College Bound Series Delaware: Standouts

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)
(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

The College Bound Series Delaware, an event co-hosted by Denver-based 3d Lacrosse and the IMG Academy out of Bradenton, Florida, took place the weekend of November 5 and 6 at Appoquinimink High School in Middletown.

More than 40 squads spent two days at the 12-field facility, competing in round-robin games in front of nearly 50 college coaches who took in the action the whole time.

3d Rising had its eyes on the field the whole time, and here we’ve pulled some of the most impressive players and highlighted them from the event.

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(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Tehoka Nanticoke, Attack, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017 – Albany

The highly touted Albany commit was making plays every time the ball was on his half of the field. His stick work is as good as it gets, making plays one handed, two handed, back handed, forehanded, and his ability to set up two-on-one situations within six on six offense is as effective as it is creative. He might not have lost the ball one time in any of his dodges that we saw over the course of two days, constantly taking defenders from X, leaning his shoulder into them (often with one hand on his stick), waiting for them to make a mistake while surveying the off-ball scene looking for open teammates. He scored four of IMG’s seven goals including the first three in the 7-5 win over Everest Academy. He scored a goal one handed from the lower right fast break spot on a low-to-low time and room from about seven yards, and in the next half finished off a transition sequence with a back breaker attempt that bounced just high of the goal. In an earlier game, he toyed with a defender in the back corner, let himself get tied up, then exploded up to the cage and whipped a perfect backhand cross-crease feed for an easy goal. Throughout the weekend, he also showed how powerful a downhill dodger he could be when he attacked from up higher on the field. Nanticoke is worth the price of admission and should be one of the high school game’s most exciting players to watch next spring.

 (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Corson Kealey, Attack, Everest Academy (Ont.), 2017 – Robert Morris

The left-handed Canadian has incredible hands around the goal, and a really strong stick handle on his dodge. He kept his bottom hand toward his hip and his top hand up high on the throat and could move right through the middle of the defense like that. He attacks the goal fierce, and doesn’t care what is in his way; often darting past his defender and upcoming slides and hedges with strong face dodges and rolls, the Robert Morris commit proved he could score all different ways. Against IMG he scored four of the teams five goals, one time and room from the lefty wing, another two sweeping across the middle off a hitch from the left wing, and one diving across the top of the crease off an inside roll right above GLE. He had one of the best showings of any of the offensive players at the event.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Justin Tkachuk, FO/Midfield, Everest Academy (Ont.), 2017 – Hartford

Tkachuk is not a FOGO, but a dynamic midfielder. The 2017 face off man has great speed, and a nose for the goal when dodging. His moves from the wing are explosive and typically consisted of combo moves such as a toe drag to a quick roll top side, or a top-side sweep to an inside roll, showing off a lot of hitches and a really pretty dip and dunk goal right on the door step. At the faceoff-X he took almost all of the team’s draws, and loves to win it forward and start offense. In one of his games he won 8 of 11 faces offs and scored two goals. In the open field he can outrun you, or body you with his size; he’s somebody you definitely need to slide to when he is entering the box with the ball.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Dan Burnam, Midfield, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017

You watch IMG Academy play, and Burnam jumps off the page as an old-school, high-IQ, two-way midfielder who just absolutely grinds. The former Fayetteville-Manlius standout scraps and comes up with loose balls in the middle of the field, runs all day long and makes heady maneuvers in the middle of the field to get every clear done. He’s got a tremendous stick and showed it by using one hand to get through a series of rides. He jump-stopped on one play to literally evade two or three defenders converging on him and then redirected out into a spring and got away from them. This Upstate product is literally looking over his shoulder at the whole field while he’s playing offense or clearing. Atop the box, he is always working to use a slip pick or pick and roll or fake exchange to immediately set up offense. He will dodge hard down the lane and can go to either hand, and if he gets behind the cage, he’s crafty and gritty enough to dodge to the cage and work inside. But he is a total team player and looks to feed while dodging. It was pretty impressive to look at his production when all said and done, as he’d put up two or three points in every game running alongside players committed to the likes of Duke, Syracuse and Albany. He was clearly one of the most valuable midfielders for the IMG Varsity 1 team at CBS and he looks like he could become a major playmaker for them in the spring as they embark on a tough national schedule. Burnam could be one of the late-blooming gems of the coming years for a program looking for a utility player who seems to understand the game, has tremendous stamina and just does a lot of things well. There was an energy to him on the field and you could see it in how the players around him were interacting.

Ryan Genord, Attack, 3d Michigan, 2017

Genord is a shifty, quick, versatile, X attackman who does a great job dictating the tempo of play when the ball is in his stick. If he gets matched up against a short stick defender it was almost automatic the play would result in a scoring chance. A balanced player, the quarterback style attackman heading to Detroit’s body language screams that he is going to the goal every time he dodges which is what makes his passing game so dangerous. He will attack the goal with both hands, take a hit to score, and can beat you off ball from range showing a really slick low to high time and room shot. He makes the players around him greater threats with his intense style of play constantly keeping the opposing defense on their toes. He pulled double duty at CBS by also running with the 3d Box Field Elite squad of mostly-committed players.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Justin Martin, Midfield, Everest Academy (Ont.), 2017 

Martin is an athletic middie who clears the ball like a punt returner with great stop-and-go speed and an ability to get out of tight situations. Very skilled physically and mentally, Martin makes an impact on both sides of the ball as well as manning most of the wings on face offs. Martin takes a playmaker role at the midfield on offense, with great IQ and vision finding his teammates for great chances many times in transition as well as sweeping across the top of the box at CBS. He seemingly never came off of the field, and plays the game like a throwback two-way middie with a lefty handed Canadian slickness.

Percy Booth, Attack, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017

The uncommitted 2017 left hander split halves with the other attack group. And in two halves in back to back games he scored six goals. He is a strong lefty who uses his back well and who plays the role incredibly well, and finishes anything that touches his stick around the goal. Another creative scorer for the IMG Academy who comes from the Syracuse area, Booth notched a goal back handed while backing a defender down, behind-the-back off the catch on the crease, and displayed great touch with a couple quick sticks. His size will make him a matchup challenge inside and around the cage at just about any level thanks to his soft hands and ability to get his hands up high and release shots even with pressure on him. And good luck moving him as he tries to back you down.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Skkylar Thomas, Attack, Everest Academy (Ont.), 2017

A product of Salmon River in Upstate New York, Thomas is a slick lefty who can dangle and really deceive his defender and then work inside on him with rolls and drags. He's a skilled finisher and has a really strong center of gravity and can keep his balance and just keep reattacking the cage. He can hum the ball when feeding and he showed some flashes of excellence throughout the weekend. He's pretty nasty in the box and once he settles into the Everest offense, watch for him to explode in the spring. He is a high IQ player and very tough -- a blue collar native Akwesasne reserve who was a member of the Iroquois Nationals this past summer. 

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Devon Buckshot, Attack, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017

Buckshot continues to impress as one of the more skilled uncommitted players out there. The thick, strong righty can body up against anyone and is much more fleet of foot than you might think, as he’s able to piece together slick moves and can finish and feed around the cage with the Iroquois flare. He also has a tremendous shot and uses a lot of different hesitations and deceptions. One of many talented players getting runs for IMG throughout the weekend, Buckshot is easily one of the most physically opposing attack matchups the Ascenders can put on the field this year with his big frame. Like Percy Booth, he’s been a standout in Upstate New York before heading to IMG.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Tyler Armstrong, Goalie, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017

Armstrong is a lefty netminder who in the goal is as cool as it gets, never showing emotion one way or the other. He has great hands, and gets his body behind low shots, not afraid to take one off the chest. He gave up just five goals and made 12 saves in a 40-minute game against a high-powered Everest Academy, in which five of the saves came with the shooter toeing the crease line. He snagged it right out of the air coming out of the sticks of slick Canadian finishers. This kid is a gamer. He came to IMG Academy from Massena Central High School in Upstate New York, where he starred as a Section X netminder and then cracked the Iroquois Nationals U-19 roster this year.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Jared Fernandez, LSM, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017 – Syracuse

The LSM committed to Syracuse is a ball hawk with tremendous speed that allows him to cover a lot of the field in a short period of time. Getting to every ground ball off the face off wings, and causing havoc when the ball was on the ground in his defensive end his tenacious pursuit of the ball extends to ball carriers as he loves to suffocate their hands with mini slaps and poke checks, all the while keeping his feet. In transition he shined, showing his IQ to manipulate slides as he carried the ball into the offensive end, setting up great passes that lead to tic-tac-toe goals. Fernandez is an X factor when he’s on the field.

Patrick Donahue, Attack, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017 – Marquette

Donahue was a serious threat with his explosive speed and change of direction dodges, burning defenders left and right all day. Very dynamic with the ball, he can score a multitude of ways, attacking with both hands from behind the goal. Tremendous stick skills pulling off a right handed behind the back shot and a left handed around the world shot on the crease in the same possession. Has great spacing and awareness off ball to set up cuts, and with the ball is often toe dragging and using his Canadian style stick to pull defenders off balance and set up a move. Donahue’s scoring is diverse and not limited to just dodging around the goal, or playing off ball in tight; he can free his hands and let it go from distance as well to stretch the defense.

Colin Munro, Attack/Midfield, Box Field Elite, 2017 – North Carolina

The goal looks pretty big when you’ve been shooting on a box cage all summer. Munro made some pretty impressive plays happen with ease in the couple viewings we caught at CBS Delaware. It is just all about putting defenders back on their heels and everything about Munro’s approach does that. He’s always using a hesitation, backing in, throwing fakes, using stutter steps or staircase dodging to give himself just a little bit of space with his hands, and that’s all it takes. He can put passes on the money, he can get quality shots off with a range of releases “around the clock” and he has become really gritty in the way that he will dig into his man and create some contact and then bump off for some space. Running midfield, Munro shows he is extremely skilled as a dodger, feeder and shooter from all points on the field. He used hesitations and fakes to set up easy strikes from medium range, freezing his defender and popping a low-to-low shot that beat everyone. He

TJ Spahn, Goalie, Box Field Elite, 2017

Spahn really stood on his head for the Box Field Elite squad. An uncommitted netminder coming out of the Kiski School (Pa.), Spahn shined against the likes of Everest Academy and some of the other big-gunning squads at CBS. Spahn is somewhat unconventional in his positioning and approach, but by the time the dust had settled it was clear that is a big time shot stopper and gifted at making electrifying saves. He charged the team coming of the back end.

Connor Fox, Attack/Midfield, Box Field Elite, 2017 – Brown

Fox was one of the more tough-to-defend dodgers on the Box Field Elite team. The Boulder High School product, now at Avon Old Farms, showed a subtle, explosive first step atop the box that gave him easy separation on most of his dodges. A couple of his goals saw him shake-and-bake a defender and split to his left to score from a ways out with hard shots and good placement. He can really get away from a defender with his ability to accelerate and he doesn’t seem to worry much about the slide coming. He can just fire it while going full speed, but he also sees the field well. He also connected with teammate/fellow 3d Colorado standout Colin Munro to create some pretty plays that spoke to their IQ and familiarity with one another. Fox is one of several recent high-profile recruits for Brown.

Steven Schneider, Midfield, Box Field Elite, 2017 – North Carolina

Schneider did a lot of the dirty work in between the lines for the Box Field Elite squad at CBS Delaware. The senior midfielder has the size and a solid, athletic frame allows him to battle through checks coming up the field and that’s exactly what he did to impress in a game against Everest, helping power the clear, one time getting through as many as three defenders swarmed around him with a swim move and roll to get out of the mess. He was big in transition all day. Hard to stop dodging downhill, Schneider buried a big goal against Everest with a hard dodge and shot on the run. The working-man’s midfielder will be a force for Manhasset this season on Long Island.

Luke Postiglione, Midfield, Box Field Elite, 2017 – Hartford

Postiglione had a good run with the Box Field Elite boys, showing well as a downhill midfielder who can use his size to battle through checks and get separation. He’s got a good shot and he showed it off for the Box Field Elite team against some tough competition and notched some goals along the way. Look for him to have a big year for Manhasset.

Zac Tucci, FO/Midfield, Box Field Elite, 2017 – Harvard

Tucci really shined for Box Field Elite and helped the team to a solid day by winning a large percentage of his draws and quickly getting downfield and off the field to let his team go to work. He is a skilled draw man who is tougher and more physically impressive than the last time we saw him. He is disciplined and very efficient in his decisions with the ball. He powered Box Field Elite and is another player who will help make Avon Old Farms a monster in New England next spring.

Eric Dietz, Defense, 3d Michigan, 2017 – Stevenson

Dietz logged a solid weekend running with a couple of teams at CBS Delaware, including the loaded Box Field Elite squad. He’s a fundamentally sound defender who can get low to the ground and play good on-ball defense. He was good off the ground and had some tough assignments running with 3d Michigan and showed well. He was solid in a support role for Box Field Elite too.

Ryan Lanchbury, Attack, Box Field Elite, 2017 – Richmond

Lanchbury warmed up pretty quickly at CBS, putting up a bunch of goals in a catch-and-shoot role that saw him put up a bunch of tallies for the BFE squad playing alongside a handful of teammates-to-be who will also attend Avon Old Farms. He’s incredibly slippery and doesn’t need a lot of space to cut and get into shooting position. He’s pretty fearless in how he’ll go to the middle to look for the chance. His box experience in the past year has helped him become more gritty and it showed as he played alongside a long list of future Division I players as he played hard and fast and became a challenge for each opposing team to handle. He had a productive weekend and should be huge for the Winged Beavers coming back next spring.

Raines Shamburger, Defense, Box Field Elite, 2017 – Duke

Shamburger anchored a strong Box Field Elite defense at CBS, standing out with his size, high-end athleticism and the ability to cover skilled dodging attackmen. Each game he marked the opposition’s top attackman and helped Box Field Elite achieve an undefeated record, including a tight one-goal win over Everest. Shamburger owned the backend of the field and was a commander for the Box Field Elite team. He’s a huge addition to Avon Old Farms for 2017.

Casey Waller, Attack/Midfield, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017 – Drexel

Waller is a water bug, but not just around the cage – he can be a real pest and hard to track dodging from the midfield and in transition. He can get after the ball in the middle of the field and immediately turns on the jets to force the defender to force a slide or a breakdown because of his explosiveness and quick change of direction. His stick is as fast as his feet and he can pull off slick plays. He put up a bunch of points as one of the more productive middies for the IMG teams. He is very, very skilled and a smart player.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Cam Badour, Midfield, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017 – Duke

Badour looks bigger and stronger and more like a Division I monster every time we see him. Running alongside an army of big, skilled middies, Badour might have been the most daunting player at the event on appearance alone. He’s very powerful, he can get through a defense and force an immediate collapse as he will just drop the hammer on a big shot from out in front, or throw a move to get even closer. He causes a lot of problems and continues to develop his skill in a way that’s should ensure he’s an impact player in college.

Liam Anderson, LSM, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2017

Anderson is another one of the intriguing uncommitted defensive players on the IMG Academy roster. An Iroquois Nationals U-19 selection this past summer, Anderson has a lot of speed and coming off the wing with the longpole can be an immediate possession and press downfield. He’s an athletic player who won out a number of groundballs in the middle of the field. His lateral quickness allows him to stay with hard-dodging midfielders and his endurance allowed him to be making plays late in the day. He’s also got a solid handle carrying the ball.

Darian Cook, Attack/Midfield, Box Field Elite, 2018 – UMass

Cook turned some heads at the CBS Delaware event as a talented, multi-tool attackman who could dodge, feed, and make plays consistently for the loaded Box Field Elite team. He’s got a good change of direction, can switch hands with ease on the move and keeps his head up to see the field, even evading checks to the hands. He made some really clever plays showing an understanding of time and space and using deception. He persevered through his dodges and emerged as a gutsy playmaker for BFE. He was also able to take advantage of transition opportunities with fast ball movement and an aggressive approach. The Joel Barlow HS product is another standout spending the upcoming season at Avon Old Farms.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Chase Scanlan, Midfield, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2018 – Syracuse

Chase plays a really creative and fast brand of ball. He has slippery moves, using toe drags, and roll backs, constantly playing off the leverage and momentum created by his defenders contact. Tough, and resilient on his dodges, just when you think he is being bottled up is just when he has you right where he wants you. He has long legs and can run the field. His height and range allow him to see the field and he’s not afraid to make a feed across or inside after he using a hesitation to freeze a defender. A very crafty stick, he had multiple behind-the-back goals, a behind-the-back assist and was making plays with one hand while absorbing double teams. He definitely resembles a young Zeddie Williams with his size and the bounce in his step and his open-field play, where he just gets after the ball and makes plays and shows a lot of stamina, Taking a look at some of the guys in his family, look for Scanlan to fill out and become a monster threat from the midfield. The Syracuse commit could be one of the most promising in their current 2018 class.

George Pike, Midfield, Box Field Elite, 2018 – Maryland

Pike shined as midfielder with Division I size and athleticism already, and he used that in a variety of roles for the Box Field Elite squad. The Menlo School product, who will attend Avon Old Farms this spring, was a beast between the lines, able to outrun and outmuscle opponents in the middle of the field. Pike scored two huge goals for BFE in the battle with Everest Academy, scoring two of the final three goals, including the game winner. Both of those came in transition as the NorCal native rumbled into the box, split to his left and slammed shots from the middle of the field.

Cameron Wyers, Defense, Everest Academy (Ont.), 2018

Wyers was the inside anchor of the Everest Academy defense. Standing at 6-foot-4 with a serious wing span, he created problems for anyone who was able to get close to the crease all weekend. His slides were fast, accurate, and physical, and if he gets the ball in his stick you better turn and get back in the hole because he is getting the ball over the midfield line fast and will not stop until he is in front of the net with a freight-train pace.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Matt Carr, FO/Midfield, The Lacrosse School Rotten Apples (Ill.), 2018 – Marquette

Carr was outstanding for The Lacrosse School, pinching and popping face-offs o-plenty. He’s extremely quick to get up and out and this was a big weekend as he went against a lot of skilled draw men and even some poles brought up to try to thwart him. He helped his team have a really solid weekend at the event. He’s a dangerous player given his speed and so there’s some upside to him in terms of sparking some immediate scoring chances. He is a workhorse with a lot of endurance.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Nate Carlton, Defense, The Lacrosse School Rotten Apples (Ill.), 2018 – Fairfield

Carlton was impressive on the backend for The Lacrosse School as the team’s top cover man. He’s got a good combination of size and strength and he moved well on the ball and coming up the field. He’s athletic and that helped him fare well in some really challenging matchups against the likes of Canadians and Iroquois attackman on the Everest and IMG Academy rosters. He played tough and used a physical approach, dropping some tough checks when necessary, and it was noticed by all of the coaches in attendance. He committed to Fairfield in the weeks following the event.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Jackson Brown, Goalie, Everest Academy (Ont.), 2018

Brown is a tough, intelligent goalie who has potential to be a good college goaltender. He has eyes and fast hands and he is extremely gritty. He gets his whole body into the action and can stay big on shots. He’s close to 6-foot and his lankiness can help him cover space. He’s also just really savvy in reading shooters. He doesn’t get faked out easily and showed that with some doorstep stops against skilled shooters at CBS. He tallied high save totals and was the commander-in-chief back on defense. He got tested in different ways and responded, making some tough saves on skip shots off the grass. Downtown Brown seems to get his teammates fired up with his good nature and apparent sense of humor. With a name like this he could also have some fun with music on a highlight reel.

Anthony Ameo III, FO/Midfield, 3d Michigan, 2018

The 6-foot FOGO is built like a linebacker and can move. He’s very strong in ground ball scrums and can get to them quickly with his speed. Once the ball was his, he was always looking to push transition, and had no problem escaping pressure if the break wasn’t there. Ameo was particularly impressive in the last game of the day of the second day with a high-percentage performance, which says a lot about this kid’s ability and want to compete every time he hits the field.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Jacob Collins, Midfield, The Lacrosse School Rotten Apples (Ill.), 2018 – Bellarmine

Collins had an excellent weekend at CBS Delaware as a throwback two-way midfielder. He plays tough on-ball defense, can motor up the field, and dodges really hard with a smooth power-cradle carry. He buried some incredible goals from way outside. More than one of those might have caught defenders and goalies completely off guard and at least one stung a corner. He also just hustled and came up with the ball off the turf and then used excellent balance and acceleration and stick protection to get it into the other half. He was a consistent presence all weekend for The Lacrosse School.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Jacob Guria, Goalie, The Lacrosse School Rotten Apples (Ill.), 2018

Guria was another one of the players with a bit of a breakout weekend for the Lacrosse School. The keeper was tested by talented and skilled shooters in games against IMG and Everest and responded with upward of 20 saves in more than one game. He really had to make saves and then be ready for second chances and showed excellent discipline, good hands, toughness and the determination to just battle and not be bothered by the ones that got by him. He made saves in flurries and showed confidence all weekend.

Max Sabota, LSM, The Lacrosse School Rotten Apples (Ill.), 2018

This LSM looked a little smaller than some defenders, but he made big plays and helped The Lacrosse School to an impressive weekend. He showed excellent skills with the long pole and could handle the ball though traffic and coming up the field. He was a threat on offense and showed impressive lacrosse IQ in how he made such a consistent on both sides of the field. He is very crafty with the long pole and coming off the wing came up with a lot of possessions.

Riley Hickey, Defense, The Lacrosse School Rotten Apples, 2018

Hickey showed well at CBS Delaware as a big, powerful defender who has a flare for the sneaky takeaway check. He pulled off a bunch throughout the weekend and showed his power as a one-on-one defender when using his body. This multi-sport athlete could have college lacrosse potential with some improvements to his footwork. He’s already got Division I size and had some really big moments at the event.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Owen Grant, Defense, LSM, Everest Academy (Ont.), 2019

The 6-foot-3 left-handed defender plays a very physical and aggressive brand of defense, never sitting back and often putting the ball on the ground and starting transition. He showed great hands when the ball is on the ground, as well as in his stick, and very surgical when he’s covering, tying dodgers' hands up and slowing their feet. On a number of plays he simply used is reach to get the stick out into the ball carrier’s hands, hung them up and stripped the ball with ease. He showed he can cover from up top, as well as behind the net, displaying speed, power and an ability to put opposing players to the turf when sliding. He might have been one of the most-talked about defenders coming out of the CBS event.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Sean Donnelly, Attack, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2019 – Syracuse

Donnelly is bigger and more physically impressive than the last viewing we had, and that’s helping him become a more assertive dodger from X or the wings. The righty jabs hard at his defender with stick-back dodging and keeps his head up. He has a shot that can be blistering and he will pull the trigger in transition or from low angles in the free-flowing IMG offense. One of his best goals came when he dodged from X with a jab step, rolled to his left, got topside and threaded a beautiful backhand shot that nailed the top shelf. He also tries to work the two-man game and display an awareness of how to set up plays and get himself open for quality shots. Expect to see a lot of him for IMG next spring.

Alex Slusher, Attack, 3d Colorado, 2019 – Princeton

Slusher looks more and more like an old-school, hard-dodging X attackman with excellent stick protection. He does a great job of working in and out on his defenders, creating contact, using quickness to separate and accelerate. He uses both sides of the net well, and makes defenders work really hard to stay with him, often tying them up on that step over the back of the net at X. Protects his stick well in tight to get to his finish, and isn’t afraid to take a hit. A very skilled, efficient attackman, Slusher can explode past GLE to give himself a quality look at the cage, and he is skilled at leaving his feet for a turning jump shot. A high percentage of the shots he takes near the cage are going in, as he will put mustard on even the close-range shots.

Patrick McIntosh, Attack, ADVNC National, 2019

The lefty attackmen has a great frame and dodges with a good physical presence. McIntosh does a great job creating contact with his defenders, keeping them on their heels while he decides whether to take top side, or pull an inside roll. He has a Canadian style stick-handling and dodging style, plays with the stick on his collarbone, and will drop the head of his stick, only intentionally to lure a defender to a lunge. Off ball he is constantly moving keeping his defender engaged giving the dodger the space he needs to create, and is great with communicating to the dodger where he is. McIntosh plays like he has been around the game for a long time.

Julian Dardano, FO/Midfield, ADVNC National, 2019

Dardano is a fast and scrappy FOGO who gets his team going with tenacious plays in 50/50 ground ball situations, when he isn’t popping it forward for a fast break for his team. In the first half of one of his games Dardano won six of nine face offs, and battled for five ground balls. His toughness and passion appears to outweigh his body, but there is no doubt when you watch this kid play that he wants to win. He showed stamina as well.

Conner Brook, Midfield, 3d Colorado, 2019

Brook is very fast with great change of direction on splits and rolls, and he showed the ability to change speeds on his dodges. He runs the open field at another speed and in addition to his impressive offensive skill, he gets back and plays defense. He scored on back to back possessions, where he dodged on command from his coach full speed down the alley righty, rolled back to his left and stuck it low and away on the run. He followed that with an invert where he posted up his defender just above GLE, creating contact and separating two or three times before sticking a jump shot near side high. If you watched 3d Colorado play you didn’t miss this guy.

Thomas Niedringhaus, Midfield/Attack, 3d Colorado, 2019 – Boston

The 6-foot-3 attackman moves very well to the goal, using a number of splits and rolls along the way to tire his defender. He throws effective head and shoulder fakes on the run when finishing, and has a very natural stick handle. Niedringhaus works the 5-and-5 spot/the island very well, and can get his shot off with either hand effortlessly. He just looks like a scorer. He committed to Boston University in the wake of the event.

Simon May, Defense, 3d Colorado, 2019

Standing at about 6-foot-3 the slender, agile and athletic pole plays very long, and not too flashy, using an efficient poke check to tie up attackmen, and sometimes stop them dead in their tracks. He has great footwork paired with a disciplined stick making it a challenge for attackmen to get inside of him, and to the middle of the field. A very aware player, May was talking non-stop during possessions, and even consulting with the 3d Colorado goalie when the ball would head down to the offense about what they were seeing, how they defended it, and how they would next possession – very impressive. May was good off the ground, a couple times against ADVNC picking up ground balls in tight areas after a caused turnover and getting out of trouble to start the clear.

Michael Colpack, Attack, 3d Colorado, 2019

The lefty is tough to keep a handle on due to his non-stop motor. Colpack is adept at dodging upon reception of the ball and makes a living off of the left-handed wing sweeping or face dodging his defender’s short approach. At 6-foot, Colpack has gotten bigger the previous year or more, and he has no problem getting his shot off over or around defenders on the move, and uses his size to lean on defenders to stabilize them right before separating to finish. With skilled hands around the goal, this is a kid who has shown he understands how to finish a play.

Michael Quillen, Attack, 3d Colorado, 2019

The off-ball finisher/shooter stole the show in the last game Sunday scoring a couple big goals off the catch and shoot bringing his team back from a deficit against ADVNC. But it was Quillen’s energy and hustle that got everyone going: chasing down and diving for ground balls, hustling defenders on the ride, big time chest pounds and NFL defensive-end style celebrations after big goals and plays. He had his own team, the parents on the sideline, and even some players from other teams watching going crazy for him. His passion for winning and competition was contagious to all of his teammates, and refreshing to see. Always playing with two hands on his stick and looking for the ball, Quillen does a good job staying opposite the dodger and presenting himself well to feeders. He loads quickly once he receives the ball and provides a very powerful time and room shot, as well as playing with touch around the goal. Every team needs a Quillen.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Trent Moran, Midfield, 3d Mid-Atlantic, 2019

Moran is a slick and quick playmaker who can attack the cage from different spots and shows good slickness and IQ. His slender but has a good build and shows speed when he gets into an open-field situation. He was aggressive to make plays and, even in the middle of the field, hunted down a couple of loose balls from the wing and quickly initiated offense. He dodged with his head up, looked to share the ball and made some pretty nice finishes from the interior, but also showed a good shot with both hands on the run and with some time to step into it. He has upside.

Jack Westfall, Attack, 3d Mid-Atlantic, 2019

Westfall is a skilled, intelligent attackman and operates well in a quarterback role. He is an excellent feeder and repeatedly works to create offensive chances. He will move the ball quickly and accurately and will go to both hands. He plays with his head up and at CBS Delaware was key for the 3d Mid-Atlantic squad’s offense, initiating down low and moving the ball to the wings or cutting middies, triggering a lot of rotation in his dodge, feed, cut, get it, do it again routine. He’s improved significantly and plays the game fast and showed a lot of different skills.

Tim Lindenbaum, LSM, 3d Mid-Atlantic, 2019

Lindenbaum had a good showing at the CBS Delaware event as a player with a skilled handle and athleticism. He shined in a variety of situations on and off the ball and really looked the part in the middle of the field. He made a bunch of 3d Mid-Atlantic plays in between the boxes.

Davis Gillenwater, Attack, 3d Mid-Atlantic, 2019

Gillenwater isn’t necessarily big, but inside and near the cage he is tough and very skilled and the lefty can really score. He showed that consistently throughout the weekend as a good target for his teammates with good hands and the grit to go to space inside. He’s a good shooter.

Brady Matteson, Midfield, 3d Mid-Atlantic, 2019

A talented offensive player, Matteson showed the ability to score with consistency and displayed a good mix of skills for the 2019 Mid-Atlantic team. The lefty used a smarts to get his hands free and showed some nice shooting off the dodge to produce a variety of goals throughout the weekend. He has decent size heading into his sophomore season. With increased speed in his dodges, his upside will increase.

Kevin McDaid, Midfield, 3d Mid-Atlantic, 2019

McDaid showed himself each game to be a reliable, solid offensive midfielder for 3d Mid-Atlantic. He’s got a good mix of skills and slickness with and without the ball that helped him produce points throughout the weekend at CBS. The righty has shown significant improvement in short time.

John Mills, LSM/Defense, ADVNC National (Calif.), 2019

Mills is a ferocious on-ball defender who plays with a controlled rage that can become really effective and fun to watch. You can see Mills’ strength from the sideline when he puts his hands on dodgers or moves opposing players off of groundballs. Mills can also face off and had an incredible fast break goal off of a pinch and pop to himself with a long pole.

Jack Robertson, Midfield, ADVNC National (Calif.), 2019

Robertson, though still growing and young, looks like a prototypical college midfielder with size, speed and a strong shot on the run. He also showed flashes of incredible offensive savvy working the two-man game all weekend with fellow lefty Patrick McIntosh. Robertson also showed himself to be a strong on-ball defender and a one-man clear when given the opportunity to leg it out.
Jack Goller, Midfield, ADVNC National (Calif.), 2019
Goller can glide up the field and showed himself to be a really smooth athlete. He’s got a super quick change of direction and can find his acceleration to pull right away from other midfielders and defenders. He shined as a dodging midfielder, oftentimes losing his defender with ease and pulling back for hard overhand shots, which he scored using both his right and his left.

Ryan Rogers, Midfield, ADVNC National (Calif.), 2019

Rogers was a reliable playmaker all weekend for ADVNC National. He has the speed, shot, and defensive skill to develop into a complete two-way midfielder, but he also showed the ability to create offense, also effectively working behind the cage in an attack role. He demonstrated an incredible quick-release shot that defenders were never quick enough to counter with checks. Rogers also possesses great vision and an unselfish attitude that produced a bunch of assists and hockey assists.

Zach Russell, LSM/Defense, ADVNC National (Calif.), 2019

Russell is an aggressive defender who capitalizes on his speed to pressure the ball all over the field. This resulted at CBS Delaware in a bunch of turnover as he disrupted the offense player’s hands. Russell did a great job at CBS of tying up players on the corner and never surrendering his topside position. Russell pushed transition all weekend creating easy scoring opportunities for his teammates.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Graham Blake, Attack, 3d Colorado, 2020

The slippery righty has a knack for getting underneath defenders with rolls and toe drags to get face to face with his goaltenders before he hits them with a quick fake a finish. Smooth silky hands allow Blake to drop his stick at all different types of angles while sliding around and through defenses. A versatile player maker from X, Blake uses the net well to tie his defenders up, and he initiates contact at GLE, often using it to his advantage to get off a shot or a feed. He will stretch a defense from the outside and on the next play be making a great back door cut for a finish. He put up something like seven points in a game against the Long Island Express, including throwing a great lever pass for an assist, scoring numerous goals in transition with fast, slick finishes and also beating his man one-on-one. His highlight reel goal came when he drove to his left using a rocker step, rolled back to his right, then pulled off a finalizer-type split back to his left, got topside and dunked a backhand shot into the top right corner. It was one of the nastiest goals of the weekend. Add to that two impressive behind-the-back goals, both off of feeds. Smaller in stature, but showing high IQ, a mix of skills and some guts, he found ways to challenge his defender each time, and got inside on him repeatedly to force a breakdown to bring slides his way. He was smart to get his hands free in a variety of ways. Blake is a true complete player, and someone you need to keep an eye on whether or not he has the ball in his stick.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Pace Billings, LSM, 3d Colorado, 2020

Billings was a strong presence on the backend and in the middle of the field for 3d Colorado. He’s smooth with the ball and appears to be more physically fit than a lot of his peers. His strong legs really help him separate from the pack and he was impressive running the field at CBS Delaware with good speed and fluidity. He’s got good control on the ball and very quickly goes from causing a turnover to heading the other way. He made several impressive plays clearing, using his handle and athleticism to clear the ball through pressure. He made a lot of plays and made them look pretty routine throughout the course of the weekend. He has lateral quickness and can control his checks and can muffle out an athletic dodger in this class when covering the top of the box. He is an impressive player in this young group.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Joey Waldbaum, LSM/Defense, 3d Colorado, 2020

Waldbaum stood out for his ability to come up with loose balls out of scrums thanks to his excellent handle on the long pole. Numerous times in a single game he was seen persevering to go after the ball as it redirected in foot and stick traffic. He quickly snagged several in those scenarios, including a great sequence where he had to avoid a lot of traffic on the sideline to get the ball before it went out and then walked the dog and accelerated to start the clear. He came up with a bunch of groundballs in each game we saw using his long reach. He’s got intriguing size, but his control with the handle – he is effective on the ball and off with his stick – really adds to it. He showed off some smarts on the offensive end of the field, scoring a slick goal by carrying the entire way through X before turning and sticking a low-to-low shot.

Andrew Elder, FO/Midfield, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2020 - Hofstra

Elder was a 2020 playing against 2018 and 2017 players all weekend, and he did more than just hold his own. Aside from winning lots of draws and hunting down ground balls from the faceoff X, Elder was throwing his body all over the field making some big body checks that set the tone physically for the IMG Varsity 2 team at CBS. Elder is currently slotted as a face-off guy, but his athleticism and ability to pull off acrobatic dodges and finish them with powerful shots show the promise he has on the offensive end of the field. Given the players he’s around now, it will be worth watching his development in all aspects of the game.

Drew Snyder, Attack, IMG Academy (Fla.), 2020

Snyder is a thick, strong left-handed attackman with a great nose for the goal when dodging and a powerful shot that he can snap from long distances on the field and hit the corners. He has great compact stick protection, and quick footwork that he loves to use to explode to the middle of the field or to curl up over GLE to widen his shooting angle. His bull-like dodging into tight places and unselfish style of play creates a lot of openings for his teammates. Being a younger guy on a pretty stacked veteran-laden team, Snyder showed great confidence when he got his chances, sweeping hard to the middle of the field for one of his goals, and pulling a really nice inside roll move later on. Keep an eye out for him as the fall and spring rolls through and he gets a chance to get more into the mix for IMG Academy. He was covered by an older, Division I commit in a later game and he notched two goals.

(Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Robby Boniello, Attack, Long Island Express, 2020

This young attackman comes with high lacrosse IQ written into his DNA. The son of Maryland’s all-time leading point producer, Boniello displays a heads-up, unselfish style of play that makes him a much bigger player than his smaller stature. He is comfortable going to both hands and uses a variety of skills and his quickness to effectively dodge from X and quarterback an offense. He can carry and absorb checks and keep his head up and has excellent vision. He’s talented with the stick and puts his passes on the mark. Boniello is crafty around the cage and is quick with his hands. He put up all sorts of points at CBS Delaware. This is a player with tremendous upside and who will likely continue to improve. He’s got his old man’s grit already, and as he continues to grow it’s going to allow him to assert himself more on the field. Right now, he makes a lot of plays happen using his high-end IQ and excellent skills. He seemed to be involved in a high percentage of the plays created from the Express’ attack group at CBS Delaware. He finished a high percentage of his shots and moved the ball frequently and effectively all weekend.

Armond Diana, Midfield, Long Island Express, 2020

Diana was a productive midfielder for the young Express squad. He’s a skilled middie who got up the field and was very dangerous in transition, showing skills as he scored numerous goals in those situations. He put up at least five goals throughout the weekend.

Seamus O'Callaghan, Midfield, Long Island Express, 2020

O’Callaghan showed well at the CBS as a strong, good-sized young midfielder who can play two ways. He used his size as a short-stick and stood out for his work there and could get up the field. Offensively, he contributed four goals we tracked.

Rocco Barbero, Attack, Long Island Express, 2020

Barbero is a small but very skilled and determined attackman who made a lot of plays for the Express at CBS Delaware. The Ward Melville freshman showed himself to be a fearless dodger and went hard at his defender every take. He also looked to be the player directing things on man-up for the Express. He put up something like four goals and six assists throughout the weekend.

TJ McNicholas, Defense/LSM, Long Island Express, 2020

McNicholas is a long and lanky defender who uses that size to make plays and play solid defense by way of being an obstacle. But he is also swift and can get around the field. He showed good utility, making plays when used at both close defense and long stick. He really stood out getting the ball off the ground and moving up the field fast.

3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.