Iroquois Nationals U19 Second Round Tryouts: High-School Age Standouts

Iroquois Nationals U19 Second Round Tryouts: High-School Age Standouts
Iroquois Nationals U19 Second Round Tryouts: High-School Age Standouts

This past weekend the Iroquois Nationals held the organization’s second round of tryouts for next summer’s FIL U19 World Lacrosse Championships, which will be held in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

About 100 players from reservations throughout the Lake Ontario region gathered on Saturday at the Pinnacle Athletics Complex in Victor, just outside of Rochester.

Naturally, the talent on hand was a collection of some of the very best Iroquois players coming up the ranks, including some who’ve yet to even step foot on a college lacrosse field.

At this point, it’s becoming perhaps a bit clear who some of the front-runners could be, at least from the perspective of 3d Rising staff. There are, of course, players currently in the college game who are young enough to compete and will most likely make this team.

But some of the younger players have a chance at grabbing a spot on the 23-man roster too.

Below, is a look below at some of the high school-age players who stood out the most last weekend at the Rochester tryouts while representing their respective tribes.

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Austin Staats (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Austin Staats, Attack, Assumption College (Ont.)/Cayuga, 2016

Big, quick, aggressive and highly skilled, Staats made his presence felt with a lot of quick, hard dodges from the low wing that often turned into a doorstep shot on net or quick feed to the back side. Perhaps not the fastest player in terms of straight away speed, Staats has the ability to separate from a defender by lowering his shoulder, or using a quick jab step seems to be his calling card. The sizeable lefty plays with tremendous positive energy as well, staying vocal on both offense as well as in the ride.

Owen Hill (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Owen Hill, Midfield/FO, Akron High School (N.Y.)/Seneca, 2018

Hill’s diversity sets himself apart on the field. His ability to play any position, and play it well enough to stand out, is really impressive considering the level talent surrounding him. Another smooth lefty with a stable physique, Hill was able to create from the high wings and either distribute to a teammate or rifle off a shot in the blink of an eye. He also had no problems getting back in to defend transition. And yes, he also took his fair share of face offs, once again showing his versatility.

Sterling Claffin, Attack, Corcoran High School (N.Y.)/Oneida, 2017

Not the tallest in stature, Claffin makes up for it with a strong base and quick feet. He spent the majority of the day operating on the lower right side of the offensive end either finishing off skip passes or unleashing an absolute rocket. At first glance you may not anticipate a heavy shot from the outside from this prospect, but once he was able to let a few go he left zero doubt that he means business. If he wasn’t able to get off his outside shot, he resorted to his quick feet that led him closer to the goal for a couple draw-and-dump situations.

Tehoka Nanticoke (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Tehoka Nanticoke, Attack, IMG Academy (Fla.)/Mohawk, 2016

Nanticoke turned in another impressive showing. It has become clear that he is a rare talent for his age, and watching him compete and play with other high caliber prospects, he seemed to raise his level even more. What was most impressive about this particular showing was his unselfishness. Whether with one hand, two hands or behind the back, his willingness and accuracy to get the ball to an open man was fun to watch on this day.

Daylen Paul-Hill, Midfield, Assumption College (Ont.)/Tuscarora, 2016

The smooth and athletic lefty really stood out as the day progressed to more full-field action. Making the right look, and delivering the ball on target were staples of Paul-Hill’s game. In terms of stat sheet production it may not have been his day but his ability to create for others, especially in the open field, was impressive. Also notable, was his willingness to take a beating in order to make things happen, often slicing right down the middle of the defense before outletting to a teammate.

Mitch Laffin, Attack, IMG Academy (Fla.)/Onondaga, 2016

Mitch added to a very productive attack pool on this tryout day. His ability to make quick decisions really made him stand out, whether it was burying the ball in tight or moving it to the next man when he was in trouble rather than force the issue. The chemistry that he has already built with IMG teammate Tehoka Nanticoke was clearly evident. It seemed as if every time they came together for a pick play they were on the same page. The more you watched them, the more you realized that would be an understatement.

Troy Lauder, Midfield, Salisbury School (Conn.)/Mohawk, 2017 - Syracuse

Lauder was one of the more athletic midfielders throughout the day, showcasing his ability to get the ball from one end of the field to the other with great speed. He was tenacious on the loose balls, always trying to kick start transition for his team. His frame is still a little slight for the role he’s playing, but he makes up for it with is conditioning as he never really seemed to slow down. His sense of the field game is surely to be polished with the upcoming season at the Salisbury School, as will his ability to be more productive on the offensive end.

Chase Scanlon, Midfield, Silver Creek High School (N.Y.)/Seneca, 2018

With a tall, thin frame Scanlon almost seems to glide around the field effortlessly. And his ability to cover ground in the open field is very impressive, especially as he barrels down on a defense with the ball in his stick. The predominately right-handed midfielder showed very well in transition, making the right decisions and not forcing the issue. When things turned to even numbers and he was asked to dodge, it wasn’t pure speed that got him an edge, but rather his ability to make contact and slip off defenders. It was hard to tell he was one of the younger attendees based on his comfort level and the pace at which he played.

Brett Logan, Defense, Silver Creek High School (N.Y.)/ Seneca, 2018

Logan was impressive in all facets of the day. His stick work was very consistent, as was his knack for scooping up ground balls. Certainly not the most physically imposing talent, as he probably stands about 5-foot-8 and 160 pounds, Logan plays with a ton of energy and has a motor that didn’t seem to stop all day. What goes unnoticed perhaps is his strength, as he is able to handle a long stick with ease especially with the ball in his stick. It was fun to see him escape pressure in the open field with his array of stick moves.

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