threw accurate, long range clearing passes with confidence. He communicated like a leader to his defense and you could see it engaged them and had them playing tough in front of him. McCool looks like a young netminder with potential to play at the next level.

Teddy Delisio, Defense, Manchester (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Delisio is an athletic defender who plays aggressive but good position on the ball. He’s a communicator and showed that at STX Rising by working well with his teammates. He fought through picks and was relentless.

Nicholas Purnell, Attack, Bedford (N.H.), 2022

Purnell is a righty attackman with an excellent shot featuring a quick release that he showed at the STX Rising DI East camp. He showed quickness with his feet too and got himself ready to catch and shoot as a good target. A smaller player, he was tough on his feet and showed good IQ throughout the weekend.

James Hailer, Attack, Derby (Mich.), 2022

Hailer showed well at STX Rising as a righty attackman with high lacrosse IQ and a box-like skill set.

Grayson McClements, Attack, Medfield (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

McClements is a reliable right-handed attackman who can use both hands and works hard off the ball. He is strong on his feet and forced defenders to really play him tough.

Kavin Wood, Midfield, Cary (N.C.)/ Bucktown Lacrosse, 2022

Wood had a good showing at the STX Rising DI East camp as a quick, athletic righty attackman who has good overall game sense. He demonstrated a strong understanding of the pick-and-roll game and used that effectively with teammates. He was effective off the ball.

Ryan DiRocco, Attack, The Franciscan School (N.C.)/Carolina Cannons, 2022

DiRocco was one of the smallest guys at the camp, but he was tough as nails. He displayed an excellent stick, both his left and right hands. A talented and reliable finisher given space, he did most of his work off the ball and showed high lacrosse IQ in the process. In transition, he was quick to bury the ball or move it for the one-more. He was productive and fun to watch.

Jimmy Ayers, Midfield, Miles River (Mass.)/3d New England, 2022

Ayers gets the hustle award in the 2022 group – he never stopped grinding the weekend of STX Rising DI East and showed quickness, scrappiness and toughness. He’s got a good stick and also performed well on draws. He was another fun-to-watch player who will get better and better as he develops physically.

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.