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On a dark and stormy afternoon at Bayport Blue Point High School in southeastern Long Island, the Shoreham Wading River Menís Lacrosse team faced-off against the Bayport-Blue Point Phantoms. Shoreham Wading River For the first time in nearly 20 years, the Shoreham Menís lacrosse program will be under new leadership. This past fall head Coach Tom Rotanz was not re-... Read More
Posted 11:52am 04/01/14
Texas, long known for its high school football pageantry, is on the rise within the prep lacrosse realm.  Teams such as Dallas Jesuit, Highland Park, the Episcopal School of Dallas, and The Woodlands have garnered attention on the national scene in various rankings and articles.  More and more Texans are committing to play lacrosse at the next level.  If... Read More
Posted 11:10am 03/28/14
Got out on the road again in mid-November, heading east on the New York State Thruway to catch the action and talent at the Capital Clash at SUNY Albany.  There were 43 teams and 11 fields, and games started at 8 AM, but I was there bright and early to see all that there was to see.             I hadnít been on... Read More
Posted 11:13am 12/11/13
           After ten weeks of coaching girlsí varsity soccer, it was fun to get out and see some fall lacrosse, and what better event is there than the grand-daddy of all CNY fallball tournaments, the Ithaca Turkeyshoot.  As a college coach recruiting or a Dad coaching his own sons, a November trip down to Ithaca... Read More
Posted 1:22pm 11/18/13
Beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada is home to world famous strip, awesome weather year round, and November 8-10, the host of some of the best talent in the western United States. Brian Witmer was on site identifying the elite prospects for 3d Rising. Over three days, with hundreds of young players between the U15, U17, and U19 divisions, a few dozen stood apart from the pack.... Read More
Posted 6:04pm 11/11/13
BC   Tyler Klarner 2013 British Columbia UMass Position: Attack Sub Position: Off Ball, Time and Room Rating: Legit This was the best shooter at the tournament, bar none. Allowing this guy to get his hands free will cost any team a goal. Just because he is primarily a right handed shooter from the top, doesnít mean you canít expect to see shots from... Read More
Posted 5:58am 09/05/13
British Columbia U16 This was by far the strongest and most cohesive unit to take the field at the U16 level for the Canadian Field Championships. The star studded roster in combination with amazing chemistry and physical dominance led these young men to bring home the gold over Ontario by a score of 14-9. Watching these guys take the field was an absolute joy and a... Read More
Posted 4:01pm 09/03/13
For my second and final 3dRising assignment of the summer, I drove down to Henninger High School in Syracuse on Saturday to watch the two younger divisions of the Nike Upstate Risings tournament.  I watched the Section III Rising Sophomore team play all three of its games; for the Rising Juniors, I watched the Section V team three times.  I think Section V... Read More
Posted 6:54am 07/26/13
I was asked by 3dLacrosse to follow the eight-team Boys HS Division I at the first annual Saratoga Springs Lacrosse Shootout this past weekend.  The tournament featured some 77 teams in 9 different divisions ñ not bad for a first-year event!  Games were played at the Saratoga Springs Polo Grounds, where there were ten fields, concessions, parking, vendors, and a... Read More
Posted 10:25am 07/12/13
I went into this camp feeling it would be the most competitive of the four camps Jake Reed runs. While the rising freshman havenít competed yet the bar was set extremely high by this group. What I really loved about this particular group was that players from literally every corner of the lower 48 excelled. Itís remarkable to see the increase in skill, lacrosse IQ and... Read More
Posted 8:46am 07/03/13