3d Blue Chip: West Camp Standouts

3d Rising's recruiting analysis does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the 3d Blue Chip evaluation staff members. No player mentioned in this article is guaranteed an invite to Jake Reed's Nike Blue Chip Camp. In the same vein, a player's absence from this article does not imply he will not receive an invite to Jake Reed's Nike Blue Chip. The selection and invitation process is not impacted by 3d Rising editorial content.

The fourth edition of the 3d Blue Chip series of training camps, which also serves as a tryout to be invited to the Jake Reed's Nike Blue Chip recruiting showcases held in the summer, took place this past weekend in Phoenix, Ariz.

Several hundred players across the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 classes from all across the West Coast turned out for a day and a half worth of instruction and then almost two full days' worth of games.

Along for the full ride, 3d Rising was there to again take in the weekend's action with an eye on the up-and-coming talented players who were on hand.

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Here are some of the players in the top three class years who stood out over the course of the weekend in both the instructional/drill sessins and the games played Saturday and Sunday at the 3d Blue Chip West camp.

Eli Rajotte, Attack, Jesuit (Ore.)/Brady's Bunch, 2016 Perhaps the most well-rounded of the attackman in the 2016 West group, Rajotte was a player who showed the ability to do a lot of things on the field well. Though not an imposing player, he dodged hard and was able to consistently get separation from his defenders. Rajotte was fundamentally sound and made it through a productive weekend without making many mistakes. He was dangerous on the fastbreak and moved the ball quickly. He finished plays on catches in tight to the cage, but also showed a good time-and-room shot and made plays in transition. Rajotte changed his release and placement and buried a high percentage of his shots. He looked like an attackman you could build an offense around. He was likely lead all attackmen in points over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

Phillip Lakin, Midfield, Jenks (Okla.), 2016 Lakin put up impressive goal totals over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Lakin is fast and had no issue getting separation with his dodges. He showed incredible snap on his shots, and numerous times got the ball to kick perfectly up just under the cross bar - very tough shots for goalies to stop. His shots had steam on them. In running the installed offense, Lakin shined in the role of the floating midfielder who would sneak backside and find himself up high to catch the ball with a lot of space to get off his hard shot. He was perhaps the most efficient and consistent offensive presence in the midfield this past weekend. Rough totals indicate he scored upward of a dozen goals throughout four games.

Bailey McLaughlin, Defense/LSM, Temecula Valley (Calif.)/3d Select SoCal, 2016 A dynamic defender, McLaughlin was very savvy with the ball could and played well at close and LSM. He made a number of head-turning plays in transition. Perhaps the play of the weekend on the 2016 field, McLauhling cleared the ball the length of the field, entered the box, ran into pressure and beautifully rolled away from the swarming players and released a shovel pass right into the stick of a cutting teammate for a gorgeous transition goal. McLaughlin has good footwork, is tall and can move well. He was excellent with the ball on the ground using his stick skills. He was consistent and was seen many times bringing the ball up the field or making the right passes to speed up the clear. McLaughlin was unquestionably one of the best overall defenders we saw last weekend.

Tegan Knoles, Defense, Claremont Secondary (B.C.)/Victoria, 2016 It appeared not many of the attackmen at the camp wanted to test Knoles, and so he didn't get as many looks as some of the other defenders. But this 6-foot-2-inch defender looked to be in excellent physical shape - strong and conditioned. He has an impressive mix of size and athleticism. He played aggressive, and he was so predatory and fast that he had ball carriers almost running away from him in normal offensive situations. He used great pursuit angles and knocked down passes. Knoles had a terric showing as the top defender in the 2016 West camp.

Connor Fox, A, Boulder (Colo.)/3d Select Colorado, 2017 Fox was the slickest attackmen at the 3d Blue Chip West camp. He has excellent stick skills and is a smooth, fast and athletic player. He is tough to cover as he has a quick burst and protects his stick well in working to get to his spots. His shot deception and ability to shoot around defensemen reminds you of an elite attackman, like a Wells Stanwick. Fox also showed his toughness by playing through an injury that would have sidelined some players. Fox is a standout player in hockey as well and you can see how that skillset is infused into his lacrosse abilities.

Julian Menendez, Defense, Mira Costa (Calif.)/PV Factory, 2017 Menendez was the most fundamentally sound D pole this week. He had a great defensive stance and approach and was always shadowing his attackman's strong hand. It looks like he's perfected his inside positioning. He's a defender that doesn't try to get too flashy, but he's a magician when it comes to keeping his assignment off the score sheet.

Teddy Sullivan, Attack, Salpoint Catholica (Ariz.)/SALA, 2017 Sullivan has good size to go along with being a highly skilled attackman. He uses his stature and strength to his advantage when attacking the cage. His skillset could allow him to play midfield, where he might project just as well at the next level.

Zane Friedt, Midfield, Eagle (Idaho)/Sawtooth LC, 2017 - Fairfield It was fitting to see this enormous athlete wearing Paul Rabil's number 99 all weekend. Friedt passes the eye test, and he passes the Blue Chip test. He's a two-way player with a cannon of a shot (with both hands) and has the IQ to belly out and move the ball on when appropriate. Friedt, a recent commit to Fairfield, is an excellent pickup for the Stags.

George Pike, Midfield, Menlo School (Calif.)/3d Select NorCal, 2017 Pike might have been the most talked about standout at Blue Chip this week. Not only was he skilled, but he also had the best gas tank. Pike is a vicious, tough and physical midfielder that played with guts all weekend. He's like an odd mix of Rob Guida and John Ranagan - a beautiful mix of finesse and power. Pike is one of the more promising uncommitted 2017s we've seen and could end up with a fantastic high school career on his way to college ball.

Albert Bressler, Midfield, Coronado (Ariz.)/Zip-It, 2017
Bressler is a shifty, quick and explosive midfielder, and he combines that with having a powerful shot. He blew steam passed every goalie he faced and never put a shot on cage without looking like he was trying to put a hole in the net. Bressler showed an innate ability to create chemistry with any group of offensive players he was mixed with at the 3d Blue Chip West camp.

William Sadler, Defense, Kent Denver (Colo.)/3d Select Colorado, 2017 Sadler has a diverse skill set as a defensemen that will help him have a successful high school career. He is rangy, smart and does a great job communicating. As the games progressed so did Sadler's level of tenacity, which was a nightmare for the attackman he was guarding.

Chase Taylor (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Chase Taylor, Attack, Great Oak (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2018 Taylor was the most outstanding attackman in the 2018 group at the 3d Blue Chip West camp. A good-sized righty standing about 6 foot tall, he was nearly automatic as a finisher and showed excellent off-ball awareness. He displayed the ability to quickly catch, turn and shoot with velocity. His shot is powerful even in tight, finishing with authority. Saturday, in his first game, Taylor put up five goals, some in transition. He showed off his soft hands, but also made some excellent feeds inside, putting the ball right on cutters' ears. He saw the field and was assertive in making plays. In his second game, he showed longer range on his shots in scoring from farther out, but also scoring near the crease again. Sunday, Taylor had another big outing with a five-goal performance in one of his last games. One added element of his game is that he rides hard and hustles to groundballs, which is how he created several opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Branden Wilson (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Branden WIlson, Midfield, San Clemente (Calif.)/3d Select, 2018 Wilson was really fun to watch. He's a compact player, but explosive and relentless. He was able to lose just about any defender covering him with a super fast split dodge and he can really cover ground, so he was able to take off and draw slides. He was smart about the timing of his dodges and finding the open space to force a defense to collapse. He literally broke down defenders on a few occasions with his quickness, including in invert situations. What was equally impressive was the way he distributed the ball off those dodges, playing with his head up and unselfishly passing the ball. Wilson assisted on at least two goals in the first game he played, scoring one of his own in blowing by his defender. Wilson's speed allowed him to make a number of plays in the middle of the field as well.

Jake Brophy, Midfield, Coronado (Calif.)/West Coast Starz, 2018 Possibly one of the fastest players we've seen so far at any 3d Blue Chip camp, Brophy showed the ability to turn on the jets and be a threat any time he was carrying the ball. Three times in his first game, Brophy just exploded down the right alley and scored on the fly. With his burst of speed, it looked difficult to keep up with him. He was aggressive in the middle of the field, separately knocking down two different defenders in a groundball scrum. In a later game, he went right down the lane again to score and then scored on a gorgeous dodge, going to his left and then rolling back to his right with a well-placed bounce shot. Brophy was without question one of the most athletic players in the 2018 group at 3d Blue Chip West. He jets alone make him a strong prospect. 

Beck Miller (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Beck Miller, Attack, The Dunn School (Calif.)/South Valley Chiefs, 2018 Miller is a big, strong attackman who scored goals and made plays in all kinds of ways at the West camp. The righty used his body to power up past GLE on dodges from behind and cut and crash in from the wing. Miller showed excellent shooting abilities, scoring three times off feeds in his first game. He is a hard-shooting, efficient finisher and throughout the weekend muscled his way to the crease. In his second game, he went to his left from X and popped the ball in with a backhanded shot. He assisted on two other goals in that game, seeing the field well in settled situations and transition. Miller went on to show well Sunday, too. Heís a promising attackman with a combination of physical abilities and skills.

Colin Greene (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Colin Greene, Midfield, Cherry Creek (Colo.)/3d Select Colorado, 2018 Green was one of the smoothest midfielders at this camp. A good athlete, Greene showed the ability to glide and make plays on the run, displaying excellent stick work and crisp passing. He made an outstanding feed to start things off in his first game, throwing the stick to one hand a split-and-spin back to his left and then whipping the ball inside for an assist. He later used his speed to get underneath his man and cruise to the net for a finish. In a later game, he used a rocker dodge to get separation from his defender and thread a nice pass to the crease. He scored again with a great looking split dodge and shot to the lower left corner. Greene looks very slick, with a nice combination of athleticism and skills.

Nate Surd, Attack, Grandview (Colo.)/Denver, Elite, 2018 Surd was one of the most productive attackman at the 3d Blue Chip camp. An excellent combination of off-ball skills and playmaking abilities helped Surd jump off the page early. He put up three goals in quick time in his first appearance. Two of those were off catch and finishes close to the cage, the other on a dodge. Surd was able to dodge and stay on target through some tough checks and good defense to get off shots out in front and he looked gritty in persisting as the slide came. He used fakes to keep defenders guarded. On numerous plays, he rolled off of contact and got off a bounce shot or made a quick pass. Surd was one of the craftier attackmen at the event, and by the end of it was one of the more productive.

Adam Wong, Attack, De La Salle (Calif.), 2018 Wong was one of the most skilled attackmen in the group and showed high IQ as a quarterback-type player operating below GLE. He is slippery and quick, a waterbug attackman who seemed to just be in the right spots and had defenses scrambling when he initiated. He used effective rocker steps and fakes in his dodges. He assisted on a pair of goals in his first outing, seeing cutters as he worked from X. He later scored on a leaner and assisted on another goal. Wong played fast and went right at defenses. He showed excellent overall skills. 

Max Schulte, Defense, Marin Academy (Calif.)/ADVNC Bay Area, 2018 Schulte is a smooth and athletic defender who was all over the ball, especially when it was on the ground or during slides and doubles. He was extremely quick in his own slides. He's fast and has a good handle, which he displayed on one particular clear by throwing it to one hand and rolling out of a ride. Schulte caused a number of turnovers, including a great take from one of the more skilled attackman in his group. He showed off his awareness and great hands with some tough groundballs later in the games, flying up the field as he came up with them.

Andrew Ng (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Andrew Ng, Defense, Woodinville (Wash.), 2018 Ng was a beast among a very deep group of defenders competing at the 3d Blue Chip West camp. He never gave up much of a step on his man and was always in the hip pocket. A good sized presence at about 5-foot-11 and strong, Ng was consistent and gradually displayed the tougher side of his game as time went on. He had a big power cradle while gliding up the field. He came up with a bunch of groundballs and was a force as he cleared. He had an assist in transition that highlighted his awareness to quickly get the ball up and out to an open man.

Ethan Hennessey, Midfield, Grand Haven (S.C.)/True Lacrosse, 2018 Hennessey was one of the more athletic midfielders in the 2018 group. He played with intensity and was an absolute animal in some groundball situations. He's fast, aggressive and physical as a two-way player who can harass the ball carrier and keep up with most, also throwing hard checks. But when he got his chances offensively, he delivered. He scored on a great right-to-left split on a clear and never stopped as he streaked upfield all the way to the cage. He made a number of impressive plays in the middle of the field.

Konrad Collins, LSM, Summit (Ore.)/Bend Bombers, 2018 Collins became a story of transformation over the course of the weekend. Originally playing down low, evaluators talked with coaches about running the long-legged, rangy Collins at LSM to see how that size and reach would help him. It turned out to be a huge success, as Collins suddenly emerged as one of the most promising longsticks in the group. In a five-minute series in his second game, Collins was able to come up with a groundball off the wing, assist on a transition goal, break up a clear twice (once with a forearm shiver at the midfield, once with a slap check takeaway on the sideline) and made another clear on his own. His big springy steps and athletic abilities made him one of the most intriguing players on the field. He can cover ground in the midfield and wreak havoc, which he went on to do again Sunday.

Mikhail Fraboni (Photo: Casey Vock, 3d Rising)

Mikhail Fraboni, Goalie, Brophy Prep (Ariz.)/Force, 2018 A standout at last summer's Jake Reed Nike Blue Chip camp for 2018s at UMBC, Fraboni is progressing into a netminder who combines favorable physical attributes with skill and tremendous presence. He's an absolute monster in the cage, standing about 6 foot 2 inches tall. He takes up a lot of air in the cage and shows some quick hands. He made upward of 10 saves in the first game he played. He also is able to clear the front of the crease like no other goalie in his age group; he destroyed an attackman as he burst out to grab a loose ball. He is calm and stands out for his overall abilities and size.

Others standing out:
Aidan Westley, Attack, Palos Verdes Estate (Calif.)/West Coast Starz, 2016
Sam Fite, MICDS (Mo.)/Project Missouri, 2016
Kyle Kerner, Midfield, Desert Vista (Ariz.)/Force LC, 2016
Hayden Frye, Midfield, Mira Costa (Calif.)/Lazers, 2016
Oliver Breitenwischer, Midfield, Mullen (Colo.), 2016
Chris Sullivan, Defense/LSM, Salpointe Catholic (Ariz.)/3d SoCal Select,
Cooper Lee, Defense/LSM, Palisades (Calif.)/Factory Select, 2016
Garrett Hoang, Midfield, Aliso Niguel (Calif.)/OC Kings Elite, 2016
Joey Weinam, Los Alamitos (Calif.)/3d Lacrosse, 2016
Nick Lyons, Goalie, Salpointe Catholic (Ariz.)/SALA, 2016
John Jasper, Goalie, Newport Harbor (Calif.)/Newport Navigators, 2016
David Howren, Midfield, San Clemente (Calif.)/3d Select Orange County, 2017
Nick Clarke, Midfield, St. Ignatius Prep (Calif.)/3d Select NorCal, 2017
Michael Grehan, Defense, East Ridge (Minn.)/Team Minnesota, 2017
Zachary Johns, Goalie, Coronado (Nev.)/ZipIt-LaxTech, 2017
Connor Clemiewicz, Goalie, Westview (Calif.)/3d Select, 2017
Sean Dzmura, Defense, Huntington Beach (Calif.)/3d Select Orange County, 2017
Marshall Cummings, Attack, Marin Academy (Calif.)/3d Select NorCal, 2017
Matthew Letteri, Midfield, Poway (Calif.)/3d Select San Diego, 2017
Griffin Frye, Defense, Mira Costa (Calif.)/Wave, 2018
Chris Koenig, Attack, De La Salle (Calif.)/3d NorCal, 2018
Maxwell Peters, Attack, Eastside Catholic (Wash.)/West Coast Starz, 2018
Ryan Thompson, Defense/LSM, Carroll (Texas)/Chaos Adrenaline, 2018
Antonius Wells, Goalie, Justin Siena Catholic (Calif.), 2018
Ty Bradley, Midfield, Monarch (Colo.)/Denver Elite, 2018
Miles Moscato, Midfield, West Linn (Ore.)/3d Oregon and Brady's Bunch, 2018
Owen Grubbe, Midfield, Sherwood (Ore.)/3d Oregon, 2018
Spencer Whinery, Attack, Thousand Oaks (Calif.)/Brady's Bunch, 2018
Jacob Gates, Attack, Salpointe Catholic (Ariz.)/Sala Starz, 2018
Anton Hvidtfeldt, Defense/LSM, Eastlake (Wash.)/Redmond, 2018
Blake Phillips, Midfield, Lincoln (Ore.), 2018
Harrison Greaves, Attack, Poway (Calif.)/3d San Diego, 2018
Cooper Emmons, Goalie, Severn (Md.)/Zingos, 2018

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