Autumn Gold Showcase 2016: Notes on Standouts

3d Rising had eyes on a variety of events this fall, and as we make our way through a lot of the notes and observations we made, we’ll share more of those as we head toward the end of the year.
Here’s a look at our scouts’ thoughts on some of the most impressive players at the Autumn Gold Fall Showcase event put on at Towson University, one of the stops we’ve made sure to schedule the last few years.

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Jack Myers, Attack, Crabs, 2018 – Ivy League

Myers has great size as an attackmen and can really do it all. He uses that size to see over the defense and always dodges with his head up being able to hit open guys. If you don’t slide to him, he will make you pay, and has great body control getting to the goal. The Ivy commit has a bright future and was one of the most impressive players at the Autumn Gold event through his consistent production and ability to create a matchup problem.

Jake Guiliari, Blackwolf, Defense, 2019 – Notre Dame

The big left handed defenseman was a lock down guy pretty much all weekend long, and should fit in nicely to Notre Dame’s defense in a couple years. He has great feet for his size and tremendous athleticism in the open field. He is constantly a threat in transition with the ball in stick.

Nicky Bond, Midfield, Leading Edge, 2018 – Navy

Griffin Westlin, Midfield, Leading Edge, 2018 – Johns Hopkins

These two left-handed middies work extremely well together and are constants threats putting pressure on the defense. They were on the first line together for Leading Edge like we’ve seen for a couple years now. Bond has the ability to stretch the defense and score from anywhere, and he just dominates in the open field and loose ball situations. Meanwhile, Westlin is the perfect compliment – a super slick, shifty dodger who can make things happen and has a lot of power on his shots and can draw tons of defensive attention. They were a nightmare tandem together all weekend and looked as good as we’ve seen them.

Liam Rosenthal, Goalie, Leading Edge, 2019

A 2019 playing up with the 2018 group, Rosenthal has great body control and poise in the net. He is not the biggest keeper, but is patient and commands the net well. He is also really good getting the ball out quick and in the clearing game. He made some impressive stops in an overall solid performance at the Autumn Gold event.

Bailey O’Connor, Midfield, Dukes, 2019 – Army

O’Connor was extremely athletic between the lines getting up and down the field and showed great ability to get to the goal. He was able to use his speed to run by his defenders and get shots off with consistency.

Tate Hallock, Midfield, Juiced Cherries, 2019

Hallock has great size in the midfield and really showed off an ability to bring some heat with a heavy right-handed shot from the outside. He was also a physical dodger, using his size intelligently to get into his defender and get to his strong hand.

Hunter Jaronski, Defense, Dukes, 2019 – Johns Hopkins

Jaronski commit was impressive with his athleticism and toughness guarding the ball against some talented attackmen at the Autumn Gold event. The lefty was physical and showed a great ability to pick the ball off the turf and get up field.

Liam Powderly, Attack, Crabs, 2019

Powderly is coming into his own as a quarterback on attack, always dodging with his head up and finding open guys. Not the biggest guy, his change of direction was constantly giving defenders trouble behind the cage, allowing him to free his hands to score and feed. He had a strong outing with consistent production throughout the event.

Jack Cain, Defense, True Michigan, 2019

Cain is fast and athletic and was always a threat in transition getting up the field. He is aggressive on the ball throwing a variety of checks and should be someone to watch down the line.

Jimmy Dooly, Attack, 3d Mid-Atlantic, 2020

Dooly showed himself to be a very slick lefty and a great finisher who showed that consistently at the Autumn Gold event. He showed the ability to mix up his shots up from different release points, looking like a natural goal scorer.

Billy Saffin, Midfield, Blackwolf, 2020

Saffin displayed promise as an athletic two-way middie who was really impressive between the lines for the Blackwolf team. Notably fast pushing transition, he also had great pop on offense getting his hands free.

James McIntyre, Midfield, Denver Elite, 2020

McIntyre was a slick and skilled righty on an impressive Denver Elite team. He appeared comfortable and in control with the ball in his stick and was crafty getting his hands free for shots.

Dylan Hess, Midfield, Florida Crush, 2020

Hess was the best player on a very impressive Florida Crush team. He was very slick with both hands and showed great shake and vision out of his dodge. He was all over the field, playing wings on face offs and was aggressive on defense.

Jacob Jones, FO/Midfield, Florida Crush, 2020

Jones was automatic for most of the day facing off. He was able to push the ball forward for breaks, and could use his wings on cue. Not only was he winning face offs, he was very dangerous pushing transition with the ball in his stick and forced immediate reaction from defenses with his approach.

Ryan Sullivan, Attack, True Michigan, 2020

A slick and skilled attackman, Sullivan was part of an impressive offensive group from True Michigan. Sullivan was your typical QB with great vision and quickness from behind the goal. He was key in sparking a lot of their offense and was one of the more consistent threats for True and one of the most productive.

August (Mustang) Sally, Midfield, Denver Elite, 2019

Sally showed himself to be an athletic dodging middie out of Denver who has a nice split dodging from up top. He used his right-to-left split a couple times, scoring some eye-catching goals and was very difficult to mark for defenders or middies working up top.

Spike Robertson, LSM, Blackwolf, 2019

Robertson was quite active with his stick off the ground, picking up a ton of ground balls off the wings and getting it up the field. He was also an aggressive and effective checker on the ball. He had a productive weekend causing turnovers and turning that into transition.

Zach Manns, Midfield, Claremont Spiders, 2017 – Drexel

Manns was part of an extremely impressive and fun to watch extra man unit for Claremont. Savvy and assertive with ball, he was comfortable scoring or picking the defense apart with his slickness and vision. He has an intriguing mix of six, toughness, athleticism and stick skills that helped him create buzz on the recruiting trail this year. A huge late addition, Manns should be a nice piece for Drexel in the coming seasons.

Reed Moshyedi, Midfield, Crabs, 2018 – Brown

Moshyedi has great size and is a tough physical dodger from up top, but can show slickness in other areas of the field. He can be deadly when he gets his hands free running down the alley and is difficult to stop when he gets a head of steam.

Ethan Lamond, Attack/Midfield, Dukes, 2018 – Navy

Lamond has really improved over the year and is very slick and savvy with the ball. He excelled as an extra-man player and had good pop getting to his left hand dodging during six-on-six play. He is part of a strong 2018 class for the Midshipmen.

Justin Glod, Attack, Juiced Cherries, 2019

Glod seems to always be in control and is more than comfortable with the ball in his stick. Always surveying the field with his head up, he is able to handle with either hand and had a strong showing on a really intriguing Juiced Cherries team.

Bryce Hutchinson, Midfield, Dukes, 2019

Hutchinson is athletic and emerged as one of the more impressive uncommitted players through the weekend. He was impressive using his athleticism and size to get his hands free getting to the goal.


3d Rising Staff reports are completed by working with our network of scouts, which includes former and current coaches and players, who attend lacrosse events across the country.