Jake Reed's Fall Nike Blue Chip: Standouts

Jake Reed's Fall Nike Blue Chip: Standouts (Photo: Luke Christiansen, 3d Rising)
Jake Reed's Fall Nike Blue Chip: Standouts (Photo: Luke Christiansen, 3d Rising)

The Jake Reed Fall Nike Blue Chip camp, an invitation-only recruiting event, was held the last weekend of November at the Matthews Sportsplex in Matthews, N.C.

Reed’s successful recruiting events are the culmination of a coaching career that spanned over three decades, and included stops at Army, RPI and the McDonogh School. As a player Reed was an All-American goalie at Dulaney HS (MD) before attending the University of Maryland where he was a two-time All-American.

Every player in attendance at a Jake Reed event has been individually vetted by Jake himself or through trusted contacts. Reed’s events claim to have sent 90% of their players to Division I programs since he began organizing them in 2001.
Up and coming talent from around the country traveled to the south for the chance to make an impression on big time college coaches. Denver, Syracuse, Cornell, Maryland, Navy, Michigan and North Carolina are just a few of the top programs that regularly frequent this prestigious recruiting event.

“What makes this event extremely unique is the distribution of players from across the country,” stated staff member and former Towson player Kyle Fiat. “This large geographic pool of players makes this event very valuable and attractive to college coaches.”

Here is a look at a few of the players that performed well at this great recruiting event.

Jack Eagan, Attack, Christian Brothers (Mo.)/Project Missouri, 2017

This heady attackman showed great lacrosse IQ and scoring ability through out the games observed. Eagan began his scoring early in the event dodging from behind the goal rolling to beat a double team, then finishing with a nice shot high and away. He followed up with a spectacular wrap around goal using a powerful first step to create good separation from the defender then finishing before the slide arrived. Lastly, he showed great off ball movement slipping behind the defense, and finishing with a nice quick stick on the crease.

Alex Stock, Defense, Cardinal Gibbons (N.C.)/ Team Carolina, 2017

Stock has been racking up accolades at many of the biggest tournaments, and his performance at Jake Reed Blue Chip was no different. He had a great showing in both face-off and close defense situations. On the first face-off Stock showcased his athleticism exploding from the wing, smoothly scooping the ground ball and quickly transitioned the ball up the field. In close defense situations Stock had numerous impressive takeaways, but one of note showed him shut down an attackman behind the goal with a precision check, scoop the ground ball in stride, and throw a fifty yard pass to a streaking attackman. Stock has shined at other events, earning Fab 40 All-Star honors at the Philly Showcase.

Holden Markoff, Goalie, Episcopal Houston (Texas)/C2C, 2017

This is the second opportunity 3d Rising had to observe Markoff, and he continued to impress. Markoff is one of the more stout keepers around, and he is also one of the most enjoyable to watch. Immediately it was clear he communicated well with an unfamiliar defense and was a fierce competitor. He made almost every save throughout the games observed, and made many saves he had no business making. The first save observed was a well placed top corner shot that he quickly moved up field. He then made a remarkable low-and-away save with plenty of traffic impeding his vision. Lastly he showcased his interior game with a great low-and-away doorstep shot.

Carlos Forde, Attack/Midfield, Minisink Valley (N.Y.)/Team 91, 2017

Forde was one of the best athletes if not the best athlete at the Jake Reed Nike Blue Chip event. He demonstrated great athleticism playing shut down defense, scooping a ground ball under pressure, then blowing past the midfielders with a smooth swim move. Forde continued to transition the ball up the field, dodged down the alley then quickly rolled topside and put the ball away with a strong left handed shot. On settled offense he exploded past two defenders from the left wing, split past one more, and put the ball low and away. Carlos provided one of the most impressive goals of the event with a jump cut to the topside completely blowing past a long pole and rocketing the ball high and away.

Sam Weis, Attack, Wando (S.C.)/TopLeft Loggerheads, 2017

Weis is a smooth lefty attackman with a knack for creating space and precision finishes. To begin his scoring he made a nice “V” cut, caught the ball and put it high and away. He also showed great ability to create dodging from the left wing, getting topside on the defender and burying the ball low. Weis plays for South Carolina power Wando, and has also played at top events such as the NXT Philly Showcase.

Carl Klepper, Attack, Saint Andrews (Fla.)/Swordfish, 2018

Klepper towered over most of the competition, was one of the most talented finishers in attendance, and possesses a big frame; he can still grow into it more. This slippery big man showed good athleticism, and scored multiple goals in every game observed by 3d Rising. He began his scoring slipping in from X and putting a quick stick high and to the far side. He then showed his ability to score in traffic putting away a quick stick on the crease with the three defenders closing in on him. Klepper showed his nose for the ball cutting behind the defense and finishing on the run. He also showed his ability to create dodging from X, drawing the slide and dumping a precision pass to his teammate on the crease.

Bronson Ban, Midfield, Losal (Calif.)/3d Los Angeles, 2018

This midfielder was a force facing off and also proved to be a scoring threat on offense. He began the game winning the face straight away and pushing the ball up field dishing it for a nice goal. He continued to win the next several face-offs straight out front. Once the opposition attempted to adjust, Ban used his strength to win the face back to himself, and moved the ball up the field to a wing. In set plays he showed well catching the ball on the wing, selling a nice hitch to commit the defender then finishing high and to the far side.

Cooper Emmons, Goalie, Severn School (Md.)/Zingos, 2018

Emmons ate up shots all tournament long, and demonstrated the ability to stop just about every variety of shot. He started stonewalling an outside shot on his off hip. Then moving the ball quickly up field for a nice transition. His most impressive save came on a doorstep opportunity when he saved a high and away shot. He then quickly delivered a strike up field to an attackman across the midfield. Cooper has also participated in the 3d Blue Chip camp held during the summer, and was an all-star at the Top 205 recruiting event.

Drane Garven, Attack, Cannon School (N.C.)/Top Tier Lacrosse, 2018

Garven is an up-and-coming attackman with a unique ability to create and a smooth stick. Throughout the event he showed an understanding and ability to guide an offense in different situations. His first goal observed by 3d Rising came on a time and room shot from the right wing. Then Garven showed that ability to create for himself dodging from X, splitting two defenders on his way to the crease finishing with a nice lefty shot. Lastly, he had a perfect feed while dodging from X, drawing the slide and moving the ball to a cutting midfielder on the crease.

Kalil Scales, Midfield, Tesoro (Calif.)/ 3d Orange County, 2018

Scales showed great athletic ability during the event, and provided some of the more enjoyable plays to see. While on defense he knocked the ball from the offensive player and scooped the ground ball while under pressure from two opponents. He then cleared the ball up the wing making a mesmerizing jump cut on the wing to blow by two opponents then made a nice pass to his attackman. On offense showcased his scoring ability making an alley dodge and rocketing the shot into the top corner.

Keegan Logan, Attack, Hamilton Southeastern (Ind.)/True Indiana, 2019

Logan is an attackman with a great mixture of speed and lacrosse IQ. On his first play observed he made a great ride picking off a clear and then weaved through two defenders to put a precision shot on goal. In a settled situation he dodged left down the alley, getting the defender moving then rolled right, and put a rocket high and away. He has participated in top events such as the Brine National, and received all-star accolades at the Twin Cities Showcase, and the Ohio Prospect Camp.

Nick Harris, Midfield, Dublin Coffman (Ohio)/Resolute, 2019

Harris is a great athlete that made plays all over the field during the weekend. He scored an impressive goal by clearing the ball, then dodging down the left alley and buried the ball high away. To start the first game observed by 3d Rising he exploded from the wing, scooped the face, turned up the field blowing by the defense and finished a lefty bouncer. On defense Harris once again showed his athleticism breaking on a pass making a nice interception then quickly transitioning up the field before finishing a left-handed rip. Harris finished his scoring with a time-and-room shot from the top of the box. He is a standout football and basketball player as well.

Colin Hart, Defense, Garden City (N.Y.)/GC34, 2019

Hart was one of the most dominant defenders in attendance, and was a complete ball hawk. His first observed play began with a nice interception, and then a cross field clear on a dime. He then showcased his takeaway ability shutting down the attackman at the “X”, scooping the ball cleanly, and then pushing the ball up the field for a very smooth clear. Hart also plays football and basketball

Ethan Hennessey, Midfield, Culver Military (S.C.)/True Lacrosse, 2019

Hennessey immediately made an impression and looks like he could be another great player for Culver Military Academy. He posses all the attributes needed to be successful with size, athleticism, and a good understanding of the game. One element of his game that stood out was his ability to create separation every time he touched the ball. Even his simple plays were impressive, starting with a cut back and clear that drew a lot of attention. Hennessey had a quick catch and lefty rip from the top of the box high and away to start his scoring. He followed that up dodging from the top of the box and finishing with a nice bouncer. From there Hennessey began to distribute the ball effectively. He made all of his touches count and never pressed. He seemed to balance distributing when needed and creating for himself when the opportunity was right. Hennessey was a standout at the 2015 Jake Reed Blue Chip Summer. He also plays football at Culver Military.

Justin Coppola, Midfield, Garden City (N.Y.)/GC34, 2019

This extremely shifty midfielder was a force at the face-off all tournament long. He won the majority of face-offs straight away, but also showed the ability to counter on the face. The first face-off lost observed by 3d Rising, he ran down the ball, made a nice take away and scored a transition goal. He followed this up by winning the face-off straight away, transitioned quickly up the field and assisted on the ensuring goal. Coppola showed off some athleticism by clearing the ball with a jump cut to split two defenders, and creating a fast break situation. He showed his nose for the goal with a ground ball on the crease, bouncing out, and scoring low to the far side. Coppola was a FLG Face-Off Combine Regional Finalist. He also participates in football, track and wrestling.

Honorable Mentions

Jake DeMare, Attack, Naperville Central (Ill.), 2019
Blake Ulmer, Goalie, Culver Military (Ill.), 2019
Nolan Chow, Attack, Loyola Academy (Ill.), 2019
Devin Hoffman, Midfield, Ponte Verde (Fla.), 2019
Evan Quattlebaum, Defense, William T. Dwyer (Fla.), 2019
Bruce Ferguson, Midfield, Darien (Conn.), 2019
Michael Hraba, Goalie, State College (Pa.), 2018
Taylor Funke, Defense, Ponte Verde (Fla.), 2018
Harrison Graves, Midfield, Montgomery Bell Academy (Tenn.), 2018
Gavin Santizo, Defense, Charlotte Catholic (S.C.), 2018
Jack Burke, Midfield, Ponte Verde (Fla), 2018
Jack Ballou, Goalie, Hidden Valley (Va.), 2018
Eric Dickinson, Attack, Myers Park (N.C.), 2016
Owen Stempkovski, Midfield, Nova Classical Academy (Minn.), 2017
Hayden Frye, Midfield, Mira Costa (Calif.), 2016
Jimmy Watson, Midfield, Benet Academy (Ill.), 2017
Connor Fitzgerald, Midfield, Pittsford (N.Y.), 2017
Austin Schepers, Defense, Vero Beach (Fla.) 2017

Luke Christiansen covers the high school and recruiting landscape in North Carolina for 3d Rising. He is a commercial photographer and currently the head coach of the Spanish National Team. Christiansen previously served as an assistant coach at Southern Virginia University and as the head coach at Camden Military Academy in South Carolina.